Condolences for Heather Capri Santana


Shawna Carl posted on 5/3/20

Hey baby girl! I'm lost for words and still trying to make head or tails of this. Just know I love you and despite your battles I am so very proud of the woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend, etc you are. I've seen you fight for years yet always smiling and making sure you were always there for those that needed you. Your beautiful babies are now your legacy. I miss you so very much. You were a wonderful Aunt to all of our kids and they have the best memories of you. We laughed, cried, fought, disageed but we never forgot that we were family. I love you baby girl forever. My momma now has you in her arms along with all those that were called home before you. Rest In Paradise baby sister


Brook Love WJ’s Godmother posted on 5/1/20

Heather you reached out to me on Facebook wish from the bottom of my heart I would have spent more time with you. Family please accept my condolences.



Jenn posted on 4/29/20

Through our indeferences Heather always came 100% and remained a good hearted woman. I spent the last few weeks in county with her...she ad a business plan, stayed on top of getting her kids back, and I BELIEVE with all my soul you wanted it all. I'm so sorry the no one could be the light in your darkness. God bless you. It's so should be with your kids and have another chance.



Angela Hayes posted on 4/26/20

Heather my sister my friend. Knowing you for 20 plus years. I have seen your journey we have laughed together cry together fought for each other spiritually and we pray together. Whenever she felt lost and the Darkness try to overcome her should give me a call for a tongue lashing. We always kept each other lifted up no matter what. In her final days she reached out and we comforted each other. I wish I hadn't missed your call I wish I could have been there for you again. You have always been there for me when I need it. You being pregnant with Eladio craving ice cream that I could never find. We'd be out for hours looking for chunky monkey. Her children were her prized possessions her biggest accomplishments as she felt. She had an undying love for her babies and nothing on this Earth could stop her from being there for them. People who seen her when she was down turn their nose but I never did. I know what it is to go through trials and tribulations waiting on her testimony. She always kept me organized and yelled at me because everything was a mess. We were a perfect counter to each other. We put our hearts first reaching out to love others even when they proved unworthy she still loved and loved hard. I'm going to miss you my friend you are my sister not by Blood but my love. That'll never change and you'll forever be in my heart. I love you baby fly high here with us always.


Rae Aviles posted on 4/25/20

Theres no more hurt, theres no more pain just whats left of your face to your name. You left us with stories, you left us with laughs, you left us with hopes of your unchanged path. I now think of your babies and the space that it leaves, of not having their mama and all they can do is grieve. I hope you were peaceful and also unafraid but i think you knew what was happening and agreed with decisions you made. Its not a put down nor low blow at all, just know that those long talks and bonfires ment the world to me...thats all. Rest easy Heathergirl, you are missed always. I can still hear you say "Raaaaeeee"


Heidi Acosta posted on 4/20/20

May you have the peace, comfort and love of our Father in heaven’s arms wrapped around you now. You no longer have the burden of having to cope with any of the earthly pain and struggles. Although your life here on earth was shortened and we miss you so very much, we are able to find comfort in knowing you finally have that perfect peace and feel the perfect love that only The Father, Son & Spirit are able to provide and that is now your eternity. It will never go away nor ever end. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your earthly journey these last few years. I will always hold that time & those experiences close to my heart.