Condolences for Elizabeth Fallier

Chris Koerner posted on 1/19/20

Dear Grandma, I’m sitting here thinking about all the great memories we made with you. I remember far back to when you watched me while mom went to work, it was real early in the morning and I remember you had me cuddle up with you and Grandpa would get ready for work. I wish now I could have one more cuddle. You had the brightest smile that would light up any room you entered. The love for your family was unconditional and I hope I’m that kind of grandma for my grand babies. I love and miss you so much and so does my kids.


Patty joo posted on 1/10/20

I always remember my mother-in-law when I went to her house every morning to have coffee before we both left to go to work,to clean rooms.She always help me finish cleaning my rooms.She was speedy little lady.I always will remember her smile.I was glad to call Ma, and glad to become a part of this Family.My memories will always be in my heart and I will cherish them always.She loved her kids.And I will miss her.Love you Ma.


Kellie Klossner posted on 1/10/20

My most fond memories of Grandma Fallier were the memories from the Christmases of my childhood, when we were all together. As I got older, I remember her laugh, and I especially remember her occasional sassiness - either she would tease me or I would tease her, and there would be a pinch. She had an enormous personality, and will always hold a special place in my heart. Godspeed, Grandma.


Vince Wittig posted on 1/10/20

Since the time I was a child, I always knew you as "Grandma Fallier". We weren't related by blood, but you always treated me as if I was. I have a lot of memories which we still talk about to this day. Deepest condolences to all of your loved ones, but your memory will remain through the stories we tell our children and their children. God Bless.


Jim and Nolan posted on 1/10/20

Grandma, where do I start? You were there since the beginning. There are soo many special memories that I will have with me forever thanks to you. From family trips to holidays and Birthdays, you always seemed to make them extra special with your bubbly personality and love for your family. Some of my fondest memories are of you and Grandpa sitting at the kitchen table being goofy and you guys always made sure you had a stash of candy waiting just for us! Kisses and hugs were bountiful and you always made us feel at home when visiting you. You were a wonderful Wife, Mother, Grandma, and Great Grandma and your smile and laugh will forever be missed. You are Nolan's favorite "Little Grandma" and he'll miss the time he spent with you. I hope you always have a front row seat at all of your favorite Wrestlers Matches! Love you ALWAYS!


Michael Wittig posted on 1/10/20

You have been in my life since 1972. We shared many years together with you as my mother-in-law. We laughed all the time and I learned to love your sarcasm and stubbornness. I watched you and learned that your love of your children was above all else. Your home was more than most in that you provided foster care for Patricia and by doing so, ensured a lasting relationship of 50 years between her and Liz. They went from friends to family, and that has, and will always endear you in my heart. I saw your generous side as well. It was one of love and unconditional acceptance of me as your son-in-law... and as a part of your family. You always told me that you loved me and that would never change. Thank you for making me a part of your life, for treating me as one of your own, and for sharing your “wit” and your life... with me.


Jamie Percifield posted on 1/9/20

Grandma... You always had the coffee on with some sweet treats and were ready for long conversations. It was never a short visit, but the time flew by. I never wanted to leave. I will miss you talking about your brothers and working on the farm with the chickens. Your love for Michael Jackson and Rod Stewart will always make me laugh. We had many laughs that I will forever cherish. Thank you for taking time to bond and build a relationship with Sylvia. There were many wonderful memories made during those visits (who was taller, you or Sylvia). I’m glad we (Jim, Chris, and I) were able to spend your last Birthday (84th) with you. You will be forever missed.


Liz Wittig posted on 1/9/20

Never new anyone with a bigger heart. She loved her family very much. We used to have long talks about her childhood and her hardships when growing up. In 1977 we went to Hungary and I got to meet my family.Thank you ma for giving me that loving experience. You will be really missed by your grand children.