Condolences for Sandra Jean Crawford

Sue and Jerry White posted on 3/13/19

Dear Tammy, Michael, and Devin. We are thinking of you today, and wish we could be there to give you hugs. Our hearts are crying for you. We know it is so hard, yet, know she is at rest, and with your Grandpa and Grandma, and all of our other aunts, uncles, grandparents and our cousin Sharon. As you know, all 9 of us cousins were brought up together in South Milwaukee. We had a common bond with our parents, and our aunts and uncles who were our "2nd set of parents". Aunt Emmy and Uncle Fred always made sure we had Nancy and Carol in our lives too even though they moved away from Wisconsin. There were many fond memories of Christmas and summers at 5ll. 511 Michigan Ave. was our Grandma and Grandpa Hafemann's house and later became Aunt Florence and Uncle Cleve's house. We also spent many times together at Aunt Ruth and Uncle Brad's house on S. Chicago Ave. playing games. One year, either your Mom or Jimmy received the game Clue, we played for hours and did not want to leave to go home. We were blessed to all be brought up together, and were always there for each other. God Bless your Mom (Grandma) today, she is now free of all of her illness and with everyone that went before her...and we can find peace with that. Hugs, Susan and Jerry


Carol J Romero posted on 3/12/19

Dear Sandra, As cousins, our lives were intertwined from our earliest years. A few highlights that I hope you remember too... Do you recall how we played on the front porch of Gramma's house in South Milwaukee when we were 5 or 6 years old? How we pretended a card table covered with a blanket was our "fort" that we had to protect at all costs? You certainly remember representing the Hafemann family when Fred and I got married in Washington, D.C. You must also remember visiting Arlington Cemetery so you could take a photo of Audie Murphy's grave for your father who had fought with him. Do you recall how many miles we walked that day? Or how warm it was for mid-December? Fred and I had hoped you would visit us at least one more time. But that was not to be. We'll miss you a lot. At least we have our memories. Our love to you. Rest in Peace. Carol and Fred Romero