Condolences for Beverly June Raab

Annie Raab posted on 1/28/22

Grandma Bev (Nanie, to us) was a steady and patient source of love and familial good will. In our childhood, Nanie exercised immense patience and care for her grandchildren (and children) and could bring ease to an atmosphere with seemingly little effort. As we grew up and moved away, Nanie kept in touch with birthday cards and holiday gifts that encouraged us to find our own direction in life. I was especially fond of my solo visits and phone calls with her, and in sharing the updates in my life, I had a chance to understand what Bev was like at the same age. She married and had her kids young and devoted herself entirely to their well-being, to being a reliable mother and wife. But she was quietly progressive in her own way and a supportive figure for the women in our family, as she admired our ambitions and maintained a curious, open mind about the world. Although her mobility declined throughout the years, Grandma Bev remained a presence in our hearts at family gatherings, notable events, big celebrations and casual dinners. We appreciated her reliable love, her excellent cooking, her open door, her easy attitude, and the life she lived before we knew her. May she rest peacefully and remain in our hearts forever.



Calvin Raab posted on 1/17/22

I have so many fond memories waking up on Sunday morning to go see Nanie and Grandpa for pancakes, the image of her smiling so brightly sitting in the corner of the kitchen will forever be in my memory. One of my favorite things about those mornings was seeing how easily Nanie could make all of our parents do things around the house (without any attitude, too) while the kids ate breakfast. I received my all-time favorite present from Nanie on my 6th “golden” birthday, an N64 console, which I still play to this day. It was never a dull conversation with grandma Bev, and she was always eager to listen about what you’ve been up to. One time as a kid, I was messing around in the living room and accidentally broke a small figurine. I quickly tried to conceal the evidence, and hid downstairs. When I went back upstairs with everyone else, she quietly pulled me aside and whispered to me “I know what happened, and I’m not upset” and followed it up with a great big hug. She was always this compassionate in her actions, and had an unyielding love for her family and friends. I will never forget the moments we’ve shared, and may the afterlife be a peaceful place for you. Love you Grandma ❤️


John Merola posted on 1/12/22

While our careers separated our families, we still had early great times together. Our families found themselves close together in Wisconsin in our early family lives. Most special were our times together at beautiful Crystal Lake in northern Wisconsin when we camped near the water. What is hard to forget was the food arranged by Beverly and my first wife Rita. Piles and piles of great food on picnic tables shared by an occasional chipmunk. Bev made sure we were never hungry after we swam in the clear water of the lake. What great vacations! What a great lady! My sympathy to you and your family. You are blessed to have had such a beautiful, caring lady in your lives. John Merola !


Chelsea posted on 1/12/22

In the short time I knew her she made me feel a welcome member of the family. I enjoyed going with Bryan to visit Nanie and Grandpa and watching Bryan perform a new magic trick seemed to make her happy. Thank you for all the delicious meals, you are greatly missed.



Favorite Nephew Scott posted on 1/8/22

I will never forget the last time I saw Aunt Bev and Uncle Paul afew years ago. My Mom, Lynne and I arranged a visit with them and Lisa. We checked in with them and drove to their house. After knocking on the side door we went in. I announced "We're here!" (In my soft voice). Aunt Bev called down, she was still getting dressed. That's odd we just called her? I noticed that Aunt Bev must be slipping, the kitchen was a mess, dishes still in the sink. Anyone who knows Aunt Bev, she keeps a meticulous house! I started looking at the family photos on the wall, The family group shot, My Aunt and Uncle and all my Cousins.... Wait One Second!! These aren't My Aunt, Uncle or Cousins!! Who were these people! CLICK!! I looked at Mom and Lynne and said "We're in the Wrong House!!" At that moment a Lady came down from upstairs and it wasn't Aunt Bev! I quick explained who we were and that we thought we were at the Raab's (2 houses down). We apologized and blasted out of there so fast Mom forgot her purse. We got the purse back and when we finally left we heard the door lock behind us! When we finally got to Aunt Bev and Uncle Paul's everything was right again in the world! Uncle Paul had that shocked look on his face and Aunt Bev with her one hand over her mouth to hide her laughter, you all know that look! We laughed all day about that! I will never forget that last visit with her, full of laughter!


Favorite Nephew Scott posted on 1/8/22

My Sis, Lynne, just about covered it all! Our fond childhood memories were going to the "Cousins". The trouble we got into down there! Uff DA!! A special treat would be the whole crew going over to Al's Place. Up north trips to see Uncle Ferggie! These are the childhood memories that I cherish and will never forget! Aunt Bev and Uncle Paul were like my second parents and I love you very much!



Erik Raab posted on 1/7/22

I always think of the beach and family get-togethers when I think of Grandma. Food, fun, and a bit too much sun. I also have fond memories with the bean bags she got all of us. We still have one today in NY


Nancy Leonard posted on 1/6/22

My Condolence to the Bev Raab Family. Bev was a very Special lady. She was always friendly & smiling. She would do anything for you. I bowled with her for many years, we had so much fun. I’m so sorry for your loss, but now she will be in Peace. She was in pain & never complained. Rest In Peace. I have many wonderful memories of you.


Patty Gillum posted on 1/5/22

I remember how excited my mom Betty Karagianis wouod get on bridge club Fridays! She loved Bev and the other ladies in her bridge group. They fused on making delicious appetizers and the children of the hosting house knew they would hear laughing all night without much bridge playing. They had so much! ❤


Lynne Shirikian(nee Olsen) posted on 1/5/22

Dear Aunt Bev ("Buzz", which Scott and I called you as kids). I loved to hear the stories about my dad(Don Olsen) and Uncle Paul(Paul Raab) during the Navy years. Your brother brought Paul home to meet his family and you! I have so many fond memories growing up and getting so excited when my parents told us that we were going to the "cousins"!! The times we shared together as a family were precious. Holidays, Al's Land, Rev. Reisner's house on the lake, Lake Keesus, Fireworks on the Lakefront. We always begged to stay the night for more... The last time I visited you and Uncle Paul, I think Lisa and I came clean and told you about all the trouble we got into. Tar on the feet, smoke bombs, patching holes in the ceiling with paint, skidded skin from bike crashes, ding-dong-ditch it, pool hopping, roller-skating in the basement full of taxidermy stuff. Sense of humor in our family has always been key. You were the goddess of patience. You have always been there for my family. Especially for your brother, my dad. He loved to show off to the nurses and offer them your goodies that you made and delivered each day. I will always treasure your recipes that I have acquired and use them all the time. Your support for me and my family throughout the years, and your solid demeanor on life will live with us forever. I'll never, ever forget you! Love, Your Niece, Lynne


Mimi Hajewski posted on 1/4/22

We have been neighbors of Bev and Paul for over 35 years. And, our deepest sympathy to the entire Raab family. Bev was a beautiful, generous, kind lady. Anytime I needed something I knew that Bev would always help me out. It started a few days after we moved in and there was a bad summer storm at night and we had lost electricity for a while. My husband was a firefighter at work and I was home alone with my two young sons. I remember early that next morning Bev had sent Steve over with a thermos of hot coffee and asked if there was anything else I needed. I will never forget that very kind gesture. Over the years there are so many thoughtful things she has done for our family….from her delicious Christmas cheese coffee cake every year, her delicious sandwiches she prepared for my son’s wedding, her yummy desserts she sent over her watching over our family dog, my sons and our home. Bev …thank you! We will miss you dearly and may you rest in peace. Love, Paul, Mimi, Todd and Brian


Diane Holtz posted on 1/4/22

To the entire Raab family I offer my deepest condolences... I had the pleasure of knowing Bev and Paul over the years and having them be a part of my adult life. They always opened their home to others and were ready with food, drinks and good company to all those who came. I thank Bev for all that she did for all the parties and gatherings we had over the years - we definitely never went short on food. I have Bev's breaded chicken wings recipe and my family continues to enjoy it many years later. Bev had a special way of making you feel welcome - with hugs, her great smile and laughter. I hope that her family, which is her legacy, will remember and hold special all those unique memories that Bev took the time to make with each of you over the years. She is one special lady and I am truly blessed to have known her. You will all remain in my thoughts and prayers...



Jill Moore posted on 1/4/22

One more quick memory. When the first Harry Potter book came out, Bev got a hardcover copy for each family. Every year she got the next one for the grandkids. Annie and I got so into them that neither of us could wait for the other to finish it, so when Annie fell asleep, I would sneak into her room and snitch it and read a few chapters. Then she would do the same when I was busy. It became a really fun pattern for us. It always seemed sweet that Bev was a very matter-of-fact person who saw the world clearly and dealt with things realistically. She could spot b.s. in other people a mile away. But she gave us all this amazing fantasy world of wizards and spells year after year. I often wondered what kind of magical inner life she had. But perhaps it was magic enough to create and nurture the Raab clan. <3



Jill Moore posted on 1/4/22

I have so many wonderful memories of Bev, so I will probably come back to this page several times. Let me start with this: Dale and I got engaged on NY Eve back in 1988. We went to visit Paul and Bev NY Day ('89) and decided not to tell them because we wanted to see how long it would take for one of them to notice my engagement ring. We were in the living room, talking about general stuff for about 20 minutes, then Bev shouted out "Oh!" and jumped up and came and hugged us. Dale and I were laughing and hugging her back. Paul was confused and said something like "What's going on?" and Bev said, "They're engaged!!!" She was so happy. It meant so much to me that she was ready to welcome me into her family and accept me as a daughter-in-law." Then she told Paul to get a bottle of champagne. That is who she was--so accepting and good, always ready to celebrate anything good that happened in her family. Bev and I stayed friends for the rest of her life, and that also touched my heart. She didn't want to judge, she just wanted people to be happy. I already miss her.



Jeff Slawson posted on 1/4/22

A wonderful neighborhood mom who always made you feel welcome and always had a Warm smile.


Michele Van Note posted on 1/4/22

I am so greatful for the opportunity to re-connect with Aunt Bev over the past few years. Although our visits were few, they were filled with laughter, love and plenty of baked goods. My heart goes out to Uncle Paul. Be well. XOX



Robert Treptow posted on 1/4/22

My heartfelt condolences and sympathy to Paul and his family. Remembering the friendship and good times we had with Bev and Paul


Marilyn Kotarak posted on 1/4/22

My sincerest condolences to all of you. My heart hurts so much for the void you are feeling now. She was so loved by all of you and was talked about often. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Bev and Paul but Lisa and I talked often about them. A couple of my memories were when we all went rafting on the Wolf River. This was a rough rafting trip. Bev and Paul were also on this trip. They were real troopers even after Bev put a gash in her head after falling out of the raft—very scary. Another memory was when the kids were surprising Bev and Paul with a cute cocker spaniel puppy they named Jenny. Jenny spent Christmas Eve with me until Lisa picked her up and surprised her mom and dad with this beautiful puppy. After that, every time I would visit, Jenny would piddle on the floor. This made all of us laugh. Bev always had a smile on her face and was very loving and caring. She was a wonderful lady inside and out. She will be truly missed by anyone who had the privilege of knowing her. Hugs and prayers to all of you from the Kotarak Family.


Haley Gagliano posted on 1/3/22

I will never forget the countless Sunday pancake breakfasts as a kid where Nanie welcomed me as one of her own. I cherish the memories at Nanie’s of playing Nintendo with the cousins, sneaking ice cream treats from the basement freezer, and gathering in the kitchen to catch up - her house felt like a second home to me. She truly touched the lives of so many and will be missed dearly.


Allison Kelley posted on 1/3/22

Nanie, Thank you for welcoming me into your beautiful family with so much grace and love. I am so grateful I got to know you and share such tender moments with you, like showing you my engagement ring and talking about when you and grandpa bought your ring in New York City. We loved our visit with you and grandpa on our wedding day. I promise to take care of Jake with the same gentle protection you showed. You are so loved and you will be honored forever. We cooked your ratatouille for dinner and will never forget to cook with LOVE in our home.


Jacob Kujawa posted on 1/3/22

Nanie, we were best buds always. We talked on the phone almost every week and every time I got to come visit you was my favorite part of the weekend. You taught me everything I know about cooking and making sure I always add the “love” ingredient. Tonight we made the Ratatouille recipe you made for me on my birthday. It’s so special to me that you always found a way to support me and make sure I had something delicious to eat even if it had to be a whole separate dish. There were so many things I said to you in my letter and I think I’ll just keep you updated as we go. I miss you so much and can’t really believe that you’re not going to be in the kitchen with Izzy begging for some extra pancakes on Sunday morning. You are so loved and such an extraordinary person that I am so so proud to be your grandson. Love you, Nanie, and hope you are greeted by Jenny, Savannah, Jackson, Jenna, and Izzy. Enjoy yourself pain free and know that you are missed beyond words. Love Jacob


Cindy Graf posted on 1/3/22

Dear Paul, Lisa and entire Raab family. I am so sorry for the huge loss you all are experiencing. Bev was a beautiful, caring woman and tho I haven’t seen her in many years, I will never forget her and the kindness and great memories from long ago living by you all in Milwaukee. She left a definite presence in my life . I pray everyday for God to comfort and help you though this terrible time. Many hugs and Prayers to you all.


Cindy Graf posted on 1/3/22

Dear Paul, Lisa and entire family. I am so sorry for your loss of beautiful Bev. She was a wonderful woman and you raised a beautiful family together. I know there are no words to ease the pain but I will continue to pray for you all and I pray your memories and the knowledge of being reunited again in heaven will help you through. Thank you for the wonderful memories of living by you so many years ago in Milwaukee. The years have gone by quickly but I will never forgot this wonderful woman and her kindness and love.



Bryan Kujawa posted on 1/3/22

Nanie was very special to me, and all of us. As I began magic as a child, she would help me make bags, props, accessories, and take me to the magic shop. Grandpa Paul inspired the love of magic and they both helped nurture my interest in it. I am beyond grateful that I was still able to share magic with them well into adulthood as I went from hobbyist to semi-professional. I also cherish that Nanie and I both loved dark chocolate and popcorn. She would often take us kids to the movies. As we grew older, I would always get a large, then bring her the refill. She was a wonderful woman that we will all miss dearly.



Bryan posted on 1/3/22

Nanie was very special to me, and all of us. As I began magic as a child, she would help me make bags, props, accessories, and take me to the magic shop. Grandpa Paul inspired the love of magic and they both helped nurture my interest in it. I am beyond grateful that I was still able to share magic with them well into adulthood as I went from hobbyist to semi-professional. I also cherish that Nanie and I both loved dark chocolate and popcorn. She would often take us kids to the movies. As we grew older, I would always get a large, then bring her the refill. She was a wonderful woman that we will all miss dearly.


Sarah posted on 1/3/22

I once had a birthday party sleepover on a Saturday and was heartbroken to miss pancakes at Nanie’s on Sunday. She took it upon herself to bring pancakes and sausage to my mom’s house to make breakfast for my friends and I. It is a special memory that not only I will always cherish, but one that my friends still talk about to this day. There will never be a greater meal than Nanie’s. I love and miss everything about her and hope she is dancing and happy with all of our canine friends to keep her company.


Carol Eberly posted on 1/3/22

When I think of Bev I think of her as a second mother. She was such a big part of my childhood!! She taught me how to make blonde brownies. My family is grateful, one of their favorite snacks!! She always welcomed me into her home. I was so sad before one of the families 2 week trips to New Jersey. I was crying because I was going to miss Lisa and the family. She gave me a family picture to remember everyone. She had parties for me at her home, she took me camping and she gave me my best friend— her beautiful daughter Lisa. I am grateful to have been a friend to the Raab family. I will keep you all in my prayers as you mourn the loss of this precious lady.


Lisa Kujawa posted on 1/3/22

Mom you were the best teacher, supporter, unconditional provider of love, and best friend. It has been a privilege to be your daughter and an honor to have you for my mom. I miss you in so many ways and can't believe that you are not here. I will look for cardinals in my bird feeder and know that is you stopping by. I promise we will take care of dad. I love you beyond words mom. Lisa