Condolences for Bernice W. Burks

Daijana wroten posted on 12/9/18

Hi grandma I love you so much ❤️


Bernice Wroten posted on 8/22/17

Tomorrow is the day,lord help all of us.



Steven Charles posted on 8/22/17

Anyone fortunate to have heard your voice or laugh, would never forget it. You were the cornerstone to our large family. It covers many different ages, states, paths in life, etc and you had a heart big enuff for us all. I am fortunate to call you grandma / Mother Bernice, you will be so missed. Rest in Peace and Love


Diana Barnett posted on 8/20/17

Heavenly Father please look over my family.........many are lost, others in denial, some suffering in silence without direction. We've been here too often...Dear Lord, my Mother was a pillar of strength more than most realized. RIP Mom!



Mrs Bernice Wroten posted on 8/20/17

Our mother is at peace now..... We all will miss u mama



Mrs Bernice Wroten posted on 8/20/17

You will be missed.


Shaun posted on 8/20/17

Granny, I miss you so much. You were my rider!!! No one can replace you!!!!



BERNICE posted on 8/20/17

miss u mama



Shaun Jayden Peterson posted on 8/20/17

I love you so much Granny!!!! I miss you!!!! Deidra says HI!!!



Deidra Wroten posted on 8/19/17

I remember when I used to visit you and you used to grin from ear to ear thinking I was Latoya, then you would stop grinning and stare for another 30 seconds start right back grinning and reach for me to give you a hug, we would sit there for hours talking and telling stories, I love you so much my Queen R.I.P



MRS. BERNICE WROTEN posted on 8/19/17



Shaun Peterson posted on 8/19/17

You face is in my voice in my ears...telling me what to do...and never run from my fears...i remember everything you taught me...and every time you fought for me...even all the times...they didn't know you caught me...


MRS. BERNICE WROTEN posted on 8/19/17

Don't tell me to get over it, Don't tell me to be strong, Don't tell me time's a healer, Don't tell me to move on, I need my time to grieve, I need my time alone, No one else can rush me, I need to do this on my own, Yes, it may take a while, Yes, it may take years, Yes, I may shout and scream, And cry so many tears, But only when I am ready, Not because you tell me so, For when the time is right, I will be the one to know.



MRS. BERNICE WROTEN posted on 8/19/17

T o the queen of my life,now my king and queen are gone, with my lord and savior Jesus Christ. lord please give me strength to bear all of this pain.


Stephanie Jones posted on 8/18/17

I will miss you forever, when l heard your voice on the phone it always made me feel better,l will always miss our talks,Thank you for your love,over the years,l love you,you taught me more then you know,love you RIP.


Madlene Bledsoe posted on 8/18/17

To my Grandmother AKA Mother Bernice!! I will miss you! You will always be in my heart not only because of who you are but if it was not for you I would have not have known.......and that's between you and I......LOVE your first born Granddaughter!!!!!!



Shaun Peterson posted on 8/18/17

All the days on 42nd street talking to you after school and on the weekends. I spent so much time listening to your stories and talking about random things. We had so much fun together. I love you Granny.