Condolences for Barbara Ann Jasinski

Sherrie Thompson posted on 5/23/17

Barb and I had so many adventures together. One of our favorites to talk about was when we were in our early 20s and we went on our first horseback ride. Barb got on her horse and took off like a shot, galloping at full speed. I was amazed, I thought to myself 'wow is she good' - while I was struggling to just get my horse to walk! I'd kick him like you're supposed to do, yell, nothing worked. I got off my horse and started leading him, and while he was slowly walking I'd quick get in the saddle and low and behold he'd stop again! I think finally a stable hand gave him a slap on the rear and finally started ambling along. When I finally caught up to Barb, besides wondering where I was, she all red faced and out of breath and I asked her what happened. Well come to find out she didn't know how to ride at all and said she was holding on to the reins and the saddle horn for dear life hoping against hope she wouldn't fall off!!! I was laughing so hard and she was near tears and angry at the same time, but in time we were both able to laugh at this memory as we have done many many times throughout the years. This is just one of many memories I have with Barb - she was my very best friend. She was funny, loyal, generous, everything you'd want in a friend and I already miss her so much. I hope she's looking down on all of us and smiling. You were the best Barb and I love you always. ❤️