Condolences for Joseph Richard Szyka


stephen Phiri posted on 1/17/20

I met " uncle Joe as he was fondly called in 2015 in the city of the great king, Jerusalem, Israel in 2015. Rita and Joe later came to Zambia, Africa and visited with us. Was a memorable time. Over the last 15 years we built up a solid and robust family relationship and shared in the communion of Christ's love. Joe and Rita later invited me to visit with them in 2010. What a blessed time of refreshment it was. And about two weeks ago, Joe and I spoke on phone on what i never imagined would be the last call. If I ever knew it was going to be the last call, I would have never have hang up on the call. My Father and my God, the horse men and chariots of the God of Israel have come and taken my friend Joe into Glory. I can only thank you and Praise you at this sad and yet celebratory moment of Joe's 80 Years of life, I NEVER SAW JOE ANGRY BUT ALWAYS JOKING AND JOVIAL. OUR HEART FELT LOVE AND GOD'S STRENGTH TO RITA AND VICTOR, LYNN, AND CHILDREN AND JOSHUA, CLAIRE.


vicky laurent posted on 1/16/20

I am sorry for you loss.


Carol Jean DeGroot posted on 1/15/20

Thankful for 35 years of life and love together. Amazing. Keep in touch as you continue your journey.