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Kevin Miller posted on 7/8/20

I always enjoyed talking to Scott about our shared connection of Carthage College. He was always full of energy and ready to share a story. My condolences to Ruth and the family


Coraga posted on 7/8/20

Going to miss u so much Dad. Love u always!!!



Patricia Love posted on 7/8/20

Franklin was a very loving and caring person.. He will truly be missed by me and the family. Frank will definitely be having a classic car show in heaven.. RIP Your niece, Patsy



Shenita Lobley posted on 7/8/20

Rest in Heaven. Your kind heart and quite demeanor will always be remembered.


Glen R Blok posted on 7/7/20

I always loved sharing Scott's favorite memory with others. We miss you Scott. In your memory one more time. The first NFL championship game played in Green Bay (the Packers’ 1939 championship bout was played in Milwaukee) carried with it a great deal of angst due to the predicted artic conditions. Just two days before the game, thermometers plummeted to -15 degrees. A crew of 50 men covered the field with 20 tons of hay to keep the field from freezing. A local businessman named Scott Olsen even developed what is believed to be the first sideline heating system in NFL history to keep the players warm.


Arde Wickre Petersen posted on 7/6/20

Patty was my college room mate and friend and bridesmaid in my August 1970 wedding. Sorry for her passing. I remember her for her a super smart woman ahead of her time. Memories are our treasures now. Peace


Sandy Monday posted on 7/4/20

We are so sorry for the loss of Debbie. Your family will be in our prayers. Debbie is at peace now and that is a blessing.


Marian Wasierski posted on 7/4/20

Jim always approached every conversation with a concern for and a desire to help someone learn something. He always appreciated a thoughtful conversation.I became acquainted coming and going in my role as Chaplain at Luther Manor. I did not know his full background. The world is a much better place for his having lived into his gifts.


Joyce mcelwee posted on 7/4/20

Sorry for your loss Lori. She is at peace with God,... praying for you and your family at this difficult time.


Tom etzel posted on 7/3/20

Debbie was always bubbly and fun. She will be missed by all. Condolences to the whole family


Alice Misko posted on 7/2/20

I am so sorry for your loss I remember you girls when you’s were little and we would go by yous with Auntie Joyce and Uncle Don love ❤️ and prayers for all


Paula Brookmire posted on 6/29/20

Even with some memory loss, Patty recalled songs, stories and scenes of the family home from childhood. She could hold a good conversation up until February of this year. We laughed a lot when she came in for her massage. And she really appreciated the value of touch, as did her mom, Nettie. I was privileged to have both of them as clients over the years. Patty's sister Joanne Ziarek did a remarkable job of caring for Patty for so many years. It is a treasure to see such love. My sympathy goes out to the whole family. With love, Paula Brookmire, Milwaukee


Donna Gough posted on 6/29/20

Although I never personally knew cousin Patty, I feel as though I did know her through Joanne. She lived a very fully life and obviously excelled in every area of her being. May our Lord bless and keep her always in His loving arms. Peace and Blessings.


Joyce Gauss posted on 6/29/20

I don’t have many, if any, memories of knowing Patty, but I DO know mother did and always shared her admiration of her with everyone! May she be at peace and Love to the family! Joyce Gauss


Roxie Ellis posted on 6/29/20

Patty was an extraordinary personality with limitless potential. God must have needed her talents in His Kingdom and deemed it time to have her with Him and her heavenly family. My childhood memories of her always bring to mind a ready wit and a mischievous smile; happy memories also of time spent with her and Judy on the farm. Rest peacefully, Patty.


Marcia Brandes posted on 6/29/20

Although I have not seen Patty since I was a child, I know of her through Joanne. It takes a lot of grace to be able to live with the kind of illness she had. I am glad that she is now at peace, even though it means her remaining family will miss her.


Karen Encelewski posted on 6/29/20

Patty had so many gifts to share with her family and the world. It is tragic that her life was cut short way before her death. I'm thankful that my sisters and I had an opportunity to meet Patty and visit with her for an afternoon. May her family be blessed and strengthened by our caring thoughts and prayers.


Jim Matchan posted on 6/25/20

You are missed, and will always be in our memories. Please occasionally send one of your quirky smiles down upon us from volleyball Heaven between matches.


Donna posted on 6/24/20

Rest In Peace. You are now in Gods hands.


Donna posted on 6/24/20

Rest In Peace. Your now in God’s Hands.


Riddick Juanita posted on 6/23/20

Shirley, Morgan and Family, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. It is the love that's left behind that last forever, the joy of having been part of someone else's journey that warms our hearts even at this difficult time. Blessings always


Sherry Harvey Suggs posted on 6/22/20

My dear Sherese. We met when you were 9 years old. You have been my daughter ever since. You fought at long as you could. Now you have peace I'm truly going to miss you but it brings me joy to know that you and your Dad, - who loved you so very much - are finally together again.


James & Deloise Morgan posted on 6/22/20

Our Deepest Sympathy to you all. Our thoughts and prayers are with our family We continue to lean on the Lord for strength during this difficult time Love you all ❤️ James & Deloise Morgan


Marlo Tarrell Harvey posted on 6/22/20

I will miss you dear my sister, the memories we had i will hold and cherish. Prayers for the family. Rest on my sister. Love your brother


Monica Atkins posted on 6/22/20

I just want to say how much I miss and love you. My dad, granny, JR, and myself will miss you so much. All the fun times we had together will live on in our hearts. The many bar-b-q's, the trips, all the dates you and my dad had will be remembered forever. I thank God everyday for allowing you to be in our life and in our hearts.


Loni Zeromski posted on 6/21/20

Happy fathers day in heaven! I miss you so much and wish you could still be with us but I know that's not possible! It's harder everyday but I have to keep telling myself your at peace. Well LB graduated and made us proud once again! We miss having you around to get advice or just listening to your silly talk. Please just keep giving me signs that your always here I really need them. As always we promise to take care of mom. Love and miss you everyday



Kathryn posted on 6/20/20

Mr. Severtson was some people’s best friend, step father, father, grandfather. People called him many things but the very best name was Dad


Ange Moss posted on 6/19/20

I love you all and my heart is with you right now as it will always be. Mom, I'm so sorry for your loss, I'll be praying for everyone. My deepest condolences to the entire family. Stay together and be there for each other, i love all of you and i miss you.



Brenda fleury posted on 6/19/20

Tracey i know how much you are greiving.i so wish i could be there for you. Just remember how blessed you are that he was your father. Im praying for his soul


Cynthia Green posted on 6/19/20

Sending my condolences to the Leonard Severtson family in their time of loss. My thoughts and prayers are with each and everyone. May God be with you all. God Rest his souls in eternal love and peace.


Roxanne Pieper, Campbellsport posted on 6/19/20

Jim and Sharon shared their love of fishing with my 5 girls through 4-H. They loved their time with Jim and learned a lot from him. Thank you, Jim for all you taught my girls. You were an awesome teacher!


Annie Duvall posted on 6/19/20

I love you, Micheal. You were always a beloved and loving little cousin. Comfort and peace to your family. Rest in God’s loving arms until we meet again.



Deborah Love posted on 6/19/20

RIH Uncle Mike Love you, Your favorite niece Deborah Love



Shirron Ashford posted on 6/19/20

You may be gone from this earth but you will forever be in my heart. Rest in Heaven Uncle Mike


Elizabeth Jolly posted on 6/19/20

God bless the Malone family


Pamela Hayward posted on 6/19/20

I am grateful for his loving friendship. Many wonderful music filled memories. Excellent conversations over Manhattans. I understand the pain of losing a life partner and a father. Sharon, Laura, Mike I pray your hearts find peace to ease this pain.



Tami Rozivka posted on 6/19/20

RIP Sir, to the family


Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Stip posted on 6/18/20

Prayers go out to you and and family Sharon - so sorry to hear of your loss - on a more positive side, now you have your own loving angel in heaven. Sincerely, Pat and Jerry



Bill & Norma Foye posted on 6/18/20

Condolences to the family.



Margueritte-small-white posted on 6/18/20

My this candle shine bright for your family Mike was a dear friend thanks for love when I needed it rest now my friend


Dick & Judy Plant posted on 6/18/20

Gordy...we send our regards to you ....57 years not a lot of couples can say that.... It takes a good team to last that long. Judy & I will be praying for you and the kids. Still think of some of the things we did at WMPD....May Our Lord watch over you and comfort you in this crazy world of today.


Dawn (Polzean) Haliwell posted on 6/17/20

Dear Sharon and family, I’m so saddened to hear about your loss. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and hope that loving memories will help you cope. I have such done memories of you and Jim. I will always remember rope making by the Dundee Mill and you having us over to watch my high school musicals! Such a wonderful couple and great friends. Now Jim and dad can chat up heaven. Please take care and blessings of strength and endurance to you.


Mary A. Polzean posted on 6/17/20

Dear Sharon and family, my thought and prayers are with you all. I will always remember the laugh's cc we had with you and Jim. Jerry and him are together now they may get into something up there. Jim was always a gentleman and I am so sorry you have lost your Buddy ❤️ Hugs and Love my friend.



Kenny posted on 6/17/20

My most sincerest condolences.....



Kenny posted on 6/17/20

My most sincerest condolences....


SHARON ALLEN posted on 6/17/20



SHARON ALLEN posted on 6/17/20



SHARON ALLEN posted on 6/17/20



Jen Kelly posted on 6/17/20

Anthony, I am so sorry for all the pain you are going through. My heart goes out to you and yours.


Preston posted on 6/17/20

For Anthony: My heart is hurting for you and your family and my mind is thinking of you and your family as you go through this. I'm just glad that your Stepfather had the honor of having you in his life to create memorable moments together. Sending so much love to you, buddy.


Edith Bivens posted on 6/17/20

Dorothy remember the joy and memories you shared with Mike, let those live on. He was a quiet and gentle spirit. He lives on in you and your family. Celebrate a life lived.


Kurt and Aimee Krueger posted on 6/17/20

Dennis had a caring heart and was lived by many.


Mr. & Mrs. Ronald and Sharon Yancey posted on 6/16/20

Dear Dorothy and family, sending my heartfelt sympathy for your loss. God Bless you with his mercy and grace during this difficult time.


Dr. Janie Hatton posted on 6/15/20

May precious memories of your beloved Mike comfort you. Love lifts you.


Vickie Turner-Estes posted on 6/15/20

Dear Dorothy.. my deepest most heartfelt condolences to you and your family. May God bring you peace and comfort as you bask in the many loving memories you had with Mike ❤


Sherry posted on 6/10/20

Memories of childhood swimming parties, Thanksgiving dinner extravaganzas, and her famous cheesecake will always hold a special place for me.


Laura Nitze posted on 6/7/20

May you Rest In Peace, you will be missed


Dianne Peltier posted on 6/3/20

Dear Lynn, Lisa and Phillip I know how hard these weeks have been for all of you and family May God give you comfort and take care of you. Your Mom is home now with Jesus, Carol and your Dad. Hope does not stop at the grave. Keep the faith Love Cousin Dianne



Dianne Peltier posted on 6/3/20

Although We only met once, I will never forget your kindness and hospitality


Etta Miller posted on 5/18/20

Many fond memories of Ted at South Division. So very sorry that you had to lose such a kind and loving husband and Father. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Janice.


Your L.B posted on 5/16/20

Today I had an overwhelming feeling hover over me to come on here and view your obituary. It's approaching the 6 month mark without you and man oh man it's not any easier than it was 6 months ago. I miss you like crazy. I struggle with the fact that you're not here, but I'm at peace with the fact that you're no longer suffering. I miss you sending me those random images you'd create. I still have all our messages. School's almost over for me and I continue to work longer shifts more often at work. I'm stressed, but I will continue on for you, grandma, mom, dad, grandma N, and papa N. I love you Papa, forever. <3


Loni aka Houkenheimer ( you only know) posted on 5/16/20

I'm missing you like crazy! I've needed your wisdom and advice lately and now can only look up at the heavens and hope you hear me! I love and miss you buddy


Houkenheimer ( you only know) posted on 5/16/20

Just really missing you and all your advice and weird but crazy way of always letting me know it will be ok! Missing my buddy!☹


Rick & Carol McGinnis posted on 5/13/20

He will be missed, St Martin’s Fair, the beer tents, the visits to see the livestock, the watermelon tosses, all fond memories. Getting to know him, you, the family and grandchildren. Wow! What a loss. May all the yesterday’s you shared bring comfort and the peace you seek today. God bless you Chip!



Yolanda Hynek posted on 5/13/20

Mr. Gmach you had a huge influence on my life. I will never forget our conversations. Thanks for steering this young lady down the right path! Eternally grateful Yolanda



Barbara Gmach posted on 5/12/20

I love you, dad. I will miss you everyday.


Barbara Gmach posted on 5/12/20

I love you so much, dad. I will miss you everyday!


BILL RUTHERFORD posted on 5/11/20

John, we were friends for over 56 years. The memories are many and I will continue to relive them as time goes on. I miss our conversations, and our political discussions. I know the last six years were certainly not what you would have ever wanted, but I was always amazed at how you handled those health issues. You will be missed by many, including me. Rest in peace, my friend, rest in peace.......


Ryan posted on 5/11/20

I will miss our conversations. Love you dad


Philip Ufnowski posted on 5/4/20

Chip lived at 4218 S. 5th Place. I lived at 4228 S. 5th Place. They had a bare patch in the backyard of their home. It drew the neighborhood boys. Chip's parents had a TV which I was allowed, with others to watch Howdy Doody. I had hoped to meet Chip one last time. My deepest sympathies to you and all of your family. I will pray from him and you.


Nancy Kennelly posted on 5/4/20

Dear Debbie and Janet and family, Aunt Virg was a kind and loving lady. I enjoyed her company very much. She will be missed.


jean hughes posted on 5/4/20

So sorry for the loss of such a wonderful woman. Karla was an angel here on earth. Worked with Karla at Briggs. She was an inspiration for all. My condolences, Jean Hughes.


Lori Richardson posted on 5/3/20

Laurie and family, I was so sorry to hear about Ed’s (Chip’s) passing. Please know you are in my thoughts and I will ask God to give you comfort during this very difficult time.



Shawna Carl posted on 5/3/20

Hey baby girl! I'm lost for words and still trying to make head or tails of this. Just know I love you and despite your battles I am so very proud of the woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend, etc you are. I've seen you fight for years yet always smiling and making sure you were always there for those that needed you. Your beautiful babies are now your legacy. I miss you so very much. You were a wonderful Aunt to all of our kids and they have the best memories of you. We laughed, cried, fought, disageed but we never forgot that we were family. I love you baby girl forever. My momma now has you in her arms along with all those that were called home before you. Rest In Paradise baby sister


Diana L Streicher posted on 5/3/20

Dear Laurel, I am very sorry about the loss of your loving husband. May the memories of your wonderful life together help you through this most difficult time. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Diana Streicher


Randy posted on 5/2/20

Rest assured Mom, we will honor your life with an event after this Covid 19 issue is behind us. I miss your perspective each day and you are on my mind.


Gail G. (Ted's daughter) posted on 5/2/20

KarlaRae Jo will be missed! A life so precious and a life lived surrounded by family. I last caught up with her in 2003 and too much time has passed. May my cuz's memory live on in the happiness and joy she shared with all!


Brook Love WJ’s Godmother posted on 5/1/20

Heather you reached out to me on Facebook wish from the bottom of my heart I would have spent more time with you. Family please accept my condolences.


Judith A Natvig posted on 5/1/20

So very sorry for your loss janet and debbie! You know your mom was like a second mom to me ,she will always be in my thoughts!


Karen Hertz posted on 5/1/20

Rest in peace Karla. You will be reunited with your love ones that passed before you.


Elizabeth A Sundquist posted on 5/1/20

I love you Aunt Karla. You are missed!!!!


Lisa Koren Turner posted on 4/30/20

Dear Laurel and family, I never met Ed but knew how much your family cared about him. I am so sorry for his passing. Keep all the good memories locked inside your heart and he will always be with you.



Jenn posted on 4/29/20

Through our indeferences Heather always came 100% and remained a good hearted woman. I spent the last few weeks in county with her...she ad a business plan, stayed on top of getting her kids back, and I BELIEVE with all my soul you wanted it all. I'm so sorry the no one could be the light in your darkness. God bless you. It's so should be with your kids and have another chance.


Vikki wallace posted on 4/29/20

Well uncle wilso u kud finally go share ur moves with James brown up there in heaven .. Be easy on him now and i really was blessed to have known such a remarkable person such as will always be missed..


Daniel Restrepo posted on 4/27/20

He will always be a part of our lives. He was always so impressed with our Spanish and always made us feel special.



Angela Hayes posted on 4/26/20

Heather my sister my friend. Knowing you for 20 plus years. I have seen your journey we have laughed together cry together fought for each other spiritually and we pray together. Whenever she felt lost and the Darkness try to overcome her should give me a call for a tongue lashing. We always kept each other lifted up no matter what. In her final days she reached out and we comforted each other. I wish I hadn't missed your call I wish I could have been there for you again. You have always been there for me when I need it. You being pregnant with Eladio craving ice cream that I could never find. We'd be out for hours looking for chunky monkey. Her children were her prized possessions her biggest accomplishments as she felt. She had an undying love for her babies and nothing on this Earth could stop her from being there for them. People who seen her when she was down turn their nose but I never did. I know what it is to go through trials and tribulations waiting on her testimony. She always kept me organized and yelled at me because everything was a mess. We were a perfect counter to each other. We put our hearts first reaching out to love others even when they proved unworthy she still loved and loved hard. I'm going to miss you my friend you are my sister not by Blood but my love. That'll never change and you'll forever be in my heart. I love you baby fly high here with us always.


Rae Aviles posted on 4/25/20

Theres no more hurt, theres no more pain just whats left of your face to your name. You left us with stories, you left us with laughs, you left us with hopes of your unchanged path. I now think of your babies and the space that it leaves, of not having their mama and all they can do is grieve. I hope you were peaceful and also unafraid but i think you knew what was happening and agreed with decisions you made. Its not a put down nor low blow at all, just know that those long talks and bonfires ment the world to me...thats all. Rest easy Heathergirl, you are missed always. I can still hear you say "Raaaaeeee"


Debra Miller posted on 4/25/20

I am so sorry to her about the loss of your loved one. My prayers and Condolences go out to the family


Hernando and Gisela posted on 4/25/20

God be with you and cover your family with his divine consolation our prayers are with you.


Cellia Moore posted on 4/24/20

She was such a beautiful person we went to HighSchool together we grew up in the projects together I love Chris was such a beautiful person beautiful spirit always smiling and laughing I enjoyed those days we walked home from school she fell on my heart today and I'm just hurt thought about her often my condolences to the family


Jacque Batayias posted on 4/24/20

I remember Norma loved to sing and had such a pretty voice. May she Rest In Peace and her memory be eternal.


Alan Jamie Parker posted on 4/24/20

I remember talking to Norma at the wedding of Steve and Sheri, especially that occasion. I remember she was delightful, and it shows that what we always remember about people is how they made us feel in person. My condolences to all the Landers and extended family, and to her friends.


Rita Staleos posted on 4/24/20

I first met Norma over 25 years ago at Bible Study. She was a wonderful Christian woman with the voice of an angel. Her eagerness to share her faith and positive attitude were inspiring. Rest in Peace, Norma. May your memory be eternal!


Eric and Vickie Willis posted on 4/24/20

Grateful to have known your father and learned from his good character, wise children and his love for Jesus. Celebrating with you a life well lived...


Craig Webster posted on 4/24/20

I have many fond memories of him. He was a wonderful husband and father and I know he will be missed by many. His children are wonderful and this is a reflection of his good character and skills as a father.


Vivian Anton Limberatos posted on 4/23/20

May Norma’s memory be eternal. I always enjoyed speaking with Norma because she had such a positive attitude! She never complained and was always interested in others! A great person who will truly be missed!


CYNTHIA LUTZ posted on 4/23/20

Such a wonderful Lady! Our thoughts and prayers for the whole family! Love Bill and Cindy Lutz


Heidi Acosta posted on 4/20/20

May you have the peace, comfort and love of our Father in heaven’s arms wrapped around you now. You no longer have the burden of having to cope with any of the earthly pain and struggles. Although your life here on earth was shortened and we miss you so very much, we are able to find comfort in knowing you finally have that perfect peace and feel the perfect love that only The Father, Son & Spirit are able to provide and that is now your eternity. It will never go away nor ever end. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your earthly journey these last few years. I will always hold that time & those experiences close to my heart.



Mona Lisa & Jon Jon posted on 4/19/20

We Love you RIP



Mon Lisa & Jon Jon posted on 4/19/20

We Love you RIP


Andrea Frankenberry posted on 4/18/20

My first teaching job was at McKinley Elementary School in MPS, and Don was my principal. Ever-supportive and encouraging, he made those initial challenging years a great learning experience. He took a few of us with him to Steuben Middle School where he created another positive educational environment. Soft-spoken, but a strong leader, he earned the respect and admiration of his staff. If not for the medical crisis in our country today, his funeral would be flooded with well-wishers. He leaves a great legacy for his family.


Will and Irene posted on 4/17/20

God Bless you will be missed.


Leo & Shirley Rogahn posted on 4/17/20

Our sympathy to Nancy's family.


Doris Jones posted on 4/16/20

Praying for the Person family...may Johnny rest in peace....



Jessica posted on 4/16/20

I love you grandma. You will never be forgotten.



Bill and Cheryl posted on 4/16/20

Rest in peace mom, we love you.



Dawn posted on 4/15/20

I love you Grandma!


Keith Donovan posted on 4/13/20

Ken sorry for your loss. Positive thoughts to you and your family


JoAnn Lehr Ogreenc posted on 4/12/20

Dear Bob, Scott, Ken, and Chrissy, I was so sorry to hear of your loss. Nan was always very good to me as a child, and welcomed me into your home many times with a warm smile and wonderful food. My heart goes out to you all. Love, JoAnn Lehr Ogreenc



Bev Kraemer posted on 4/11/20

Jerry I'm so glad we got to be friends. RIP & see you again someday along with my loved ones.



Greg "elephant boy" goodman. posted on 4/11/20

Good guy i worked with him at brookfield gmc.he gave me that nickname.he use to comfort me when i was going thru a bad break up.bring me food.and money.very sadded to hear this.he will always be loved by me.he just dont know how much he meant to buddy.



Linda Cooper posted on 4/8/20

Betty, I've always loved your spunk and tenacity and you'r willingness to learn, your high spirited attitude, lol and the beautiful person that you are. Thank you for being a part of our modeling team at Midwest Productions. I will think of you always.


Ted Berry posted on 4/4/20

I never met Jeremy please see the submitted comment.


Ted Berry posted on 4/4/20

I never met Jeremy but felt through Sonia I knew him. Jeremy’s kind, intelligent and handsome face in his posted photograph says everything to why Sonia loved him so much.



Cheryl posted on 4/4/20

Rest in Peace Grandma C. You will be dearly missed. Cheryl


Quiara Hogan posted on 4/3/20

Auntie I just want to let you know that I will always love you and you will be in my heart forever. You are the first to cut my hair and the first to let me drive your car. I learned a lot from you and I understood you you taught me to understand. (You know what I’m talking about). You the reason I’m in the field I’m in now. You always been nice to me. I remember for the last few years how I would come take you to run yo errands or bring you what you called your care packages I’m just happy Every time I picked you up if you was in the back or the front I turned and stared at you. You would say KeyKey what you looking at I would say you so pretty or you look like a baby you would smile. I miss the times you stayed with me and all the times I came to your house just to be under you and hear your stories.Since I was a little kid if I needed someone to talk to I was able to talk to you I miss that smile you used to give me when you said what keykey. Ima going to miss you telling me like it was. I’m miss you calling me. Even if you stop if I didn’t answer and when I called you back you told me like it was. I love you and loved being around you. I wonder if you finished your book you was writing because I would love to read it. Rest auntie I love you. I guess you are in a better place.


Deidra. Jones posted on 4/3/20



Lisa and Gerry Muschinski posted on 4/3/20

We have many fond memories of Nan and her desire to add her perspective to a story. We wish the family peace to bring comfort, courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in your hearts.


Aimee weathers posted on 4/3/20

Betty was so sweet to me she was like a mother I am Whitney best friend rest in the heaven gates until we meet again love you always ❤️


Frances Smith Lawrence posted on 4/3/20

RIP Betty My Sincere Sympathy for the Family


Nicole Allen Hill posted on 4/3/20

My Betty Boo we are gone miss you so much you were supposed to come to Madison soon to visit me but god had other plans until we meet again love you Boo R.I.H Auntie



Tania Perez posted on 4/3/20

Betty took me and my son in when I was a young struggling single mother.. it was only for a little while, but it was exactly what I needed at that moment in my life.. God Blessed me through her!! I will always remember and forever be grateful!! ❤❤


Leah Wesley posted on 4/3/20

I'm so sorry Auntie!!! I love you..... rest well XOXO


JIm & Sharon Jacobi posted on 4/2/20

Nan a wonderful. kind & caring person always a pleasure to be with . We have many fond memories of our get togethers with Bob & Nan Rest in Peace /


Jack and Terri Iverson posted on 4/2/20

Nan and Bob have been wonderful neighbors since we moved into the neighborhood 12 years ago. We live only a few houses from theirs. Nan was such an inspiration to watch her get out on a daily walk when the weather was nice. Her daughter-in-law, Karen would sometimes accompany her, but most often, Nan was on her own. She didn’t let using a walker deter her whatsoever! Our hearts go out to Bob and her family.


Diane Lukecart posted on 4/1/20

Nan sang in the Chancel Choir with me, she was so sweet! Christine and my daughter, Andrea, shared a lot of Sunday School and youth activities. Brian and I will remember her fondly. Brian and Diane Lukecart


Alzheimer's Association Wisconsin Chapter posted on 3/30/20

On behalf of everyone here at the Alzheimer's Association - thank you so much for thinking of us at this time of loss to your family. Memorial donations made in Shirley's name will be put to immediate use serving families and supporting research. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Dave Grams, Executive Director


Houkenheimer posted on 3/29/20

It's been 4 months and how crazy it is! Miss you more everyday but you are definitely safe where you are! Mom is struggling without you by her side everyday but I'm here for her! Love and miss you buddy! I need your advice more then u knew


Beth Marusik posted on 3/28/20

I was so terribly sorry to hear this sad thoughts and prayers are with you and Kenny and I hope you know how we all care so much even though we are isolated right now! God bless


Mark and Laurie Kadunc posted on 3/27/20

Dear Susie and Kenny - Mark and I are thinking of you and the boys. We cannot imagine the pain you are going through right now. Aimee will always hold a special place in our hearts as our first babysitter. Sending hugs and love to you.


Margaret Malnory posted on 3/27/20

Susie and Kenny, words are meaningless, I know. But just let me say I understand your pain during this most awful event.


Bill and Diane Schneider posted on 3/20/20

Our condolences to the family. Bill was a great guy and always willing to help others. I remember coming over one day with my first car and the next thing you know we are fixing a tie rod under the car. I have many fond memories of the family. God bless.



Alicia Fish (Picchiottino) posted on 3/19/20

Grandpa you have always been my world. RIP and heaven gained a true angel. You were an awesome person to know and always stayed true. Love you lots!



Alicia Fish (Picchiottino) posted on 3/19/20

Grandpa I love you. RIP and heaven gained a true angel. You were nothing but an awesome person to know. And was always my world. Love you so much



Rita Pannier posted on 3/19/20



Pam Fields posted on 3/19/20

I was so blessed to have you as my dad. I will love you always, and can't wait to see you again! Love from your daughter, Pam.



Jeff Picchiottino posted on 3/19/20

Love you Dad... Your Son Jeff


Jeff Picchiottino posted on 3/19/20

Dad we love you dearly and you will be missed! Jeff and Nancy


Pam posted on 3/17/20

Prayers to the friends and family. Many condolences sent your way. May your grief lessen in time with much shared joy from memories.


Brenda posted on 3/15/20

Grandma we shared a lot of time together and created a lot of good memories even with my boys! I wish we had more time and know that I love you and miss you until we meet again ♥️ Although it hurts so bad I’m glad your no longer suffering. Now I have both my angels on earth watching over me from the heavens



Chanel johnson posted on 3/12/20

I’m so very sorry for ur lost


Mary posted on 3/12/20

Mom, I love you


Mark Bramm posted on 3/12/20

My Condolences to the family of Diane Kathryn Kizewski. She will be missed



Amie Rosenberger posted on 3/12/20

Missing you already


Sabine Brackmann posted on 3/5/20

Lollie was like a grandmother to my daughter's Joanne and Chelsea. She will be missed.


Dawn posted on 3/3/20

I worked with Marge for about 15 yrs. at the Lutheran Home. She was always so young at heart! We enjoyed our lunch break walks and were mutual cat lovers. She always talked about her family; you were her whole life. Sad to read she has passed away.


Dawn West Allis posted on 3/3/20

I worked with Marge for about 15 yrs. at the Lutheran Home, til she retired. I remember her being very young at heart! We enjoyed our lunch break walks and had a mutual love of cats. Often talked about her family, and I almost felt I knew each of you! Sad that she has passed, too young.


Dawn, West Allis posted on 3/3/20

I worked with Marge for about 15 yrs. at the Lutheran Home, til she retired. I remember her being very young at heart! We enjoyed our lunch break walks and had a mutual love of cats. Often talked about her family, and I almost felt I knew each of you! Sad that she has passed, too young.


Dawn L. posted on 3/3/20

I worked with Marge for about 15 yrs. at the Lutheran Home, til she retired. I remember her being very young at heart! We enjoyed our lunch break walks and had a mutual love of cats. Often talked about her family, and I almost felt I knew each of you! Sad that she has passed, too young.


Dawn posted on 3/3/20

I worked with Marge for about 15 yrs. at the Lutheran Home, til she retired. I remember her being very young at heart! We enjoyed our lunch break walks and had a mutual love of cats. Often talked about her family, and I almost felt I knew each of you! Sad that she has passed, too young.


Dawn posted on 3/3/20

I worked with Marge for about 15 yrs. at the Lutheran Home, til she retired. I remember her being very young at heart! We enjoyed our lunch break walks and had a mutual love of cats. Often talked about her family, and I almost felt I knew each of you! Sad that she has passed, too young.


Jesse Stingl posted on 3/3/20

I knew Marge as "Grandma Marge," because she married my Grandfather Richard Hays. Though she wasn't my real grandma she always treated me with such love and kindness. She softened my Grandfather in a way I hadn't seen and I began really looking forward to our visits to their house. She was so accepting and understanding and took the time to listen and get to know each and every one of her new grandkids. Though we lost touch later after Grandpa passed I always missed seeing her smile and laughing together as a family. Rest well Grandma Marge.


Nancy Patterson posted on 3/3/20

I will always remember the good times we had


Tim posted on 3/1/20

I miss you Marge!! I will miss going thrift shopping with you. And our coffee time. And of course our burgers. And taking walks in the spring. Love and miss you.



Michele Tompkins posted on 3/1/20

Mom, you have always been my dearest best friend. I was so glad that you came to live in our home and loved sharing each day with you. You loved Mikey like he was your own son. You are very sorely missed Sweet Pea.


Dana Schindler posted on 2/26/20

Kathy was a friend & colleague in ministry. She had a wonderful sense of humor and a truly refreshing honesty. I always enjoyed her wisdom and company. I will miss her greatly. Prayers for all who knew & loved her.



Jean M Waid posted on 2/26/20

I love you 1000 I told you in my last text. Always and forever.


Terri Maier posted on 2/26/20

Trudie I was very sorry to hear of the passing of your husband. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.


Scott Jones posted on 2/24/20

OMG this is just too hard. She was such a beautiful person both inside and out. I am going to so miss her cheerfulness and spirit. Love you Chris!!⚘


Cathy Sebrowski posted on 2/24/20

Trudie, I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you. Cathy Storey



Krystal posted on 2/16/20

Came to O’lydias and sat next to the memorial. We took shots of Tully in his honor. We loved him before we knew him. He will be greatly missed.


Travis posted on 1/30/20

My favorite uncle. He made my childhood special. He always had time to draw for me, send a postcard from the Army, even got me a set of BDUs I wore proudly as a kid in the field. I wanted to be just like him when I grew up, but he stressed it was important I find myself. I eventually did. Thank you so much, Uncle Ziggy.


Mary & Dwight posted on 1/19/20

Steve & Stacy, we are very saddened by the loss of your father, and our last uncle. We remember him as a kind man and loving father and uncle. Please let us know if there will be a memorial, when and where


Chris Koerner posted on 1/19/20

Dear Grandma, I’m sitting here thinking about all the great memories we made with you. I remember far back to when you watched me while mom went to work, it was real early in the morning and I remember you had me cuddle up with you and Grandpa would get ready for work. I wish now I could have one more cuddle. You had the brightest smile that would light up any room you entered. The love for your family was unconditional and I hope I’m that kind of grandma for my grand babies. I love and miss you so much and so does my kids.


Marcus Mullins posted on 1/18/20

Brother,I miss your presence on Earth but I know you are with me always in spirit. I love you


Garry Kelley posted on 1/17/20

Dear Stacy, Wishing you, your dad and your family God's peace and many happy memories of your great father. Rest in Peace.


Bonnie L. Jacobs posted on 1/17/20

Dear Stacy and Steve,, may you cherish the memories of days gone by that brought laughter and teasing. I am sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers to you. Peace, Bonnie Jacobs



stephen Phiri posted on 1/17/20

I met " uncle Joe as he was fondly called in 2015 in the city of the great king, Jerusalem, Israel in 2015. Rita and Joe later came to Zambia, Africa and visited with us. Was a memorable time. Over the last 15 years we built up a solid and robust family relationship and shared in the communion of Christ's love. Joe and Rita later invited me to visit with them in 2010. What a blessed time of refreshment it was. And about two weeks ago, Joe and I spoke on phone on what i never imagined would be the last call. If I ever knew it was going to be the last call, I would have never have hang up on the call. My Father and my God, the horse men and chariots of the God of Israel have come and taken my friend Joe into Glory. I can only thank you and Praise you at this sad and yet celebratory moment of Joe's 80 Years of life, I NEVER SAW JOE ANGRY BUT ALWAYS JOKING AND JOVIAL. OUR HEART FELT LOVE AND GOD'S STRENGTH TO RITA AND VICTOR, LYNN, AND CHILDREN AND JOSHUA, CLAIRE.


vicky laurent posted on 1/16/20

I am sorry for you loss.


Marie Mullins posted on 1/16/20

Mike, you will always be in my heart! RIH



Jeremy j hoch posted on 1/16/20

I love u forever and will make sure our boy knows how much u loved him your name is tattooed on top of my heart forever I miss u so much I know u are watching over lil Jeremy forever r.i.p my queen love always jair



Jeremy j hoch posted on 1/16/20

Listening to The Smiths the best times of my life they will never tear us apart



Jeremy j hoch posted on 1/16/20

I miss u miamore never tear us apart I love u to infinity


Carol Jean DeGroot posted on 1/15/20

Thankful for 35 years of life and love together. Amazing. Keep in touch as you continue your journey.


Patty joo posted on 1/10/20

I always remember my mother-in-law when I went to her house every morning to have coffee before we both left to go to work,to clean rooms.She always help me finish cleaning my rooms.She was speedy little lady.I always will remember her smile.I was glad to call Ma, and glad to become a part of this Family.My memories will always be in my heart and I will cherish them always.She loved her kids.And I will miss her.Love you Ma.


Kellie Klossner posted on 1/10/20

My most fond memories of Grandma Fallier were the memories from the Christmases of my childhood, when we were all together. As I got older, I remember her laugh, and I especially remember her occasional sassiness - either she would tease me or I would tease her, and there would be a pinch. She had an enormous personality, and will always hold a special place in my heart. Godspeed, Grandma.


Vince Wittig posted on 1/10/20

Since the time I was a child, I always knew you as "Grandma Fallier". We weren't related by blood, but you always treated me as if I was. I have a lot of memories which we still talk about to this day. Deepest condolences to all of your loved ones, but your memory will remain through the stories we tell our children and their children. God Bless.


Jim and Nolan posted on 1/10/20

Grandma, where do I start? You were there since the beginning. There are soo many special memories that I will have with me forever thanks to you. From family trips to holidays and Birthdays, you always seemed to make them extra special with your bubbly personality and love for your family. Some of my fondest memories are of you and Grandpa sitting at the kitchen table being goofy and you guys always made sure you had a stash of candy waiting just for us! Kisses and hugs were bountiful and you always made us feel at home when visiting you. You were a wonderful Wife, Mother, Grandma, and Great Grandma and your smile and laugh will forever be missed. You are Nolan's favorite "Little Grandma" and he'll miss the time he spent with you. I hope you always have a front row seat at all of your favorite Wrestlers Matches! Love you ALWAYS!


Michael Wittig posted on 1/10/20

You have been in my life since 1972. We shared many years together with you as my mother-in-law. We laughed all the time and I learned to love your sarcasm and stubbornness. I watched you and learned that your love of your children was above all else. Your home was more than most in that you provided foster care for Patricia and by doing so, ensured a lasting relationship of 50 years between her and Liz. They went from friends to family, and that has, and will always endear you in my heart. I saw your generous side as well. It was one of love and unconditional acceptance of me as your son-in-law... and as a part of your family. You always told me that you loved me and that would never change. Thank you for making me a part of your life, for treating me as one of your own, and for sharing your “wit” and your life... with me.


Hope and Paul Nelaon posted on 1/10/20

Didn’t know your dad but that is our loss. Please accept our condolences.


Jamie Percifield posted on 1/9/20

Grandma... You always had the coffee on with some sweet treats and were ready for long conversations. It was never a short visit, but the time flew by. I never wanted to leave. I will miss you talking about your brothers and working on the farm with the chickens. Your love for Michael Jackson and Rod Stewart will always make me laugh. We had many laughs that I will forever cherish. Thank you for taking time to bond and build a relationship with Sylvia. There were many wonderful memories made during those visits (who was taller, you or Sylvia). I’m glad we (Jim, Chris, and I) were able to spend your last Birthday (84th) with you. You will be forever missed.


Liz Wittig posted on 1/9/20

Never new anyone with a bigger heart. She loved her family very much. We used to have long talks about her childhood and her hardships when growing up. In 1977 we went to Hungary and I got to meet my family.Thank you ma for giving me that loving experience. You will be really missed by your grand children.


Linda Zwicker posted on 1/9/20

Ziggy there are no words! You knew and you reached out! If only we wouldn't have had to cancel our dinner date. There were so many memories we could have shared and now I have to lock them in my heart forever! I'm here to verify that yes, you did walk from Milwaukee to that Jimi Hendrix concert in Miami and what a fun time we had! To Robin, Zachary and Ryan my heartfelt sympathy! Your husband and dad was a great man and for lack of any more fitting words may you find peace knowing that Ziggy did it his way!! Fly high Ziggy, until we meet again!


Janet bare posted on 1/9/20

He was my little brother and at times it was hard to think of him as a grown man with a wife and family. Now he has gone home to be with his mom and dad and brother glen. But you will always bein our hearts I love you J.R. Now and always.


Maureen Fetterhoff posted on 1/8/20

My beloved brother. You never grew-up. Now you Glen can metal detect and find the mother load.


Thomas Joseph Scott posted on 1/8/20

Christine was full of life and she did not let her disability hold her back. RIP sweet cousin


Loni(whokenheimmer) posted on 12/31/19

It's been a month now and isn't getting easier to not have you with us! I keep thinking I'll wake up and it was dream! But I know you had to go so you wouldn't feel anymore pain! Happy new year in heaven buddy! I love and miss you every day! just know I'm doing my best to help your panda (mom) be alright and safe!


Minnie ( Panda ) posted on 12/29/19

It's a month ago today, that my gentle G- Raff earned his wings to finally fly. I can't tell you enough how much you are missed. You'll forever be in my heart and truly loved forever. I'm at peace knowing your no longer in pain and flying high above us saying look at me I did it. Forever yours. Your loving Panda Girl !


Sue Cowan and Kim Schuelke posted on 12/26/19

Graff are so missed still think an e-mail will pop up from you..but we have are memories and smiles appear when they come to are loved forever. Thank you for being one of our best friends..God's Peace Love you "Wogger Dude" (Kim) and Miss Sue.


Shara Nestor (Hutchinson) posted on 12/23/19

I remember gathering one Thanksgiving with uncle Johnny, he was a good cook. I am grateful for the memories, rest in peace uncle Johnny.


Linda Nickerson posted on 12/23/19

To the Family: I never know what to say at times like this, when you’ve heard everything already, probably numerous times over the last several days. So I’ll tell you my fondest memories of the Hutchinson/Nickerson shenanigans back when our kids were …. kids. Numerous Pizzas at Pete’s Pizzeria. Best pizza back in the 70s and 80s. I remember little Rachael bringing the lumps on the underside of the table to Brad’s attention. They were both sent to restrooms to disinfect. The time I talked your family into going to my first and last haunted house. Everybody was apprehensive. “It’ll be fun”, I said. I saw nothing. My eyes were closed and my face was buried in Barry’s back the entire way. It was not fun. Why would you believe me, since I’d never been to one before? John teased me about how much fun I had. It truly was terrifying. Afterwards, we stopped at Pepino’s in Oconomowoc – John’s treat. Lots of laughs.......afterwards, in a safe, warm, friendly atmosphere. A dinner party at your house – John was the cook, of course. Board games and drinking followed. Fun times. Couples bowling league. Good thing John and Kris could bowl, because the Nickersons weren’t holding up their end. Numerous JCP Christmas Parties. I’ll think back on these memories until I can’t anymore. Rest in Peace, my friend. Love and Hugs to my Best Friend Kris and the Hutchinson, Hubert, Henning families. Take comfort in your memories.


Obit User posted on 12/23/19

Dear Debbie and family...So sorry for all your loses. Your mom is now with your dad in a happy place. Glad you and Jim were able to celebrate her birthday.


Precious Hutchinson posted on 12/23/19

Distance does not take away from the love. Despite not seeing you for many many years, I loved you still... Sending Love and prayers to my family. You were loved and you will be missed. Rest peacefully Uncle Johnny


Greata Hutchinson posted on 12/23/19

I'm just lost for words. We had our differences but nonetheless I loved my big brother Johnny I'm going to miss you so much RIH with Momma by your side. Love you Johnny always


Jill Miner posted on 12/22/19

Johnnie My Brother was the oldest in our family. May he rest in peace. My Mother we will all remember loved him so much. Johnnie was a very quiet person he has always lived in his own world and he always will. Love you always Johnnie...


Loni(whokenheimmer) posted on 12/21/19

I'm really missing you but know you had to go! No more pain we promised this to you! I promise to always make sure mom is ok. Love and miss you my buddy!



Amanda Amundson posted on 12/13/19



Chris Anderson posted on 12/11/19

Gwiz you were a good friend and comrade Iwill never forget you and cherish the time we spent together on this planet O Krick boy



Jennie posted on 12/10/19

My sweet Aunt Mae


Robert Francis Michael Karczewski posted on 12/10/19

I loved her joyful personality and admired the history she experienced in her life. Also her Amazing Raisins recipe. I cherish it and her in my heart forever.



Jerry posted on 12/8/19

Miss ya Rob.


Lori Sura posted on 12/7/19

Minnie, Dan & I are very sorry to hear about Mike. Our memories of him will be of laughter. One day you will think of him & smile too. ❤


Haley "L.B" Nelson posted on 12/7/19

I can't believe you've gone so soon. Love you forever Papa. Fly high and rest easy. <3


Doug "Super Dave" Nelson posted on 12/7/19

It's a shame you had to leave so soon. Thank you for your time and automobile knowledge. God speed G-raff.


Deb Weisling posted on 12/7/19

Sherry, I have forever in my memories your Mom & Dad dancing away the night. My sincerest sympathies to you all.



Rochelle Edelbrock posted on 12/7/19

I am so sorry for your loss. He was a great man.


Nancy and Neal Walloch posted on 11/30/19

We see your face and we remember how playful you were. We remember how much love you had for your Mom and the way you and she would put your heads together to share a little giggle together at family dinners, so cute. You accepted hugs from me and showed your beautiful smile of yours to all of us. You are loved and remain loved forever, by Aunt Nancy and Uncle Neal and our family always.


Daniel and Sandy Kies posted on 11/17/19

Greg and his family were our dear neighbors in Kenosha. We miss you all every day. There were lots of good times as well as sadness shared around the bbq and the table in both houses. We are also very grateful for Greg's help and advice on our renovations over the years. On a bleak winter morning it was reassuring to heR Greg's snowblower hard at work on our driveway. Good neighbor, sadly mieesd. Rest well, friend.


Tom Denney posted on 11/14/19

Greg was a very dear friend who will be greatly missed. His guidance and advice has guided me so many times throughout our years of friendship. He invited me to be part of his family and his kindness will never be forgotten. I am a better person for the times me and the entire Harms family have spent together over the many years. I am very sorry for your lose Maggie and Haddon. Me he rest in peace.



Lynn Henson posted on 11/6/19

Dawn is one of the sweetest kindest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know and will be missed dearly. I know heavenly angels are embracing her with love.


virginia schwerm posted on 11/4/19

We have many good memories working with Elsie at Image Printing in Milwaukee


Michele Krause posted on 11/4/19

Dawn, was the most kind and loving Step Mother to my three children; Mikey, Katie, and Kris. I was so fortunate to have Dawn co-parenting with Mike. I always felt confident that they were very good hands. Dawn and I always understood that we could help each other with the kids and together we would get the best outcome. Mike and Dawn always showed such respect for me. My kids truly loved Dawn and always felt that she loved them. They will always have wonderful memories of thier time spent with her. She was also as excited as I was to become a Grandmother to Nicholas. I too was so blessed to have her in my life.



LynnMarie Conrad posted on 10/31/19

Will be missed


Amanda Rumisek posted on 10/29/19

About to ruin my makeup before I even get there by posting on this but I love you buddy, Paul and I will consider you one of our best friends forever.


Judy McElwain posted on 10/28/19

Dawn was truly a special individual who loved life and everyone she met. I am keeping John and his family in my thoughts and prayers during this time. May your memories of Dawn keep her with you in your hearts



Irene Jakubczak posted on 10/27/19

We will miss you Dianne. We didn't even have enough time to get to know you now that we were family. I wish we had more time but the time we had was precious. Love and Miss you Irene and Mirek



Barbara Kreuser posted on 10/26/19

Dianne, You will be missed dearly but mostly by your family. I'm going to miss chatting with you and our long conversations sometimes just about nothing at all. Love you mom


Cynthia Goad posted on 10/26/19

To Peter and Mary and Kathy's close friends I send my deepest sympathies on Kathy's passing. We’ve known each other since 1969 and worked together at Allen-Bradley until she quit. We went to Europe together in 1976 along with her parents and some friends of theirs. Kathy was truly unique. She had such a zest for life and I always thought she had a lot of class....even though she could often surprise you with her....shall we say....particular choice of words. She would phone me and we would often talk for 2 hours or more. We shared some similar health issues and we'd exchange info and experiences. A really bright light has gone out in this world now that Kathy is gone. I know she will be truly missed. I am devastated. Her death is so shocking and so terribly sad. Sincerest condolences, Cindy (Pinter) Goad and husband Paul Goad. Milwaukee, WI


Nancy Nowak posted on 10/25/19

Love and miss you so much my sweet Mom. Till we see each other again, rest peacefully and enjoy being reunited with Dad, your Mom & Dad, and brother! Love always!! Nancy


Krishna Paterson posted on 10/23/19

So sorry. Deepest Condolences


RaeAnn held posted on 10/23/19

A mother is with us always!first in her lifetime, then in our forever memory! Diane went to high school with me and had a good time together,, I was in her wedding too. Our prayers are with your family. Love RaeAnn & Lawrence Held



Ashley Bohacheff posted on 10/22/19

Bryan and me have some of the best memories with you over the years. You were a goofy fun loving guy and we will miss you. Rest in peace my friend


Bryan Robel posted on 10/22/19

Chris you were my best friend through thick and thin for 16 years. I'm forever going to miss you buddy. I think about you every day.


Amber Kaercher posted on 10/22/19

Chris you will be missed dearly. I wish you knew how loved you were and how many people truly did care about you. Fly high with the Angels.



Amanda Leannais posted on 10/22/19

You will be missed Chris.


Jim Jaeckels posted on 10/21/19

Thoughts and prayers are with all of you during this time. It was fun to know her as a next door (across the street) neighbor.


Helen Grzeszkiewicz posted on 10/10/19

Dear Dearest Cindy and Family: My Deepest Sympathy to you. Bobby was one of my greatest cousins. He was a very sincere person. I enjoyed celebrating holidays with him and family when we were growing up. Bobby I love you til we meet again.



Kerri posted on 10/9/19

I just wanna say how Positive she was.Kristen went out of her way when we were there everynight for Happy Hour.But she was more then a waitress.A person that would listen and show so much Kindness.I will miss here dearly.


Pat Homan posted on 10/9/19

Cindy and Family, So sorry for your loss - I did not know Bob, but understand he was a loving husband and father!


kurt kozma posted on 10/8/19

So many memories from kindergarten until now. Rest in Peace Bob, may the fish always be biting, the game plentiful and the discussions endless.


Jerry Addie posted on 10/8/19

My best friend in high school and beyond. I’ll miss you! Until we meet again!



Julie Wollenzien posted on 10/8/19

I will miss you Dad. Until we meet again. I love you.


Chris Rogers posted on 10/7/19

My friendship with Kristin began as co-workers, and the long-running joke soon became how LOUD Kristin spoke; she had one of those voices that traveled for miles. Everytime I walked into work and heard Kristin all the way from the front entrance, it immediately put a smile on my face knowing I would get to work with her. She is the only person I continued staying friends with after the job and she never hesitated helping anybody with anything they might ask of her. My sincerest, deepest condolences go out to the entire family: especially Kristin's parents, her best friend & sister Stacy, and her strong young son Jordan. We have truly lost one of the most caring, loving, sacrificial, selfless humans I've known. You are deeply missed and loved Kristin.



Kathleen Wick posted on 10/7/19

With Deepest heart felt sympathy, Kathie Wick



Jennifer Herrmann posted on 10/6/19

Jenny, so sorry for your loss. I have such great memories of Bill and our Herrmann, Busy, Zahn get togethers. Give Lori a burlghug for us.



Linda Bray posted on 10/6/19

Karen & Bruce & Stacie, I am so very sorry for the loss of Kristin. My thoughts and prayers go out to you at this most difficult time.



Linda Bray posted on 10/6/19

I remember Kristin most as a little girl when I babysat her cousin, Katie and sister Stacie. Great kids!


Danielle Dever posted on 10/5/19

My earliest memories contain you. I will forever be grateful that you taught me to ride a bike. It was on the big black bmx bike, in the alley! So many memories. I love you.



Danielle Dever posted on 10/5/19

You taught me how to ride a bike on that big bmx bike.



Sharon Wendt posted on 10/5/19

Bruce and Karen I am so very sorry for your loss of Kirsten. The memories of our families enjoying life will never be forgotten. My heart is broken for you. The most sincere condolences are with you and your families. Rest in Peace Kirsten Will never forget you. Sharon Wendt


Laura posted on 10/4/19

Dad, it’s only been a week as of this evening and I will forever miss you. You were a great father and I’m ever so grateful you were in my life. R.I.P.


Kelly Wood posted on 10/2/19

Dad you will always be the best. I will always love and think of you


Deborah Clements posted on 10/1/19

My wonderful partner of over 40 years,thank you for our beautiful girls, all our caring doesn't always go the way you were the hardest working man I've ever known.. My God meet you with open arms.. No more pain. Only LIGHT, LOVE, and HAPPINESS,


Dale Ann Weber posted on 10/1/19

Woody , you'll be missed by many. Your kind heart and your simile is what ill remember. May your family know we all loved you. God Bless you and your family. Hugs ..


David R Austin posted on 9/30/19 will be missed by many friends and relatives....will also miss your scalloped potatoes at holiday gatherings....RIP good friend and relative..



Brad & Teresa Stedman posted on 9/3/19



Vicki posted on 9/2/19

I remember you coming off the train late at night in Milbank. I was so excited to see you and maybe Dean, Carol or/and Steve with you. I was just a small little girl. You would stay with us. I loved those summer days! You were always kind with a big heart. Remembering those fire crackers you would shoot off at grandma and grandpa's house on the 4th of July. What fun! I love you cousin Marty. You will always be in my heart.


Robin Bjerken posted on 8/31/19

I loved Marty, I remember him having great faith in God and loved his family. Hold dear to the memories. He will always be with you in our hearts and memories. Pain free and with Jesus now, he is now comforted and may God comfort all of you. With all my love, Robin


Doris/Jim Scheff posted on 8/31/19

I remember Marty when he would come to Big Stone to visit Grandma Scheffs sorry to hear of his passing May the Lord give you comfort with the knowledge that he now is with the Lord and his mother Bless be his memory


PHYLLIS CHRISTENSON posted on 8/31/19




Tia Nena posted on 8/29/19

My brother, my friend! Had an outstanding zest for life. He was funny, logical and illogical! He was smart, charismatic and had the ability to sell you a product even if you didn’t need it! I will miss you brother. I love you! ❤️ Your sister!



Shay Montgomery posted on 8/29/19

Today we are closer to each other than we have been in months. Yet I feel so far from you today because my heart aches for you and the devastation you are enduring. I love you Davey Jordan and you and your family have my deepest condolences. RIP Jorge Luis Calderon, may you always be loved and remembered.


Martin Calderon Jr posted on 8/28/19

Uncle Jorge i remember when my dad lived on 32nd n Greenfield ave it was the time u first showed me how to do a brake job and him and my dad and myself were looking for the flathead screwdriver and it was so funny cuz were looking everywhere for it and the whole time it was in his pocket the whole time we were searching for it. You will always be loved, missed and your life will be cherished and your memories will be held n kept in our hearts forever till we see eachother on the other side. No more suffering Tio Train we love you forever


Alicia posted on 8/27/19

Dad, I'll never forget the summer of 2014 when we embarked on the trip of a lifetime and you drove me to my new home in Arizona. Your goal was to get us there safe and sound and you did just that with a lot of laughs and memories made along the way. I love you always and forever.


Tawny Canales posted on 8/22/19

She will be missed by all. She was a great Auntie. Love to all. I will always treasure my visits to see her.


VIOLET JOHNSON-ZIETZ posted on 8/21/19

So sorry for your loss.She and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.


Bonnie Young posted on 8/20/19

Dee was such a special lady! We’re so glad we had the privilege of knowing her! I think of her every time I have a burrito and chips and can still see her in our kitchen eating one! May your memories of her be reflected in your love for others!❤️


Marilyn Jushka posted on 8/20/19

Dolores was one special lady and definitely will be missed by MANY


Brenda posted on 8/20/19

My beautiful Auntie. You will be so missed by all who ever had the good fortune to know you and love you.


Bruce D. Olsen posted on 8/17/19

Don was my best friend while we were undergraduates at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. I remember his passion for chess, although I was not a very competent adversary for him. We took many of the same classes, as we both majored in Chemistry (I also majored in Biology). I kept in touch with him a few years after we graduated from CWRU, but then our life paths diverged. I have frequently thought of Don since then, and I have often considered renewing our friendship, but until today, I was unable to locate any information about him. I'm very sorry I was unable to see him again before he passed, but I will always treasure the times we shared.


The Perez Family posted on 8/14/19

We were never fortunate enough to meet Patricia, but her daughter, Eleanor, has been a dear friend to our entire family for more than a decade. Patricia must have been a remarkable woman to raise such an exceptional person and dear friend as Eleanor. I know Patricia will be greatly missed.


Thomas Janka posted on 8/9/19

Unfortunately I did not know Damion for very long I can say that Damion was one of those few people in this world whom you meet and you just instantly liked. My sincere condolences; Pat, Nichol and the kids.



Fran posted on 8/9/19

Praying for the family


Roxanne posted on 8/9/19

I'll always remember, with joy, the laughter that made me smile. Sadness that you're are gone so soon, treasure the memory of you always, my precious nephew.



Jessi Doersching posted on 8/9/19

Damian, I didnt Know you for very long but it was a blast hanging out with you and Waymen watching Dylan play baseball. You were always happy and kind when I saw You. Even when you lost at the casino. You have a lot of family and friends who really miss you. Watch over Nicole and your babies up there. Show them signs your still with them. REST IN PEACE my friend.


Leslie Wojczynski posted on 8/7/19

Damiam Gone so fast and yet too young from a child to a man I will always have all the memories you gave to me. I can't describe the void in my life I have when I think of you. My one and only nephew. I remember holding your hand you gave such a courageous fight never did you ever give up always trying so hard to get well. May God keep you in his loving arms rest in peace Damiam Love and miss you Auntie Leslie


Evelyn Cruz posted on 8/5/19

Rest in Heaven dearest Nilsa.



Carmen I Rivera posted on 8/5/19

Rest with Mom & Dad.


Carmen I Rivera posted on 8/5/19

Death bring pain that time can only heal, No words could ease what I truly feel but with god, her joy is eternally sealed and cherish her memories that death can’t even steal. Love you my sister. Make room fir me when my turn arrives.



Lissette posted on 8/5/19

Mami I know you’re in a better place pain free, but I’m lost without u... Love u forever...



Valerie James posted on 8/4/19

I miss you so much. You left me too soon. I will love you always.



Dylan - son posted on 8/3/19

So for a few years in a row we made it a family trip to go up to willow river state park up on the north woods. I’d say as a family our favorite place to go for sure. I’m not sure what year it was but I couldn’t of been older then 11 or 12. There’s a mile or so trail that leads to an amazing waterfall, me an dad decided to go on a walk not sure what mom was up to but we ended up walking a trail to the top of the waterfall an there’s this narrow trail 130 feet above the waterfall or so with a straight drop into the shallow an rocky river. Me being the kid I was in skipping along this trail, dad was about 20 feet behind me an there ended up being a tree root sticking out of the ground. Me an my luck I of course trip over this root no chance what so ever of dad catching me I fell rolled about 3 or 4 time as my feet are falling of the edge somehow I grabbed onto a small tree saving myself from falling to my death. Dad runs up pulls me up from hanging over the edge as we proceed to hysterically laugh probably out of fear. First thing he says is “holy shot you are fucking lucky, your mom almost killed me” one of my favorite memories with him. Will never forgot the look on his face while he was pulling me up from the cliff



Michele Gresbach posted on 8/3/19

Damian's smile and laugh precede him in his memory! When I think of Damian the first thing that comes to mind is and will always be his beautiful smile and his contagious laugh. He was courageous and didn't let his affliction change his radiating vibrance or his need for adventure and the wonder of what the beauty of nature holds. He was the cousin you always wanted. The one that would pick you up and spin you around and gave the best hugs...the kind of hugs that only Damian could give. I love you Damian. Love always, Michele



Stephanie Block posted on 8/2/19

In loving memory of Damien


Sarah Lagatta posted on 8/2/19

My sincere condolences to Nicole & family.



Sarah Lagatta posted on 8/2/19

Always had a smile on his face...



Melody Butt posted on 8/2/19

My heart is with you.



Christina baxley posted on 8/2/19

Sending love to your family


Vickie Chapman posted on 8/2/19

In our prayers and our thoughts. We love you all hoping you can find peace and comfort at this time. We love you very much aunt Vicki


Vickie Chapman posted on 8/2/19

The few times I have been around Amy and he was such a hoot. I’m praying that his family can find peace and comfort. Relish in the wonderful great memories you have made. I’m sending my love to everyone love aunt Vicki


Nate posted on 8/2/19

If there is a heaven, I’m sure you’re up there flexing your peck muscles and asking the big guy what car he drives. RIP kemosabe


Montoya posted on 8/1/19

You were a great friend always looked out for your brothers and sister. You will be truly missed. My condolences. I am sure you are in heaven. A true Angel.....



Montoya Family posted on 8/1/19

All the fun and good times we had on 3rd shift...


S. Jackson posted on 7/31/19

RIP Brother. It was a pleasure working with you. You made everyday better sir. #youknowwhatImean? Love you man


M. Johnston posted on 7/31/19

Anthony and I worked together as officers for the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office. Arndt was a hard worker with a great sense of humor. I will remember his knowledge, intelligence and wit which made this a more interesting place to work. Rest in peace my friend.


Tracy posted on 7/30/19

Arndt is a great friend and brother. We worked many years together at Milwaukee County Sheriffs Office. He always had jokes and good conversation. He encouraged me during tuff times at work and made sure I was safe all of the time. Heaven has gained an angel. I will continue to keep his family and friends lifted up in prayer. God Bless The Obene Family


Matt posted on 7/24/19

“Bepo” and nonna will be greatly missed. I will always remember the good times and experiences when visiting them in Detroit, Michigan.


Mike posted on 7/23/19

Nonno Joe was my grandfather. He was a great man. I will miss him and my grandmother, thank you for the memories nonno and nonna.



Stephanie Morris posted on 7/23/19

I miss you so much Dad rest in peace no more pain please tell Mother I said hello!


Britani posted on 7/19/19

Missing you so Aunt Cathy this hurts so much more then my mom and it only gets better long down the line



Meredith (McLemore) Bragg posted on 7/4/19

I am very saddened to hear of the passing of Donald. I have been wanting to reach out to him for many years now, and never had the courage. Now it is to late, and I have learned one of the biggest life lessons about regret. Donald was married to my grandmother back in the 80’s in Dallas. He was our grandfather growing up. (My sister and I). We loved him dearly. I googled him many times over the years, and learned of him relocating to Florida and getting remarried. I always wondered if he ever thought of us or even remembered us. I was scared to reach out, because I didn’t want to burden him and the new life he had made. It was heartbreaking for my sister and I to lose him as children. We lost a grandfather and couldn’t understand why. I wish I could have told him how much he was loved and missed all these years. I wish I could have told him how special he was, and how admired he was. I guess that’s why I’m writing on here today. It is July 4th. We always think of you on this day and all you did for our country. I googled you again yesterday and found out about your passing. I was extremely saddened, but I know you are up there in heaven looking down on all your loved ones. I hope you didn’t forget about michelle and I, because we never forgot about you. May you Rest In Peace “Don Don.” We love you so much, and we will always cherish the memories we shared with you. My condolences to all his family and friends. ❤️


Laura Landry Schmitz posted on 7/3/19

Ba - So very sad to hear of Dick's passing. Many good memories. My heart is with you and your family.


Cathy Priewe posted on 7/2/19

To my big/little sister from "Katie", as she called me. Suzie and I were best buds. I will be eternally grateful to have spent so much time with her. She was the best travel partner although, her sense of direction was equal to mine, which is none. We laughed, we cried, we shopped, we worked on our homes together. There are so many things I will miss about her, mostly that she is no longer in my life. She is now free of pain and worry. I will see you again Q's, and I love you.


Cathy Priewe posted on 7/2/19

My big/little sister from "Katie"



John Forbes - Her brother posted on 6/28/19

Q as I called her loved Jerry Lewis and we often went to his movies when we were kids. She would laugh the loudest and the longest. Tho we lived far apart Suzy was always and will always be in my heart.


Ted McNamara posted on 6/26/19

I remember so may times when Bill would walk through the doors at FJA Christiansen Roofing's field office, always smiling and with a funny comment of some sort that lit up the room. We would talk about the weather, roofing, or whatever and he made my day that much better every time we met. He would ask "what's Kenny working on today?" Then we would talk about Kenny's ideas and creations, etc. Bill always left our place that much better than when he arrived. What a blessing I received every time Bill came around to visit!


Marian Kane posted on 6/25/19

So sorry for your loss Audrey and Jackie. No words will make it easier but may your memories comfort you. Big hugs . Your in my thoughts and prayers.


Marian Kane posted on 6/25/19

So sorry for your loss Audrey and Jackie. There are no words to make it better, but may your memories comfort you. Big hugs for you and your sister. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Alicia (Asa) Atkinson posted on 6/25/19

I'm so sorry for your loss Audrey, but I do believe your mother is in heaven watching over you! God bless you and your family, I will keep you all in my prayers.



Audrey posted on 6/25/19

Your laughter was music to my ears ❤


Tom Bechtel posted on 6/25/19

Goodbye to such a great guy and friend for so many years. He was always a great help to everyone in the Roofing Trade. RIP Bill!


Bonnie Guerra posted on 6/21/19

Almost 20 years ago Ben & Cheryl came to our then church, Calvary Assembly of God. I'm time we became true friends. Ben was the first one to say to me Gods plans arn't Mans plans which now I always say and never forgot who first said it. Every so often as men will do he would begin to God off during service and Cheryl would nudge him and sometimes when I saw that we would silently giggle. Never once in all those years did I see anger or a harsh word come from him. A great guy he was.


Mike Berent posted on 6/21/19

Mike - so sorry to hear of Bill's passing. My thoughts and prayers are with Bill, you and the entire Stephens family. God Bless.


anthony spigarelli posted on 6/21/19

So many wonderful memories of you looking back through my 40 years in the commercial roofing business. You were a vital part of my success and I will always remember you and be thankful for our friendship. R.I.P Bill


Jeff Grabowski posted on 6/19/19

My deepest sympathies to the Arndt family and all his loved ones at this terribly difficult time. Hopefully all the great memories with Tony will help sustain us as we try to process his loss. May God bless and comfort you.



Jeff Grabowski posted on 6/19/19

I’ve known Tony for most of my 52 yrs. We became friends soon after his family moved into my neighborhood. We daily played baseball, football or basketball and video games starting in grade school. He was always a great friend who never hesitated if you were in need. Tony was instrumental in getting me started in weightlifting at a young age. He would attend a lot of my bench press competitions and whenever I needed a training partner, he was always there, 100% of the time, even after 3rd shifts. He was very good hearted and always wanted to help people which led to his desire to be a police officer. But after a few years with the Sheriff’s dept working in corrections, he found a new calling in the health/nursing field. Being a paraplegic for 32 years from an industrial accident, I’ve met a lot of great health care workers over the years. I believed his patience and empathetic nature would be a great fit with nursing. He was doing great as a home health care aid while he was working on the RN education/training It’s so sad and tragic that Tony left us so before realizing his true calling and all the people he could have helped through the nursing profession. I’ll really miss talking about life, cars and sports with Tony. He was an easy person to talk to, with an always positive nature and never complained. He was just a really really good guy and friend. He is greatly missed by many, far more than he could ever imagine. RIP my friend.


Maggie and Herman posted on 6/18/19

Sending our love from Florida. Heaven gained a gentle spirit. Stent string family and remember our Heavenly Fathers promises, it's never good bye but see you one day. Love you all.


Maggie and Herman posted on 6/18/19

Sending our love from Florida. Heaven gained a gentle spirit. Stent string family and remember our Heavenly Fathers promises, it's never good bye but see you one day. Love you all.


Connie Stadelman posted on 6/18/19

We are so sorry to learn of Bill's passing. We have so many fun memories of times together through out so many years! Peace, love & prayers to all of his family. Love, Mike & Connie Stadelman


L. posted on 6/17/19

I remember going to church and seeing you regularly while I was growing up. I knew John and was in Sunday School and Sunday school choir with him. I remember Maria and my mom were good friends at one time for a while. My condolences to the Degraaf family.


Carrie & Phil posted on 6/16/19

So sorry to hear about Ben. He ran the race and has now reaped his reward. Blessings to you Cheryl and to the whole family. May our heavenly Father give peace and joy to all.


Dale Zimmerman posted on 6/16/19

Dear Chris, Randy, Tim & family, so sorry for your loss. I liked your Mom & sister. She was one of the nicer people you'd like to meet & know. A good neighbor. Always called me "Mr. Z" . :~) R.I.P. Miss Mary


Duane Miller posted on 6/16/19

So sorry for your loss. A truly great man, full of faith in his Lord.


Cora posted on 6/15/19

I made Ben laugh once when I told him “I gotta go cause brown sugar melts in the sun” as the family was sitting in the back yard enjoying the sun. I think he was the only one listening to me. Ben was definitely the quiet guy in the back round and you wouldn’t know he was there until you made him laugh. A good husband great father and even thou hard working...I always felt bad for anyone that was unable to reap the benefits of their labor and enjoy retirement. But today I thought... He is benefiting! Only in a better place with his Creator and with his loved ones that he will meet again, without any pain. Rest in paradise brother in law it was an honor to know you.



Stacey Borkenhagen (Konecny) posted on 6/14/19

Beth and I had a sleep over... and when we woke up we decided to make breakfast. We made Ben coffee and must have completely destroyed it... who knew too many coffee grounds was a thing...he laughed at us but appreciated our efforts. He was always a gentle, quiet soul. I was blessed for knowing him and your family for so many years. Prayers for comfort to those left behind to miss him... may your happy memories together help carry the heavy weight of this sorrow.


Don and Alina Branscombe posted on 6/14/19

Cheryl, We send the spirit of the comforter to you and your family during this life changing time. I pray that God the Father is filling you with his strength, peace and joy. May you all find comfort and sweet rest in The Father arms. May he grant you joy for your sorrows, comfort for your pain, and everlasting memories for the absence of your Sweet husband Ben. You all are in our prayers. Love You. -- Branscombe Family


Helen Anderson Shields posted on 6/12/19

Mary and I were classmates at Marinette Catholic Central HS. She was very sweet and kind; always smiling. RIP dear Mary..


Kathy Charles posted on 6/11/19

Mary was a wonderful sister, at the young age of 16 years old our Mother passed away. The five youngest of a family of 11 were eleven years and younger. Mary ended up taking the role of “Mom” to the five youngest. Not only did she take care of our daily needs, she paid for our dental bills, made pies and cookies on her days off and made sure our birthdays were always special. I could go on and on. Thank you Mary for being one of the best big sister a family could have. We love you and are going to miss you. Rest In Peace!!!


Colleen McGuire posted on 6/11/19

Your father was such a great story teller. I loved to hear him speak. He was so intelligent. I appreciated his wit and sense of humor. I feel honored that he picked Villa St. Francis as his last home. I also feel blessed to have gotten to sit at his bed side and hold his hand during his final hours on this earth. I was proud to be his tour guide and Social Worker. We miss him so much!


Jane Kubal Rebholz posted on 6/11/19

So sorry to hear of Dick’s passing. I have great memories of our days together at Oshkosh. Prayers and good thoughts go out to you.


Sheree Kelly posted on 6/10/19

Deepest condolences to the Filbrandt family.


Mark Guillette posted on 6/9/19

Beth was a loyal friend, great neighbor, and the best pet sitter anyone could hope for. When we moved away she gave me a seed packet of Forgot Me Nots so I would forget her. The flowers are almost done blooming for the year, but there is no way I will ever forget my good friend Beth.


Vita Meyer posted on 6/7/19

Doris was a kind thoughtful intelligent woman. She was a delight to be with and an inspiration to students and adults. God bless her and her wonderful family.


Thomas Glebe posted on 6/3/19

Condolences and best wishes to Donald's surviving friends and family. Don and me were best friends for several years in the early 80's and we're roommates in Los Angeles for awhile. We had no contact after that and his move back to Pittsburgh but I will always remember Don's great sense of humor. We used to make each other laugh all the time and it was and is an honor to have known him as a great friend for the times we spent together...


Mickey posted on 6/3/19

Beth will always hold a special place in our crazy family. Hugs to all.


Tom & Nancy Tellier(cousins) posted on 6/1/19

Lots of fond memories of Mary and her beautiful Christmas Cards she herself made. Also lots of picnics and good food at her mom's. God Bless and Rest!


Denise Ross posted on 5/28/19

My sister Mary was the most loved person I have ever known. My sister was the best friend in the world to me. I will miss you so much. I know Mom was there to meet you. You are an angel now. I know you will always be there in heaven guarding ovrler us. I love you Little Sis. Be there for me ok. OXOX


Schmidt Phyllis posted on 5/28/19

Mary, my special friend who was like a sister to me. she had a nickname for me "Flip".. We begun our friendship at 5 years old. It continued thru adulthood. Mary was my Maid-of-Honor, she actually introduced me to my husband, Roger. I will miss her dearly...Mary beautiful outside and inner beauty no one compares. she was like a diamond clarity,brilliance, and shining very brightly. Mary left to soon love you,


Darlene Cuker posted on 5/28/19

Mary's smile and the twinkle in her eyes came from inside her, it was a reflection of who she was, a good, kind, gentle person. I will cherish memories of her from childhood. She stayed the same, beautiful inside and out, always smiling and sweet.


Darlene Cuker posted on 5/28/19

Mary's smile and the twinkle in her eyes came from within her kind soul. I will always cherish memories of her and the kind and gentle way she treated everyone.



Sharon.keller posted on 5/27/19

I will always remember how sweet Mary was.she was always full of love laughter and smiles.mary you will never be forgotten love you honey. R.I.P


Dan Weide posted on 5/27/19

Jeff & familly: So sorry to hear about your mom, our thoughts are with you. Your cousin, Dan & Darlene Weide


Chuck Bokath posted on 5/26/19

Jim I'm so sorry for you and your family over Marys passing. I always enjoyed talking with her on the phone when she worked with Kris at the VA. Her up beat personality will be missed by all.


Aggie posted on 5/25/19

A wonderful neighbor for almost 25 years. Mary, you will be missed



Brenda Price posted on 5/24/19

She was very sweet person. I'm going to miss her.


Theresa Zych posted on 5/24/19

I've know Jim and Mary Lemke since I was a youngster and they have been like surrogate parents to me. My heart breaks for Jimmy and his family and I feel as I'm loosing my mother all over again. I weep for Jimmy as I know the pain he is feeling as I watch my own father goes through his own. I weep for his children as I feel their pain, and for his grandchildren and newest great grandchild. My prayers are with them all. With love, Theresa (Teri) and Kelly Zych Amanda Elliott , Buddy Strehlow, and Walter Ervin Strehlow V


Sally Olson posted on 5/24/19

I have SO many memories of Mary--when we first met, when she came to live with us not once but twice,her smile,when her & Jim & he kids came to visit,Jodis reception. She was so very proud of her girls---they were everything to her. How she openly admitted how much in love she was with her husband even thru their ups and downs. Whenever we talked it was about the girls, their husbands and her grandchildren.And how at the last she was anxiously awaiting the birth of her great grandson. I loved her from the first time we met ( & and all the rest of her siblings) and as I am writing this---it so pains my heart I will never get to hear her voice and that beautiful laughter again. My prayers, hugs and condolences to the families---rest in peace, beautiful Mary--I will see you when I see you---Love always Sally


Richard Lutz posted on 5/23/19

To Mary and Family please accept my condolences on your loss.


Nancy Brand posted on 5/19/19

Judy was an essential part of our Roosevelt family. It was a pleasure to work with her for all those years. Those of us who are retired, were fortunate to spend time with Judy at our regular luncheons. We will miss you Judy, dear friend. Rest in peace. My deepest condolences to the Heun Family.


Nancy Brand posted on 5/19/19

Judy was an essential part of our Roosevelt family. It was a pleasure to work with her for all those years. Those of us who are retired, were fortunate to spend time with Judy at our regular luncheons. We will miss you Judy, dear friend. Rest in peace. My deepest condolences to the Heun Family.


Rose Clancy posted on 5/18/19

I always used to tease Judy that she was my social worker screener/assistant. But I really wasn't teasing. She had such a calm, caring competence--along with a great deal of skill that was such an asset to all of us. I was so grateful to visit with her in her last few days, and will truly miss her. I was so happy to hear her say, "I've had a good life"--no regrets.


The Adrian’s posted on 5/17/19

We are very sorry for your losses and send prayers and love and heartfelt condolences to your Family. Terry and Charmaine Adrian


Mr and Mrs. Adrian posted on 5/17/19

We are very sorry for your losses and send prayers and love and heartfelt condolences to the your Family. Terry and Charmaine Adrian



Terry & Charmaine Adrian posted on 5/17/19

We are very sorry for your losses and send prayers and love and heartfelt condolences to the your Family. Terry and Charmaine Adrian



Terry & Charmaine Adrian posted on 5/17/19

We are very sorry for your losses and send prayers and love and heartfelt condolences to the Proveaux Family. Terry and Charmaine Adrian



Amy & Nathan Kremitzki and Abby Ray posted on 5/17/19

Prayers to you and your family Rich, so sorry for your loss



Amy & Nathan Kremitzki/Abby Ray posted on 5/17/19

Prayers to you and your family Rich, so sorry for your loss


Jennell L posted on 5/16/19

I am so grateful I was able to work along side Jan for a short 7 years. I will always remember her smile, sense of humor, and her sitting at the desk with her knitted cozy around her ice water and working on one of her crossword puzzles. She is surely missed! Rest in Peace Dear Jan. Until we meet again....


Jennell posted on 5/16/19

I am so grateful I was able to work along side Jan for a short 7 years. I will always remember her smile, sense of humor, and her sitting at the desk with her knitted cozy around her ice water and working on one of her crossword puzzles. She is surely missed! Rest in Peace Dear Jan. Until we meet again....


Cousin Bev posted on 5/7/19

I didn't get to see Susie all that often, but when the cousins all got together (and we know who we are!) it was always a good time. Adding her to the "G--------" heavenly reunion list.


Allison Seyler posted on 5/7/19

Dear Rose and family, I am so sorry the loss of your beloved grandfather, father, and husband. I know the coming days will be very difficult. Focus on caring for one another and sharing fond memories. It is important to let yourself grieve and keep in mind that time will help. Sending love and support from Maryland!


Jim Anschutz posted on 5/6/19

RIP my friend. We worked together for a long time and I knew you always had my back. You were a great friend.


Brenda Gebhardt posted on 4/30/19

Miss Susan come quick, the fields a fire! Or Sue Ressell please call ext 123, call ext 123. Our code for time to meet and have a cigarette.... I know, it's not healthy.... But years later we laughed about us being sneaky or cleaver... Ya right, everyone knew what it meant! Some would even join us! I was not there for the convention in New Orleans, but there was a really hilarious story of her trading pants with a sailor after drinking the "weather" system... Hurricane, tornado etc. Lol how she would laugh at that story! We bowled together and were secretary /treasurer together, getting ready for the banquet, eating Chinese and trying to figure out why we didn't match what we were supposed to have..... Hours later laughing at our mistake and we finally got it right. Moral of the stories? Laughing! Laughing! And more laughing! Be at peace my friend!


Bernie posted on 4/30/19

I did not know Kansas, but I once lived in Missouri. Her two daughters and their families have become fast friends making me wish I had a chance to know her. I heard stories of legendary sleep-overs pre-Challenge Walk with meat on a stick. What is that all about? 73 - N9YMC


Dawn Ressel posted on 4/30/19

I did not get to spend a lot of time with Sue but I do have found memories of the time in Wisconsin that I did share with her. She was very warm and welcoming to me and immediately accepted me as part of the family. I always felt loved. What a wonderful women!!



Kim posted on 4/29/19

My mom was my best friend. She truly lit up my life and taught me everything I know about being a kind person.


lee Bergman posted on 4/25/19

I remember my little MAGPIE we had so much fun together


Mary posted on 4/25/19

I am so sorry for the loss in your family Frank. She was a special woman to you all. She's an angel now.


Mary posted on 4/25/19

I am so sorry for the loss in your family Frank. She was a special woman to you all. She's an angel now.


Mary Koceja posted on 4/25/19

I am so sorry for the loss in your family Frank. She was a special woman to you all. She's an angel now.



Lynette Irizarry posted on 4/25/19

R.I.P. Barb, I still can't believe your gone. Love you, play Bingo in heaven with my moma.


Robbie posted on 4/25/19

I remember Mary was somebody you could laugh with, cry with and talk to her ABOUT ANYTHING. She will be missed and NEVER forgotten


Courtney posted on 4/25/19

We will all be lost without you!


Novins posted on 4/19/19

May you find relief until the day when Jehovah our God calls you from your compulsory service. Job 14:14,15. Rest in peace, my dear brother. Praying that your family finds comfort in this time of sadness.


Jenni Lloyd posted on 4/18/19

Hearing of this tremendous loss broke my heart. Julio was very special and I will always cherish the times that my family and I spent with him. His big smile lit up the room and he always greeted us with a great big "Que pasa!!" and a bear hug when we saw him. Our prayers are that his family can find some comfort in remembering the good times you shared with him and in knowing that he was loved by many.


Cory Mettler posted on 4/18/19

Our children played hard together the love of Jehovah will always remember him know that our prayers are may comfort you now



Sherry Peters posted on 4/18/19

Rest In Peace Julio ❤️



Sherry Peters posted on 4/18/19

Rest In Peace Julio


Felicia Scott posted on 4/17/19

I was so heartbroken to learn that Julio fell asleep in death. Having known him for over 20 years, I am left with only memories of his big laugh, hilarious sense of humor, caring and kind nature. If Julio had it, and you needed it...he would give it. It was always a party when he was in the room. We will most certainly miss him but look forward to seeing him again, with that big smile he always had on his face. My husband and I are so hurt that we cannot be there in person to support the family but please know we are praying continuously for you all.


Felicia Scott posted on 4/17/19

I was so heartbroken to learn that Julio fell asleep in death. Having knew him for over 20 years, I am left with only memories of his big laugh, hilarious sense of humor, caring and kind nature. If Julio had it, and you needed it...he would give it. It was always a party when he was in the room. We will most certainly miss him but look forward to seeing him again, with that big smile he always had on his face. My husband and I are so hurt that we cannot be there in person to support the family but please know we are praying continuously for you all.


Snickers T posted on 4/14/19

Hello and good day, Our family will pray for Frank and his family, God Bless and Have A Great Day


Maureen Hellwig posted on 4/12/19

I have such fond memories of my visit to Holly Springs and the summer is spent teaching there back in the 1970s. Susan, Audrey, Sheila, and Cathy, all made me feel welcome. I treasure a small piece of framed art that Susan did.


S. Cathy Mauge posted on 4/11/19

The powerful, bubbling of Creativity and Life that was Susan has been released! I know her life continues---Free at Last!


Tiffiny Dasko posted on 4/10/19

Rest In Peace Jill. May God place his healing hands on your family through this difficult time. May he provide their hearts with some peace. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. All my love, Tiff


Lisa Ness posted on 4/10/19

My Dearest Aunt Jill, it still doesn’t seem real that you are gone. I know that you are at peace now but that doesn’t seem to make it easier to deal with. May your beautiful soul rest in peace and your beautiful smile, laugh, and warm heart, continue to live in everyone you knew when you were here. Love you Auntie Jill.


Lisa N. posted on 4/10/19

My Dearest Aunt Jill, it still doesn’t seem real that you are gone. I know that you are at peace now but that doesn’t seem to make it easier to deal with. May your beautiful soul rest in peace and your beautiful smile, laugh, and warm heart, continue to live in everyone you knew when you were here. Love you Auntie Jill.



Peter Koskovich posted on 4/7/19

Loving and fun mom and I miss her greatly. She us on my mind daily and want her to know, I will always cherish her in my mind and soul.



Peter Koskovich posted on 4/7/19

Loving and fun mom



Georgia Strand posted on 4/6/19

My deepest sympathy to all of you fir the loss of your mother. Jill was a loving mother and grandmother . Her family was her life and you know she lives in each one of you. May God heal your broken hearts and remember she is watching over all of you.


Sara Chancellor-Greer posted on 4/5/19

Sending love & light to the entire family during this difficult time. Aunt Jill will surely be missed! I was blessed to have her as a part of my life. Thank you Wendi, Cathi & Debbie for sharing your beautiful Mother with me.



Pat Collins posted on 4/4/19

She was taken too soon.



Kenneth Komberec posted on 4/4/19

We are so sorry for your loss. Our condolences to you all! Komberec Family


Denise Walden posted on 3/31/19

Soo sorry to hear this..his wife is my family( Debbie my cuz) n he use to bring her n Mac to see me..I remembered wen they moved to Milwaukee..I was already here..#RIH heartfelt sympathy to my you guyz forever!



Frank & Carolyn Rowe posted on 3/29/19

Always love you cuz


Tammy Borchert posted on 3/25/19

3/24/2019. My mom Kathy was friends of your mom and dad along time ago when we lived on Linfield lane together, my mom was heart broken to hear they both passed away, our heart goes out to you and your family


Jane Dicus posted on 3/25/19

What a joyful picture of you two. I pray your memories will be full of the blessings you shared.



Stacy Meyer posted on 3/24/19

I will miss chatting with you Kari. You were the best, kindest boss I ever had. You taught me so much. I will always remember you and be grateful that our paths crossed.



Danny & Carla Anderson posted on 3/22/19

You will be greatly missed


Willem en Marja Poortvliet posted on 3/20/19

Dear family, I want to share a few memories with you about my dear uncle Johan: Uncle Johan was my far away American uncle whom I rarely saw, but whom I respected. He and Fie continued to speak Dutch so well. Although they often said after a Dutch sentence: "You know". Long ago in 1983 my parents, sister and I traveled to the USA. This trip took us to my aunt To in Portland, Yellowstone and Glacier park and to Milwaukee. There we ate the American style: pizzas in a special restaurant called The Organian (?) and real American hamburgers. No Dutch food such as Brussels sprout, potatoes and tiny piece of meat. We visited 'Great America' a very big amusement park together. When we stayed in (very hot) Milwaukee for a few days we drove to the state of Michigan, where the family had rented a nice house with a jetty near a beautiful lake. We visited the Kelloggs factory, where we had to wear mouthcaps and hairnets with great hilarity. On a warm day we were standing on the jetty at the house and we were laughing an playing. Suddenly I pushed (the heavy) uncle Johan into the water. We laughed hard, but I had forgotten that he was wearing all his clothes. He climbed out of the water and checked whether his watch was still working. Fortunately it did. But he came to the conclusion that his glasses were still somewhere in the water. I dived into the water a few times and fortunately I found his glasses on the bottom of the lake. Fie and Johan also came to the Netherlands and visited our house. We ate together and it was nice to see them again. He also arranged my first iPhone. The iPhone was barely for sale in the Netherlands. Rear cousin Brandon had sold his phone to me and Johan just sent the phone in a simple envelope with bubble wrap. It's still working! When I cycled through the USA in 2016, uncle Johan followed my blog. He was interested in my trip. And called me when I visited Mary and Steve in Salem.     Back in the Netherlands, we skyped every now and then. Lately more often, because I am working on the family tree of the Poortvlieten. He knew a lot about the past. Every birthday of my or our sons he send us an E-birthdaycard. He never forgot a one birthday. Uncle Johan was a special man. With a strong opinion. We wish Fie and children and grandchildren a lot of strength these days. Willem and Marja Poortvliet (and Freek en Thijs)


Margaret (Margriet) Harren Krolikowski posted on 3/19/19

Dear Fie, your smile in the picture with Johan, is just as I remembered it. I hope and pray you will be comforted in all the good memories of your long life together. You and Johan were the first friends of my parents in Milwaukee.


Susan Cowell posted on 3/19/19

My brother Mark Olen was NOT a Vietnam veteran and definitely not an MP. This is a lie. He enlisted in the Army and went thru basic training and part of AIT and was discharged because of his knees . If he were a true veteran then why wasn't he being treated at the VA hospital?? Him and his wife are as dishonest as the day is long. This is a slap in the face to true veterans. I called the Veterans Memorial Cemetery and guess what?...I wasn't the first! This is wrong .


Maria Fischbach posted on 3/18/19

Dear family of Johan DeGraaf. My sympathy is with you all as you will miss a loving husband,dad and grandfather. It is great to know he is with Jesus our Savior. I knew your dad as a child;when we and your family lived on the east side of Milwaukee. Both our families had come from Holland and met through a Dutch club. I also took care of Johan several years ago when he was recovering after a day cardiac procedure. (at St. Luke's Hos.) Sincerely Maria(Harren)Fischbach


Maria Fischbach posted on 3/18/19

Hello family of Johan DeGraaf; My sympathies with you all; as you will miss a loving husband;dad and grandpa.. I am very glad he is with Jesus our Savior. I knew your dad as a child when our family first came from Holland....many years ago. You folks lived on the East side of Milwaukee then. I was also his nurse a number of years ago at St Lukes in the day procedure Cardiac area.sincerely. Maria(Harren) Fischbach


Chuck Steinkraus posted on 3/17/19

My condolences to the family


Jane Dicus posted on 3/17/19

Maria and family-you are in my thoughts and prayers. May your memories but filled with the joyful ones of a life well lived. God bless you.


Bill Miller posted on 3/17/19

It has been a privilege to know Johan. He will have a grand home in Heaven.


Diane Bryant posted on 3/16/19

So happy that I got the chance to spend time with him in bible study...he was a pleasure to be around


Shelley Botchek posted on 3/16/19

My condolences to the family of Johan. I had the pleasure of volunteering with Johan on occasion at the Ronald McDonald House and it was always a pleasure to talk to him. He had lots of interesting stories to share and had a heart of gold. Hugs and prayers to his family.


Barb Snell Troy posted on 3/15/19

Johan was a remarkable man who I was fortunate enough to meet through our volunteering at Ronald McDonald House. Every time I talked to him I learned something new. He taught me many things about my own Dutch heritage (my deceased Dad also being from a family that immigrated from the Netherlands right before his birth). Our conversations also frequently covered the topics of religion, church choirs and local health care. My heart goes out to Johan's beautiful family at this time. May your memories be sweet as Johan now rests in the loving arms of our Savior.



Adele Lindstrom posted on 3/15/19

We are so sorry for your loss! We have wonderful memories of him!! Prayers are with you!


Patricia Koontz posted on 3/15/19

My heart aches, as I hear of the passing of Johann. I am remembering the importance of this family to my family, especially to my parents and me. I thank them for that memory and hearing from them over the years as our lives changed. May you all feel God’s presence and peace. Accept our sympathy and love, Pat Jennings Koontz and Peter Koontz Peace to his memory.


Mary Mainella posted on 3/15/19

It was my pleasure to work with Johann at the Ronald McDonald House. He talked a lot about the Netherlands as my son was there with his family for a month at the University. He was a lovely gentleman and we will all miss him.


Robert Polahar posted on 3/15/19

Fie, please accept my deepest sympathy in Johan's passing. I do know where is now with his Lord. You both were important to me in my moving to Milwaukee and inviting me to dinner. I enjoyed being in the choir with Johan back then. Now I will miss his posts on FaceBook. God Bless you!


Carmen Lopez posted on 3/13/19

I am so sorry for your loss. I remember her as a bit feisty. Must be just what heaven needed. May she join all her loved ones who went before her, especially her husband. Godspeed


Sue and Jerry White posted on 3/13/19

Dear Tammy, Michael, and Devin. We are thinking of you today, and wish we could be there to give you hugs. Our hearts are crying for you. We know it is so hard, yet, know she is at rest, and with your Grandpa and Grandma, and all of our other aunts, uncles, grandparents and our cousin Sharon. As you know, all 9 of us cousins were brought up together in South Milwaukee. We had a common bond with our parents, and our aunts and uncles who were our "2nd set of parents". Aunt Emmy and Uncle Fred always made sure we had Nancy and Carol in our lives too even though they moved away from Wisconsin. There were many fond memories of Christmas and summers at 5ll. 511 Michigan Ave. was our Grandma and Grandpa Hafemann's house and later became Aunt Florence and Uncle Cleve's house. We also spent many times together at Aunt Ruth and Uncle Brad's house on S. Chicago Ave. playing games. One year, either your Mom or Jimmy received the game Clue, we played for hours and did not want to leave to go home. We were blessed to all be brought up together, and were always there for each other. God Bless your Mom (Grandma) today, she is now free of all of her illness and with everyone that went before her...and we can find peace with that. Hugs, Susan and Jerry


Carol J Romero posted on 3/12/19

Dear Sandra, As cousins, our lives were intertwined from our earliest years. A few highlights that I hope you remember too... Do you recall how we played on the front porch of Gramma's house in South Milwaukee when we were 5 or 6 years old? How we pretended a card table covered with a blanket was our "fort" that we had to protect at all costs? You certainly remember representing the Hafemann family when Fred and I got married in Washington, D.C. You must also remember visiting Arlington Cemetery so you could take a photo of Audie Murphy's grave for your father who had fought with him. Do you recall how many miles we walked that day? Or how warm it was for mid-December? Fred and I had hoped you would visit us at least one more time. But that was not to be. We'll miss you a lot. At least we have our memories. Our love to you. Rest in Peace. Carol and Fred Romero



teri posted on 3/12/19

Sorry for your loss


Carol Maier posted on 3/9/19

I always remember your mom as being such a wonderful sweet lady. I always had such a warm spot in my heart for her. I am so sorry for your loss.


Derek Klamrowski posted on 3/8/19

I have a lot of great memories hunting and fishing with Mark. Seems like almost a lifetime ago but will never forget! RIP buddy.


Joan (olen) Vitale posted on 3/7/19

Mark did not finish basic training. He graduated in 1974 & was too young for Vietnam. This can be checked by looking up school records at Cudahy high school. I am sorry for his 3rd wife, because he lied to her. The army will not let him be buried in a military cemetary!


DW posted on 2/28/19

To the Family, so sorry for your loss. Hope you will be comforted in knowing that Norlene has the prospect of being resurrected, healthy (in the flesh), to Paradise Earth just as Jehovah God has promised. In fact , the vast majority will enjoy everlasting life right here on earth as God had intended from the beginning. God's Kingdom will do this under the rule of Jesus Christ. READ John 5:28, 29, Job 14:14, 15,Psalms 37:29,Matthew 6:9,10, Matthew 5:5 and Revelation 21:2-4 Go To: JW.ORG


LuAnn Webb posted on 2/27/19

So sorry to hear of your loss. My family lived in the same court as the Fries family. Every night she would call her kids in for dinner. She started with the oldest and finished with the youngest. By the time she got to Danny, she was out of breath. I’m smiling at this memory. You have so many wonderful memories of your Mom. I hope Those memories help you through this difficult time.


Trish Krause posted on 2/26/19

I remember Norleen as a beautiful Red head. One in a million . Beautiful ❤️ RIP She was wonderful woman.


Trish posted on 2/26/19

I remember Norleen as a beautiful Red head. One in a million . Beautiful ❤️ RIP She was wonderful woman.


Trish posted on 2/26/19

I remember Norleen as a beautiful Red head. One in a million . Beautiful ❤️ RIP



Sarah Griffin posted on 2/25/19

I worked with Ms. Norlene at Kohl’s and I always remember her having a smile. She will be missed.


Joan Heinicke posted on 2/25/19

The Fries family were our neighbors from 1963-1974 and always remained special friends. Norlene was such a sweet lady and aliways devoted to her children and grandchildren. Thoughts and prayers to Debbie, Bobby, Linda, Danny and all the “greats”. Love to all.


Joan Heinicke posted on 2/25/19

The Fries family were our neighbors from 1963-1974 and always remained special friends. Norlene was such a sweet lady and always devoted to her children and grandchildren. Thoughts and prayers to Debbie, Bobby, Linda, Danny and all the “greats”. Love to all.


Karen Aude posted on 2/24/19

My deepest sympathy to the Fries family. I worked with Norlene at Kohls for many years, such a sweet person.


Donna Bolk posted on 2/24/19

My dear friend, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones. God Bless.


Mark Manske posted on 2/15/19

I was so fortunate to get to know Rosemary when I started dating her daughter Vicki. It was always such a pleasure to speak with her and I will always cherish the family celebrations and dinners that she allowed me to be a part of. It was apparent that she truly made her house a "home" for everyone who walked through the door. I will keep her in my prayers and cherish the memories I have of visiting and chatting. Rosemary was very soft spoken but oh so very well spoken. May she remain in everyone's hearts and memories. Mark


Stephanie & Jason Coryell posted on 2/14/19

So sorry for your loss! Karen was such a wonderful neighbor and we were lucky to have met her. Sending many prayers for all of you during this tough time!



Truth Freemyn posted on 2/10/19

I learned a lot of really positive things from you Jody and I thank you for that ♥️



Truth posted on 2/10/19

I learned a lot of really positive things from you Jody and I thank you for that ♥️


Don and Lois Loth posted on 2/9/19

So sorry for your loss. Kari (and your dad) we always so kind to Lois and I when we were starting out in Milwaukee. Christmas Eves spent with your family are a treasured memory. Love, Don and Lois


Don and Lois Loth posted on 2/9/19

So sorry for your lost. Kari (and your dad) we always so kind to Lois and I when we were starting out in Milwaukee. Christmas Eves spent with your family are a treasured memory. Love, Don and Lois


Melinda Blake posted on 2/9/19

Love you Jody my thoughts are with your family today


Tony posted on 2/8/19

I send my condonance to you. I pray that the lord give you the strength in this time of sorrow. Losing a dear love one. As lovely as she was. Can't imagine what you feeling or how you feeling. But just know that Jesus is with you and Jody spirit is to. So look toward the hills which cometh your help because all your help comes from the Lord. Love you much. Hang in there. God bless



Gervase E Walters posted on 2/8/19

God bless to Jody son



Dawn Mumper posted on 2/8/19

Jody, thank you for your care and guidance you gave all those you supervised and supported. I will never forget your worldly wisdom



Dawn Mumper posted on 2/8/19

Jody, thank you for your care and guidance you gave all those you supervised and supported. I will never forget your worldly wisdom


Amy Kirby posted on 2/8/19

Jody's friendly caring and compassion will be missed by many.


Jenna posted on 2/8/19

Jody, you saved me as a human being. You were the most motivating supervisor, Professor, and friend. I was so honored to have you in my life. I miss you so much. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family and friends.


Jenna Mohelnitzky posted on 2/8/19

Jody, you saved me as a human being. You were the most motivating supervisor, Professor, and friend. I was so honored to have you in my life. I miss you so much. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family and friends.


Jenna Mohelnitzky posted on 2/8/19

Jody, you saved me as a human being. You were the most motivating supervisor, Professor, and friend. I was so honored to have you in my life. I miss you so much. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family and friends.



Debra Burris posted on 2/8/19

My lasting memory of my aunt is that she was always soft spoken, loving and so stylish in her manner of dress and her home. Growing up I was amazed that never heard her raise her voice compared to her sisters who need I say were very vocal but loving as well. I always felt she was a great wife and mom, excellent homemaker and admired her sense of style as she wore her hats with class. Rest in Peace Aunt Iola as you have joined your sister, my mom Anita, in the heavens above.


Teri Coren posted on 2/8/19

Jody I love you,


Gina Clayborn posted on 2/7/19

I remember growing up spending Christmas Eve at Aunt Iola. She was always welcoming and caring kept in touch with us as we grew up and our kids. She had a beautiful smile and was always Pleasant to be around I'm going to miss her dearly.


Michael Haley posted on 2/7/19

I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your mom, especially given it was so soon after losing your dad.


Michael Haley posted on 2/7/19

I'm very sorry to hear of the passing of your mom, especially so soon after your dad.


Jessica Campbell posted on 2/7/19

Sorry for your loss. My heart and prayers go out to all of you. Kari was always smiling and I loved that smile❤


SallyAnne Chier posted on 2/6/19

Got to know Kari as a "fellow" DSHA Mom, when I'd drive Kelly & Anne Chier Graney to various events. My sympathies for your loss.


DAVE WASHECHEK posted on 2/3/19



Kim Smith posted on 1/31/19

Always adored your love for all of the kiddos. Only one who could make Kylie stop crying as a baby. Love!


Tina Pohl posted on 1/31/19

We are going to miss you auntie! Love our little talks we would have. Love you lots!


Carolyn Faye Patterson posted on 1/30/19

Mom...I'm so VERY thankful and feel BEYOND blessed that I was able to spend those 10 AMAZING days AND your 85th birthday, with you last month!! As much as I miss you (and will ALWAYS miss you til I'm blessed to see you on the "other side") PLEASE know that I will NEVER, EVER be able to fill this big ol' hole in my heart because you're not still here, physically. But through it all, I know that I'm still even more blessed because you're finally at peace and that as my Guardian Angel, I will ALWAYS be able to know that you're just a prayer away. LOVE YOU A BIG ONE AND THEN SOME...RIP DARLIN'


Cindy posted on 1/20/19

Dear Paula, We were so sorry to hear that your dear mom has passed. Our family had so much fun when we all lived in Detroit on Edmore. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you, Love Josephine, Linda, Rita and Cindy


Jo Ann (Kreus) Heide posted on 1/17/19

I remember Tommy well. He lived in Copper City, MI and I lived in Ahmeek, MI and we went to school together. I was so sad to read his obituary in our local paper and it brought back such happy memories of our childhood. Condolences to his wife and family. I also remember his sister Jean.


Johanna Howard posted on 1/11/19

Amy I am so sorry I didn't post anything here until now. I miss all the good times we had together, the sense of humor we share and having you by my side at nearly every job I worked at. Brewer's Stadium, Renaissance Faire, Linden Grove, to name a few. You will be missed like crazy by so many people. Me especially.



Craig Hand posted on 1/11/19

THE PATRIARCH OF THE FERKOVICH FAMILY HAS PASSED {A letter I prepared on Dec 10th 2018} Farewell Tommy, I will think of you from time to time and have. I understood and appreciated your cool image back in the day. Your red late 60’s Chevy was a standout car amongst the other muscle cars in the local area. Although you had many cool cars throughout your time. I think that Art and others looked up to you and wanted to be like you. You raised the bar in coolness and they tried to get there on their own but never quite getting there themselves, although getting three quarters towards you is a good distance as well. I will always think of you when I hear CCR’s version of Hello Mary Lou. Why? I think I remember hearing it a lot driving around in your car. You were a physically strong man, even when I was in my prime your power overpowered mine. You, Art and my Dad obviously got me into the guitar which was a huge part of my life. I later became a guitar instructor and developed my own guitar teaching system. Once in a while I will talk like you and Art {in that Italian style cool slang} to my friends to throw them off and to revisit that way of speaking. You were naturally funny and made me laugh many times. It was your take on things that really got to me. I remember in South Range one firework went off and we didn’t hear anything afterwards and you said that they only had a $25.00 budget for fireworks that year. Hilarious.  I was rolling.  But there was tons of stuff like that that were equally as clever. Not being a Ferkovich I had to stand on the side lines but regardless I did see how the others that carry your name all loved and respected you. I said earlier that you are the Patriarch of the family, well that is true. Not a bad title and reputation to have. You are going into the great unknown before us and I am sure that is scary but perhaps it is to see if it is safe for the rest of us something a leader would do. They say that one dies twice, once physically and once when the last person speaks your name. I think that people will speak of you for a long time to come. If you have the energy watch a movie called Meet Joe Black. Peace be with you! Your brother Craig M. Hand


Aca, Vera and Andja Trifunovich posted on 1/10/19

We are truly grateful to call Amy our friend, who we met at Froedtert many years ago. We enjoyed Brewers games, movies, a birthday party and laughing at Aca, as often as possible. Amy will always inspire us to be positive no matter what happens in life, as she did with such kindness and humor and in the true spirit of friendship. We will keep Gail, Jim and Jimmy in our thoughts in this difficult time. We cherish our memories of great times with Amy, and know that she is with God and his Angels in Heaven. Memory eternal. Your friends, Aca, Vera, Andja and our mom, Dafina Trifunovich


Janis P. Bradford Brown posted on 1/8/19

My dear ex father-in-law......... a very unique man with a special, loving, caring wife. God Bless the Courtright family! My sincere condolences and prayers.


Uncle Steve & Aunt Sandra Valdovinos posted on 1/7/19

Our prayers and thoughts are with you, may God Bless you! Love always Uncle Steve and Aunt Sandra


Uncle Mike Valdovinos posted on 1/7/19

With saddened heart I want to show the highest respect to my niece Amy whom enjoyed many times with her friends in the big pool I had and she always brought her friends as she knew I could never turn her down l always got the biggest smile ever well Amy a lot of people loved you including me Uncle Mike love you always and forever hugs and kisses forever


The Mech Family posted on 1/6/19

This was unexpected. I saw you on Christmas Eve and you were bouncing back from a surgery. We were making plans for your next quilt. We already had tickets for you to go to State Fair in 2019. We were learning about your third dog Elenore. You were our babysitter for our children. Since the day of your injury, this family has been with you on your journey. We think of you often, Brewers events, favorite restaurants, whats new on Facebook, etc. We see you sitting on your deck. You have shown such strength and spirit. You persevered through many difficult medical procedures. You showed us what what is really important in life. You will not be forgotten. "You are my sunshine".



Carrie karlson posted on 1/6/19

God needed a new star in heaven one brighter than the rest so he chose you my darling for you were the best


Uncle Mark and Aunt Debbie Valdovinos posted on 1/6/19

Dear Gail, Jim and Jimmy, our condolences go out to you. Amy was a special young woman, who will truly be missed. She fought hard. In spite of all her hardships, she always had a smile and a kind word to all. She never gave up. God gives us the blessings of children, on borrowed time. Let it be known ,you shall meet again. Death is not easy. As humans it’s one of lifes hardest things we have to endure. As a parent it is the worst pain you will ever have to go thru. Our prayers and thoughts are with you thru this sad time. As a mother who also lost a child at the age of 33, remember the good times and how she made you laugh. There will be tears and sadness for a long time. Amy will give you signs that she’s ok and always around. May God give you the strength and guidance in this time of sorrow


Uncle Mark and Aunt Debbie Valdovinos posted on 1/6/19

Dear Gail, Jim and Jimmy, our condolences go out to you. Amy was a special young woman, who will truly be missed. She fought hard, in spi


Carol Radke posted on 1/6/19

Dear James, Gail & Jimmy, “His loved ones are very precious to him, and he does not lightly let them die.” ~ Psalm 116:15


Jim & Bev Foti and Family posted on 1/6/19

We are so sorry to learn that Amy has passed away. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. She was a wonderful young lady.


Paul Reid posted on 1/6/19

Gail and family you lost angel when Amy was taken away from you


Phil Barron posted on 1/6/19

My condolences to you and your family on your loss. May God bless you all and keep Amy in his loving arms.



Toni Gillette posted on 1/5/19

Amy, You fill a special place in all our hearts. Such a fighter, kind and positive person. I am sorry we had to meet the way we did, but feel blessed that I got to know you. You are and will always be our Hero Amy.


Jenny Resterhouse posted on 1/5/19

Amy, I am so grateful to have known you. You were and will always be one of my favorite people to have had the pleasure of working with.


Emily posted on 1/5/19

I took care of Amy after her kidney transplant at UW hospital and she was a patient I will never forget. Her contagious smile, optimistic spirit, and zest for life was truly inspiring. My deepest condolences to her entire family during this difficult time.


Renee and Kayla Tromp posted on 1/5/19

Sending thoughts and prayers to all of you. Evy and Tom will be square dancing together again.


Wanda & Jim Scholl posted on 1/5/19

Please accept our heartfelt condolences on the loss of Amy. She was a strong young lady that we're sure inspired others.


Paul Reid posted on 1/5/19

Amy I will never forget get you I loved you somuch


Jimmy Valdovinos posted on 1/5/19

Amy, you were always there for me though all my struggles. I will never forget you and will cherish all of the great times we had as kids and adults. You were so strong and brave, making the most out of an unfortunate situation. There will always be a place in my heart for my big sister and my best friend. I believe you are in a better place now, free of all the suffering you endured in life. I love you.



Abbey posted on 1/4/19

Condolences and sympathies from Nick, Abbey, and Ethan


Bob Clarke posted on 1/4/19

Ted and I are so sorry for your loss. It was a pleasure to have met your mother at the going away party for your son.



Gail Valdovinos posted on 1/4/19

You fought hard, after the spinal cord injury in 2006, your my hero!


Gail Valdovinos posted on 1/4/19

Amy you were so strong & fought so hard, till the end, going thru all he medical problems, you are my hero, & I'm proud your my daughter, till we meet again, I know you have earned your angel wings, say "Hi" to Grandma Margie for me!



Jeff Plachinski posted on 1/3/19

Today we lay to rest and peace my dear loving sister Lee Ann. She was truely a good good woman and WILL be GREATLY MISSED by all who knew and met her. I WILL DEARLY MISS her and the good and bad times we shared which I DONT remember many BAD times. Go now to heaven knowing you lived a good and honest life. Family and friends are waiting to greet you. Oh what i would do to hear her say JEFFREY ALAN JOHN for the rest of MY life. Goodbye my loving sister. You WILL BE with me FOREVER.



Nikki posted on 12/31/18

Aunt Leeann always had a huge heart when it came to her family and her love of dogs. She always was able to make you smile. She was fun to be around. Even when you didnt see her everyday or even once every few years you always knew how much she loved you. She will be missed dearly.


Debbie Chicorel posted on 12/20/18

I will remember Frances' smile and her excitement at showing me the beautiful dresses she made.


Chery Reiter posted on 12/13/18

Uncle Kenney was such a warm, caring man who loved his whole family. A special memory is Uncle Kenney updating the family tree at each get together. He always had a smile for everyone and loved to tell jokes. We will miss his loving presence and warm hugs.


Nancy Kennelly posted on 12/13/18

Uncle Ken was a very special relative in our family. It was always a pleasure to spend time talking with him. His warm smile was genuine and his joking nature was kind. Uncle Ken was a gentleman and a gentle man who truly cared about people. I will miss you, Uncle Ken. Love, Nancy


Patty Trinko - Education Department posted on 12/12/18

Ken's bright energy, warm nature and sly humor was a bright spot in my day. Ken took an interest in everyone he met, often asking about my family and sharing his ideas for more efficient project completion. He truly make our prep room fun and the laughter that came from there often drew me in. Ken talked about his own family with great love and pride. We know how much you will all miss him, because we already do every day.


Daijana wroten posted on 12/9/18

Hi grandma I love you so much ❤️



Colette Bluma posted on 12/2/18

I'm very sorry to hear about the passing of Dick. My deepest condolences to the family. He was a very special man and made camping outings a blast.



Craig posted on 12/1/18

Sheila was one of a kind. The life of the party and the person that was always there for you. RIP. You will be missed by all.


Nocole Hildebrandt posted on 11/28/18

Oh Sheila you are a sparkling firecracker who is loved by many for the way you presented yourself to others... kind and generous to say the least! You will always be remembered for too many reasons which is not the case with everyone who passes yet with you your presence lit up the room! I will miss your energy! I love you Sheila... thank you for being so wonderful to my Mom. Xoxo



Karen Ribecky posted on 11/28/18

You will never be forgotten! Always in my heart!


Mary Pietrowiak posted on 11/27/18

Sheila was a beautiful woman with a heart of gold! She was a very hard worker. I will miss all the great conversations we had. She will be missed by all her family and friends.


Tracie posted on 11/25/18

Sheila was like a 2nd mother to me. She was a woman with a huge heart & would do anything she could to help anyone in need. I’m going to miss her deeply. To her family, I’m so sorry for your loss of a GREAT woman.


Robert HEUMAN posted on 11/24/18

Don was my neighbor when I lived on fin du lac ave ! We used to play the lottery together ! I did not know until today (Nov 24) that he passed . I’m sorry to hear


J.P. Maschke posted on 11/21/18

My sympathy to the family and loved ones of Frieda Knippenberg. Frieda: I always enjoyed my visits with you. You enjoyed those cooking shows and were the only one I knew who was able to grow one tomato in the house in the winter months! We had another connection as you knew my mother and father and I think partly because of them you treated me very kindly. I will miss your pleasant disposition and kindness in your relationship with others. Sincerely, JP


Catherine Julio posted on 11/18/18

Miss you Mom.....


Deborah, Eugene's daughter posted on 11/18/18

It’s so difficult to say goodbye to my dad. I miss him tremendously! My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he loved me and I felt that love. I’d like to honor him with some of my memories. He lived a full, vibrant life, and I watched him do it…all the way to the remarkable age of 95. He was a complicated man, a Reinerio. I know the Reinerios in the room will appreciate what I’m saying. We didn’t always get along, yet he’s left me with so many lessons about living. Wise words that I’ve jotted down over the years, “Every day is a miracle.” Or “Life is what you make it…and some days I don’t make it very good.” “You can gripe if you want to, but that just puts you in a bad mood.” He shared wonderful stories of his childhood with me. When friends would pass by in the hallway, and say Hi, Gene. He told me that in high school, ‘Hi, Gene’ made him think of hygiene as in cleanliness. He was the youngest boy and looked up to his older brothers. Marion was the hard-working one while Leonard was often found hiding in the warmth behind the kitchen stove. While visiting friends in California, sitting down to a meal of polenta and sausage, he was suddenly taken over by memories of his mother’s cooking and their dinner table. He often recalled his connection to his childhood and the family of twelve kids growing up in a small town during the Depression; like when a wagon load of grapes would pull into town and they would buy grapes to make wine. My mother lived in the same town. They grew up together. My dad loved my mother so much! They used to sit in overstuffed chairs and just talk. They enjoyed each other’s company and it was always evident he had married the love of his life! When my mother began her gradual decline into Alzheimers, my father was her number one caregiver! He never left her side. From him and his selfless love for her, I have the lesson of what true love requires. My parents used to visit me in California for Christmas. We would get together with friends, share Tom and Jerry’s and make spaghetti sauce that came to be known as Reinerio Red. He made friends wherever he went. He had a joy of living and a genuine interest in people. He was a beacon, enriching others. My father was truly a lifelong learner… always looking for the next book about history or investing and then sharing it with those around him. I was lucky to have spent so much time with him in the past several years…either with me visiting him at Tudor Oaks or with his trips to California when we would spend Thanksgiving week in the wine country. We would walk frequently. There was a time when I couldn’t keep up with my dad’s pace! He was quite a walker! Even when he had to use a wheelchair, he continued to be forever on the move. One of the more memorable Thanksgivings was when my sister and her family joined us. We spent most of the week wine tasting. My dad loved every minute of it…and the wine! He valued family above all else and cherished the time he spent with them whether it was the traditional corn roast in Wisconsin or a summer in Chicken. He reveled in family! In 2007 we spent Christmas in Italy. It was a special trip. Watching my dad use his hands to talk with the old Italian men he met. He didn’t need to know the language. His hands knew! He fit right in…especially with his Italian hat. After my mother died, my dad traveled to Chicken, Alaska every summer where he did his part in the family business operated by my sister and her husband. He worked hard and at the end of the day, enjoyed a hearty meal of caribou or salmon sitting on the deck with family and friends around the table. In the past year, I cherished the times we walked and talked…about the trees, the birds we’d see around the grounds, especially the sand cranes. We always spent some time talking about investing. I asked a lot of questions and he had a lot of answers. He was a wise investor and I tried to learn everything I could from him. In the summer, we would make trips to Leon’s for ice cream. Sometimes it was so hot, the ice cream would melt faster than we could eat it. We had fun! Until the last few months, we frequently played cribbage as we listened to Pavarotti. He loved opera. He was a dramatic guy. He often beat me at cribbage! We had fun! He was so grateful for the help he got from the people around him. I listened to him thank others and I learned another lesson. When I walk, my father is walking beside me. When I’m cooking, I sometimes find myself talking to my father: I say out loud to him, “No one could cut cabbage as thin as you could” or “You’d always be the one to debone the chicken, I think it’s because then you could sneak bites as you cut.” When I pick up my phone, my dad’s smiling face looks out at me. He had an unforgettable smile that instantly brings a smile to my face. He will forever be in my heart.


Shawn posted on 11/13/18

My sincerest condolences go out to you for the passing of your beloved, Linda. I'm sure that she will be missed by all who knew and loved her. Please be comforted by the scripture at Isaiah 25:8 which says, "He will swallow up death forever...." Our loving God has promised to restore our dear loved ones to perfect life on a paradise earth through his Son, Christ Jesus (John 5: 28,29). Please visit To learn more about God's trustworthy promise of the resurrection. I'm sure it will bring you much comfort. Best wishes to you & your family.


Shawn posted on 11/13/18

I would like to express to you my sincere condolences for the loss of your dear loved one, Eugene. Losing a loved one can be very hard. Our loving heavenly father knows what it feels like to lose a loved one. That is why He has provided us with the hope of seeing our loved ones resurrected to life again on a paradise earth in peaceful conditions. (Psalms 37: 11) Wouldn't it be wonderful to see 'Curly' again, alive, healthy and in peace on earth! Please visit to find out more about God's trustworthy promise of a resurrection.


Barbara Ehlers posted on 11/12/18

It's been a long journey, Linda. You are now safely at home. Rest in peace.



Thomas and Karen O'Neil posted on 11/6/18

Hugs, thoughts and prayers to you all


Jim and Donna Moeckler posted on 11/4/18

Carole was a wonderful neighbor. She always had wonderful stories to share. She will be missed.


Jim and Donna Moeckler posted on 11/4/18

So sorry to hear about Carol's passing. She was a wonderful neighbor and always had some great stories to tell. She will be missed.


CHRISSY LUECK posted on 11/2/18

You will be missed, my thoughts and prayers to the Vogeler family and friends!!


james coomer posted on 11/2/18

you will be missed great women rest in peace



Dannie Bishop posted on 11/1/18

A loving and wonderful lady We will miss you



Brandon Bishop posted on 10/29/18

We love and miss you!


CAROL BECK posted on 10/29/18

Diane and Art. Your mom is out of pain and now is at peace with mom and dad and lots of other ones. A very nice picture of her.


Chris ross posted on 10/29/18

Diane sorry for the loss of your mom.



Chris ross posted on 10/29/18

Diane sorry for the loss of your mom



Chris posted on 10/29/18

Diane sorry for the loss of your mom


Bradley W Smith posted on 10/25/18

Carole was the embodiment of love, support, and empathy. Well established as the matriarch of the family, she always had the time to talk and listen. I am deeply grateful for the time I had with her and profoundly saddened that she is gone. Carole is and was an amazingly accomplished woman with a never ending list of skills and talents. She will live on perpetually in all of our hearts. We love you Carole


Jane posted on 10/22/18

Loved working at Pick n Save with you Joanne! You made it fun!


N posted on 10/22/18

Loved working at Pick n Save with you Joanne! You made it fun!


Patricia Hittman posted on 10/21/18

RIP, Aunt Joanne - although I haven't seen you since I was a little kid, I still thought about you.


Dave Willms posted on 10/14/18

Mike, So sorry for your loss. I remember back in 2013 when my Mom broke her hip and Chris cared for her in PACU and she brought her back to her room, Chris stayed with mom for an extra hour making sure every thing was stable with my mom before she left her. It was greatly appreciated more than I can say. Dave Willms



Carol Nolte posted on 10/2/18

She had such a compassion for the patients she took care of, and and as a co-worker, she was someone you could depend on.


Carol Nolte posted on 10/2/18

Such a kind soul, her love of people and a great supporter for Happy Endings Cat Shelter. She wished they could all find a forever home for the Furbabies. We will miss you.



Patricia Runte posted on 9/29/18

We have some very good memories of our visits to the lake cottages up north with Steve and Corky. Many times our families would get together for a fun filled time. Will be greatly missed, Rest in Peace.


Vernon Messer, CWO (USA) Ret. posted on 9/10/18

Oppreso Libre Sir. May you rest in peace on the DZ in the sky. God Bless.


Chrissie, Steve and David posted on 9/5/18

Florence was thoughtful and hard working. She shared her garden produce and was always so happy to see me, Steve and David. Our visits were always welcomed and are cherished memories. Her advice was always timely. We prayed and continue to pray for Florence, Bobbi, Vance and Schatzi every night. We love you!


Ocie and Debbie posted on 9/5/18

Flo taught Ocie everything about taking care of a lawn. Are heart felt condelence go out to you Bobbie and family to the best neighbor in the world. She was missed the day she moved away. So many memories. May God comfort your hearts doing this time of your lost.


Ocie and Debbie posted on 9/5/18

Flo taught Ocie everything about taking care of a lawn.


Dawn Coulter posted on 9/2/18

Thoughts and prayers sent to you and your family at this difficult time.


Ken Murray posted on 9/1/18

My thoughts and prayers are with Gerry's family at this difficult time. I worked with him at Brinks. He had a great sense of humor and I have fond memories of working with him as I shared a lot of good laughs with him. God bless him and may he rest in peace.


Mai Vue posted on 8/31/18

I am so sorry to hear that Mrs. Limehouse has passed away. I was one of her student from 1986-87. She was my favorite. She encourages me to attend Wawautosa Middle school. I am looking up to see if she is still alive so I can visit her when I am in town. But I am too late. She was an excellent teacher. Seeing her picture here makes me think of her and how she make me sing when I was in her class. I wanted to visit her to tell her I am a teacher in Minnesota. She was such an amazing and brilliant teacher.


Mai Vue posted on 8/31/18

I am so sorry to hear that Mrs. Limehouse has passed away. I was one of her student from 1986-87. She was my favorite. SHe encourages me to attend Wawautosa Middle school. I am looking up to see if she is still alive so I can visit her when I am in town. But I am too late. She was a wonderful teacher. Seeing her picture here makes me think of her and how she make me sing when I was in her class. I wanted to visit her to tell her I am a teacher in Minnesota. She was such an amazing and brilliant teacher.


Karen LeRoy posted on 8/29/18

Miss you Mom.


Karen posted on 8/29/18

Miss you Mom.


Jackie Grinker posted on 8/28/18

I was shocked, to hear of Cheryl's passing. I met Cheryl, at Hawley, when I had been the food service manager...We used to talk, on a daily basis. She will be greatly missed!


Jeanne Mulvanny posted on 8/23/18

I miss you mom. You were a great mother and friend. Spending time with you was priceless. You never got to meet Athena so I will post a picture of her. Love Jeanne


Erin Couillard posted on 8/21/18

You are missed grandma. Miss putting together puzzles with you, miss watching CNN for hours at a time, I miss watching your crazy hrs of soaps, love and miss you lots!!


Erin posted on 8/21/18

You are missed grandma. Miss putting together puzzles with you, miss watching CNN for hours at a time, I miss watching your crazy hrs of soaps, love and miss you lots!!


Kimberly Baertschy posted on 8/20/18

The glimmer in her eyes, the warm hug....she was are you Donna. Thank you for alowing me to care for her.


Nicole Frederick posted on 8/18/18

She was an amazing person and I miss her everyday. She was a loving, compassionate, smart, beautiful person. The world is a sadder place without her.


Jeanette Howland posted on 8/18/18

Julie's laugh was contagious you just couldn't help laughing with her... We all have a special Angel watching over us..


Terri Kimbrew posted on 8/17/18

Although I never met you, if your spirit was anything like your daughter Krystal, I know you were amazing. You were a solider and you are now at peace. I'm praying for your family to stay strong!


Regina Shaw posted on 8/16/18

My heart is so heavy with sadness over the loss of a great woman. It was my privilege to know and love Cheryl! This is a tremendous loss to her family, her friends, and our community. I only learned of Cheryl's passing yesterday. Please know that I would have been there at the memorial had I known of this tragic and great loss.


Alzheimer's Association of Southeastern Wisconsin posted on 8/15/18

On behalf of everyone here at the Alzheimer's Association - thank you so much for thinking of us at this time of loss to your family. Memorial donations made in Garry's name will be put to immediate use serving families and supporting research. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Dave Grams, Executive Director


Monica Blagg posted on 8/14/18

Rip you r no longer in pain


John and Karen posted on 8/14/18

Kathy and family, Garry was a wonderful husband, father and friend. He will be missed by all who knew him. Johnny and I are keeping you all in our prayers.


John and Karen Vella posted on 8/14/18

Kathy and family, Garry was a wonderful husband, father and friend. He will be missed by all who knew him. Johnny and I are keeping you all in our prayers.


Nicole Frederick posted on 8/14/18

She was the most amazing sister,mother,and friend. She listened without judgment and helped guide younin the right direction. She is forever my best friend. She will be missed every single day. Till we meet again I love you beyond words.


Sue posted on 8/14/18

My dear sweet sister, This is one of the hardest things I have had to do. I thank you for all the wonderful years I was blessed to have with you. I hope you know how much I love you. Until we meet again RIP. Love Sue and family


Julia posted on 8/14/18

My dear sweet sister, This is one of the hardest things I have had to do. I thank you for all the wonderful years I was blessed to have with you. I hope you know how much I love you. Until we meet again RIP. Love Sue and family


Julia Frederick posted on 8/14/18

My dear sweet sister, This is one of the hardest things I have had to do. I thank you for all the wonderful years I was blessed to have with you. I hope you know how much I love you. Until we meet again RIP. Love Sue and family


The Rogahns posted on 8/13/18

Leo & I just will always remember the fun times we had together.


Shirley and Leo Rogahn posted on 8/13/18

Leo & I just will always remember the fun times we had together.


Jason Bond posted on 8/1/18

Bill was on a chartered motor coach tour I took back in 2013. He was the kind of man that you felt that you always knew him when you first met him. I enjoyed his life stories and it was great that he enjoyed his retirement. Above all, he knew his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May the Lord Jesus Christ be with Giesfeldt family at this time and forevermore.



Cindy Mazurco posted on 7/31/18

Rest In Peace Cissy.


Dianna Delaney posted on 7/30/18

So very so for your loss Max. Praying for you and your family in the days to come as you navigate life. Be thankful for memories.


Michael Gagnon posted on 7/28/18

Don Jutz! Zorro! I barely feel worthy of being his friend but I am glad that I was. I'm a civilian and never flew missions with Don. Never put my life at risk for my fellow man like Don did. During the 25 years I knew him in Panama City, I heard the stories, not often, because Don was not a braggart, but little by little a picture was painted of a man with an amazing amount of courage and determination. When Don walked into a room it lit up, he had a big smile and a big booming voice and I was always glad to see him.Don was a generous and kind hearted sole who lived life to the fullest.At eighty years old he was still driving 40,000 miles a year. He was like the energizer bunny, there was no stopping him.I think he made his last parachute jump at 70 or 75 years old! He had so much respect for the men he served with. He was always driving to events and funerals to show last respects, sometimes as far as England. I will miss Don, as I am sure many others will but I feel I will see him again someday in the not too distant future. Kudos to Bob and his wife, I witnessed how they took care of Bob and it showed me what brotherly love really means. I am inspired by the Jutz family. God Bless , your friend Mike.


LORRAINE posted on 7/20/18

Deepest Condolences to the Tate Family from the McMillon Family, Growing up on Hubbard and Garfield was so much fun. Cheryl and Lorraine brought the Tate & McMillon family together. You will be missed. LOVE ALWAYS, LORRAINE, DARLENE , FLORA, POOCHIE, LARRY, RONNIE


Anne Vandertie Trimble posted on 7/18/18

What a blessing to grow up as neighbors of Vince and Marie. Jenny was like a sister to us. Much gratitude for Vince helping me type and take shorthand well, and all I learned in our SOP classes. He always encouraged me. His class helped me tremendously through life. My thoughts and prayers are with Marie and family. Wish I could be there tomorrow.


Ed and Mary Lou Reisch posted on 7/18/18

Five years ago Vince and Marie traveled to Madison to have lunch with us. We so enjoyed the day! After our meal, we drove Vince by his childhood home.


Dave Vandertie posted on 7/18/18

Uncle Vince, your huge smile and laugh will be missed. Sharing Packers games with you and Dad are one of my favorite memories. I was so blessed for all your love as we were growing up next door.


Tonya Denton posted on 7/18/18

My deepest condolences, with her family, may God guide you through this process. She is in hands of God. And forever with you. Rest easy.



Teisha Brown posted on 7/17/18

R.I.H. gone but not forgotten! I wish I had spent more time with you. It has been a very long time coming. You were a very great person. I miss the old days when I use to do your hair and we'd laugh the whole time. I love you so much and continue to watch over your family and friends


Regina Blue posted on 7/17/18

Nothing can compare to the loss of a sister, I only meet her a few times with you and then I could see how close you were.Carla I will keep you and your family in my prayers and know that God will give you strength to do what you have to do your God fearing woman .



Deborah Wilson posted on 7/17/18

A Beautiful women, I had the pleasure of meeting only a couple times but i felt your Beautiful Soul. May U Rest In Peace...


LORRAINE posted on 7/17/18

My soul is hurting, My heart has another blank spot, You will be truly missed. We did not talk nor see each other all the time, but you knew and I knew how much we loved each other. My one true friend. Love Always, Lorraine



Minister Doris Blanks posted on 7/17/18

My sincere condolences to the family.



Min Doris Blanks posted on 7/17/18

My sincere condolences to the Tate & Randall family.



Min Doris Blanks posted on 7/17/18

May God grant peace to the Tate/Randall family in the loss of your loved one, Cheryl. Keeping you lifted in prayer.


Mary Krummen posted on 7/17/18

RIP Mr Pollock, We have lots of memories from the Pollock house in the pool! I will miss your smiling face! Love you Mary and Richard Krummen( Eberhardy)


JoAnn Rogers posted on 7/16/18

I am sorry for your loss


Cynthia (Smythe) Knight posted on 7/12/18

Laura was my sister-in-law. I remember all the kind things she did. When my father was on his death bed he asked her to buy a card to give to my mother for her birthday.Dad was unable to get out of bed and would only live 4 days more. She bought the card so he could give my mother this for her birthday.She was also sitting at my mother's bedside when my mom passed away. We are deeply grieved but we know Laura is safe in the arms of Jesus.


Dan Krause posted on 7/12/18

Matt my condolences on the sudden passing of your father. Its a difficult experience I have dealt with myself so I feel for you and your family. I am sure he was very proud of you.


Tom Miller posted on 7/12/18

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the Conway family. I wish we lived closer to give you hugs in your time of sorrow. Know that we are thinking of you and sending our love to you back here in Scranton. Tom Miller


Chris Dennis posted on 7/10/18

We were sister-in-laws; but, I have always considered you my Baby Sister. I will treasure the times we spent together laughing, telling stories, praying and watching Lifetime Movies. Thank you for always caring, sharing and always giving of yourself. You have enriched my life and I will miss you. Rest now sweet Laura , be happy and be at peace. Watch over us who remain until we are together again one day.



Donna Ayers posted on 7/10/18

I loved doing shots with Chicago on Saturdays. We always had a great time!


Kim Rohde posted on 7/10/18

Laurie was a dear friend and I'll miss her so very much. I have so many fun and funny memories with her that I'll never forget!I I think about her every day, may she Rest In Peace. ❤️


Brenda (Bankston) McVicker posted on 7/10/18

Laurie was my sweet cousin whom I have such good memories of. I remember playing and having such fun with her at all our family gatherings with all our other cousins, Aunts and Uncles and even Grandma and Grandpa! I was deeply saddened at your passing dear Laura. Tell Mom (Aunt Jenny ) and Dad (Uncle Bill) Hello.. Rest in peace and Go fly with the Angels~


Rose Keane posted on 7/8/18

Laurie was my dear friend since we were 12 years old and I'm saddened by her passing. She was a very caring and kind person. One of my favorite people! I will treasure all of the wonderful memories and good times that we shared.Until we meet again my friend... Rest with the angels ❤️


Susan D Williams posted on 7/6/18

Ruth, you loved so many and so many loved you. Thank you for all that you did with Brad and my girls Marlee and Macy. You helped take care of us in ways no one else could. We will remember that for all of our lives. You were a wonderful daughter, sister, wife, mother, mother-in-law and grandmother and so many other wonderful things. We will love you forever.


Dawn Marris posted on 7/4/18

May you find peace with the Lord, and your family will be blessed with wonderful memories of you close to their hearts.


Tom Dennis posted on 7/2/18

My dear little baby sister, it's time for you to part from your demons and enter a new life of pure love. I am going to miss you so much!!! Love you.


Jean Shefky posted on 7/2/18

I will never for get when mama brought my baby sister home from the hospital. I can still see the memory in my mind like it was yesterday. I love you Laura more than the whole wide world!!! R.I.P. Laura, Jeanie


Mike Maass posted on 7/2/18

Rest easy now sweet Laura! Held you when you were just two and it's now better than fifty years that we were friends! Love Always!


Kathy Dennis posted on 7/2/18

Rest in peace my dear sister. You will not be forgotten.


Patricia Holm posted on 6/30/18

Arlene was mother to my good friend Lori Jean. She warmly welcomed me into her home and had a generous heart. May she Rest In Peace. My deepest sympathies to my friend and her family.



Dave posted on 6/24/18

You will always hold a place in my heart Patty. Rest in paradise


Melissa Miller posted on 6/20/18

Always Loving You!❤️


Melissa Miller posted on 6/20/18

Always Loving You


Susan Harrold posted on 6/15/18

We send our heartfelt love to Steve, Laura and Sarah. Zach was always a gentleman. He was gifted with a keen intelligence. Stay close to eachother and know that we think of your family in the highest esteem. God bless you.



Brad Williams posted on 6/15/18

Love you Mom


Marianna Kats posted on 6/11/18

I found out about Alison’s passing couple of day ago and still processing the news. It just does not register in my head. I had privilege to meet and work with Alison in Macy’s Charter Club. Her talent, hard work, dedication and obility to work with people made a such difference in the department. We both moved on to other companies after a while, but still kept contacting with each other. Alison was so full of live, she was always positive no matter what. The last time we spoke with her was at the end of February..... it is hard to believe that Alison is not with us anymore, the World just lost an angel that was sent to us to spread kindness, love, positivity and joy. She has gone too soon! RIP my dear friend! It is hard to meet people like you in this world. I am greatly appreciated to the Universe for a chance to meet with you! You will be missed....


Tammy Antini posted on 6/5/18

My uncle Fritz was a great hard working man, I am so blessed that I was able to meet my Wirth side of the family, You were like a father to me ( instead of my uncle) I will cherish all of our phone conversations, trips to Wisconsin and your trips to Florida. Loving you was so easy, losing you is so hard. You are going to be greatly missed by many but I will always hold you in my heart❤️ Heaven has gained yet another angel to watch over us.


Debbie (Mennenga) Heiser posted on 6/4/18

I worked with Joyce at Champaign County and always enjoyed her company, her no nonsense attitude and sense of humor! My condolences to the family.


Janet Schommer posted on 6/2/18

My Paw I will miss you so much, we had such good times, I will never forget the party in Tennessee. You were a true friend they don't make them like you anymore.


Dale and Chris Grohall posted on 6/1/18

Singing in heaven will be great, when we see a rainbow we will think of you and your favorite song. We will cherish all the memories of you. Our friendship with Denise is ongoing and special and never ending. Blessing and Peace be with you and save us a spot in Heaven.



Denise posted on 5/30/18

Will remember the trips up north or fishing, the sleepovers at and I had, and your warm smile. Will miss you dad. Rest in peace



Denise posted on 5/30/18

Loved the memories of the trips up north, the sleepovers at your house, and your friendly smile. Will miss you. Rest in peace dad.


Sharon Sze posted on 5/30/18

My cousin Jerome was a very kind-hearted affectionate cousin to me. He will be missed. His weekly or bi-weekly calls asking how I was and how Aunt Elvira was, will be missed. I am glad we had the opportunity to celebrate his birthday in March, the last time I saw him, to let him know he was loved.


Mary Meissner posted on 5/30/18

Jerome was a great brother. I looked up to him and tagged along whenever I could. He loved to play tennis when we were kids, so of course I did too. I never could win a game from him. We played canasta and rummy royal, and various other games, and sometimes I won. My dad made us these wooden forts for his army men and we would play for hours. When Glen and I moved to Colorado he and Roseanne visited us in Colorado Springs and then later he traveled to Pueblo two times. He met many of our friends on these visits and he would ask about different ones from time to time. One of my past coworkers told me that she thought she knew my brother because I talked about him so much. On the birthday card he sent me this past March he wrote "Hugs and Kisses Forever". Though we were separated by many miles he was always on my mind. He will forever be in my heart. Rest in peace dear Jerome. Love you! Your favorite sister, Mary


OJ posted on 5/29/18

Aaron and Bill, Sorry for your loss. My prayers are with your family.


craig mass posted on 5/28/18

RIP Uncle Ralph I remember your big cars and always coming to see Grandpa and doing carpentry work around our house. Love Always Craig


A, Jeffrey LaValley posted on 5/25/18

My prayers are with the family during this transitional period.


Ann Stokman posted on 5/25/18

Sorry to hear of the loss


Jacquelyn J Moga posted on 5/24/18

Bill was a long time friend of the Tunstill-Moga families. He was like that favorite uncle that always had jokes and made everyone laugh. He will be deeply missed.


Jackie Kaye posted on 5/23/18

Rest In Peace Heather. May God watch over your boys and family.


Cindy Taubner posted on 5/22/18

Tony was a gentle and kind father-in-law and I will truly miss him. When I married his oldest son, Tony, in 1986, he accepted me into the family with open arms, and I truly felt blessed. Tony and I have four daughters who loved their Opa dearly. With slumber parties, Door County weekends, tropical vacations, Easter egg hunts, and much more, Opa always had such patience and joy when he was around our girls. He has left an imprint on our hearts that will live with us forever. Rest In peace, dear loved one.


Aimee Cox posted on 5/18/18

Joyce was both a blessing and a riot! The picture of her scoundrel, Travis, brings back such memories, too. May her memory be eternal!


Beth Stoskopf posted on 5/18/18

Heather's love for Quintin and Logan was very evident whenever she met with us at Lincoln School. The boys will truly miss having Mom by their side, but I know Heather will be watching over them from above.


Micki (Peiffer) Schreiner posted on 5/17/18

I have many fond memories of playing with Heather and just hanging out at her house when we were in grade school and high school. She was a warm, loving and caring friend. She will be missed. I hope she is happy and at peace. My thoughts are with you and your family.



Laurie Dahlke posted on 5/17/18

What a great, wonderful and blessed woman. I didn't know her long but she always met me with a smile and a great attitude about life.



Bill Schneider posted on 5/17/18

A gentle man who loved life.


Mary T posted on 5/15/18

A full life lived by a strong woman. She earned her place in heaven many times over but especially in these last months. Her memory will live in those she has touched.


Kathie Uttech Gordon, Grafton, WI posted on 5/12/18

So saddened to read of your Mom’s passing. I knew Sue a long time ago—late 1960s early 1970s. Unfortunately we lost touch, but your beautiful expression of your Mother is exactly how I remember her. May those lovely memories give you comfort.


John Doe posted on 5/8/18

Our deepest condolences to your family.


Ronald and Phyllis Baade posted on 5/4/18

Will was a good friend for over 60 years. We shared many good memories. Dawn, our condolences to you and family. Miss you on Brewers Opening Day and always, my friend. Love, Duffy, Phyllis, Susan, Dan, and Henry


Jamie posted on 5/4/18

Ma could make the sun shine on the cloudiest days.


Ron & Bobbi Amann posted on 4/30/18

Dear Dawn & family, We were so sorry to hear of Billy's passing! We know that we haven't always been close, but still are family. Aunt Loretta & Uncle Freddie will greet him as he reaches heaven. He was always a good guy and we know a good son, husband, father and grandfather. He will be missed by many friends and family. God bless you and the family. We love you.


Jane Mandelman posted on 4/29/18

I see where your smile came from Wes.So sorry


Tracy Traver posted on 4/28/18

Alison totally touched my soul as many have you have described in your postings for the way she celebrated the beauty of the world around her loving animals and the outdoors and never missing a chance to be by the water . We worked together at Macy’s for 5 years and then kept in touch when she was at Kohls even meeting for dinner in HK . Our paths crossed again at Chico’s where she freelanced for 6 months and she was constantly looking for new ways to channel her passion for the customer with her create design talent and love of sweaters . It took my breath away when I learned the news of her passing and I also find it hard to think that I will never hear her voice again as I was proud to call her a very special friend . My heart hurts for you Rande as I know how much she loved you and that you shared a very special bond . Alison , the world will miss you xxxx


Jeff Ludwig posted on 4/27/18

Dawn, please accept our sincere condolences from Nancy and myself to you and your family. We were truly stunned to hear of Bill’s passing. Always a fun guy to be around, both at work and on the golf course. Living in the cube next to Bill in Oak Creek was educational. Bill always tried to do his best for his customers and the company. He held a wealth of information about the Cummins product and was always willing to help out a colleague. Do believe Bill would win the prize for most files stacked on his desk at one time. Sorry to see you go my friend. Hope to catch you the next time around.


Bob Sorrentino posted on 4/26/18

My condolences to Dawn and to all of Bill's family. I regret that we are not in Wisconsin and won't be able to attend his memorial service. I had the pleasure of knowing and working with Bill for many years. Everyone I ever met who knew Bill liked and trusted him. Whether he was selling to you or selling for you he was doing what was right for you and doing it well. In the office, on the golf course, or over a beer, he was always cheerful and constructive... fun to be with. I'm sure he enriched many lives while he was here. He will be remembered and missed.


Linda Amann-Craite posted on 4/26/18

Dear Dawn, I just heard the news. I'm so very sorry for your loss. I will always appreciate how how easy it was to be with Bill. His smile, his teasing, and his warmth made him such a truly genuine person. He will be missed. Please give Wes and Nikki a hug for me and know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Linda


Ann Van Dunk posted on 4/25/18

Hi Missy, I so hate to write an email to convey my sorrow. I know how terribly you must miss your mom. It sounds like things came about so suddenly and swiftly. Please know that Greg and my prayers are with you and Glen and your kids. So many memories of you as a teenager flood my mind. I ran into her some years ago at a coffee shop and she just beamed talking about you and your family. Joy certainly brought joy. She touched so many. I feel blessed to have crossed paths with her in this life. Best, Ann


Melissa McLaurin posted on 4/25/18

Joy always took care of her little brother.


Rick Deines posted on 4/24/18

On a June evening in 2001, I gave Joy a ride home from the airport. It was time five of us returned from several days of experiencing Samaritan Inns in Washington, D.C. Joy had worked along with me for a few years in the Milwaukee Lutheran Coalition, the ELCA and Greater Milwaukee Synod’s ‘urban ministry strategy.’ That group planted the seed which was to become ‘Serenity Inns.' As we rode toward her home, I asked her about how she thought a Samaritan Inn approach would work in Milwaukee. She immediately and ‘joy'-fully said, ‘Of course. Do you think we can get support?’ I said, ‘Yes, if you would accept being the Executive Director?’ After she took a couple of deep breaths, she bubbled ‘yes, of course.’ That ‘Yes’ became the heart of SI’s mission until 2010. When folks ask how does a dream like Serenity get actualized, I point to that ‘Joy' moment. When she said ‘yes’, I knew Serenity was going to happen, someway, somehow. The internal life of the early years (2002-2010) of Serenity Inns was always a commitment bolstered by ‘hand to mouth’ sustenance. Joy’s work with Ron Jones at Siebert, her staffing beginning with Ellen Blathers and her faithfully establishing the core program of Samaritan Inns as the Serenity approach are a few ways she made it work. Along with Ellen the nitty-grittiy, thankless details that come with working with men in recovery with few resources were owned by Joy on a daily basis. She and Ellen knew commitment. That ‘team’ always showed up. She personally filled SI’s economic needs when gaps appeared between funding cycles. Serenity was her vocation, her ‘call from God.’ That I do not want to forget. That I want you to know and share. We all know the reality of loss. At the same time we know of the kind of acceptance that is possible when we don’t control things. Of course, we wait in anticipation of Joy receiving more of life as we know it. Nevertheless, we claim for her, her family, Serenity Inn, and ourselves the Spirit of life that she will live into. I trust we will be faithful to that memory. I conclude with both sadness and a renewed sense of what a compassion centered life-fulfilled can bring to a community. We continue to be gifted by Joy’s life. Thank you, Joy, and the peace that passes all human understanding keep your heart and mind in Christ Jesus, who you know as your saving presence.


Anne Mitchell Wood posted on 4/23/18

I am heartbroken that Allison has passed. She and I have kept in touch ever since working together at AMC in NY back in the 90’s. We just had lunch last year when she was working for Chico’s, and seeing her was like a breath of fresh air. Her smile would light up a room and she and I reminisced and had a lovely time. I will treasure that visit forever. Please let me know when the memorial service will be. No doubt she is designing better garb for the Angels right now. I will always miss her!


Laura Griffith posted on 4/22/18

I am so sad to hear this news. Ali was such a true friend. We worked together in NYC and stayed in touch ever since. We both shared a love of kayaking and the outdoors. We spoke usually every month or so, I had been trying to reach her. RIP Ali, you will really missed. Rande and all of the family, my h art breaks for you. Rande, if you ever want to talk, don’t hesitate to call me. I wish I was closer so I could offer more. 415-999-0689.



Gary posted on 4/22/18

Bill was a great friend for over 50 years. I will remember our many games of golf. It was great to meet three or four times a year, play golf and share stories of our history and future. Bill and I had two tremendous trips to Europe. We got to share many moments in history and enjoy the cultures we encountered. What made the trips so great was the opportunity to recount the unique nuances of our travels over a cocktail and dinner for years after. I have many pictures and memories of Bill that will remain for the ages. I enjoyed talking sports, politics and religion with Bill. One of many memories is attending a mass at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. For years, we both remarked how special that time and opportunity was. Bill, prepare a 'cold one' and make a tee time


Kimberly Cobb posted on 4/20/18

I will miss you my friend. Rest In Peace.


Judith Woods posted on 4/19/18

To JIm, Margaret and Ron: Please accept my Deepest Sympathy on the passing of your Dad. It sounds like he was a wonderful man. I am glad I was able to be there for you the other day. Keep your cherished Memories tucked in your heart. Sincerely, with Love, Judy Woods.


Rolanda Morgan posted on 4/19/18

Her light has left this life much dimmer yet burns forever luminous and warm in my heart. I will miss you so Ali. Peace and Love to you Rande.


Pete watson posted on 4/18/18

Bill and I became friends in the late 60’s while attending college in Whitewater. Our girl friends (wives) were college roommates. Decades of great times, stories, memories, and way too much laughter followed. You left the world way too soon. See ya, buddy.


JEAN BREIER posted on 4/18/18



Leary Peterson posted on 4/18/18

Bill was the Cummins rep that had the Nordco account and I was their engineering contact. He was always willing to stop in on a moment's notice, answer any questions and provide support for the product. I felt confident that his professional friendly approach would help us resolve any engine issue we had. Rest in peace Bill.


Dave Ver Cauteren posted on 4/18/18

Bill was a very close friend of mine in the many years that he worked for Cummins. I will never forget the good times I had with him working truck shows and having a few drinks after. Then there was his golfing. You could probable still find some of his balls in the woods, pounds and farmers fields. He knew very thing about a Cummins engine and will be mist by his friends at Cummins. May he rest in peace.


Vickie Pullian posted on 4/18/18

Dave was a wonderful kind man, he was my co-worker for about 10 years, you will never meet a nicer person, he became family to me attending my wedding, birthdays, he will truley be missed. Our prayers are with Joan and the family.



Loretta Cole posted on 4/17/18

Some of my most special childhood memories where spent with cousin Billy and his family. He was like the bother I never had, may he rest in pease. My condolences to Dawn and his children. @


Judy posted on 4/17/18

My brother Bill . . . Always supportive to me; fun loving with a subtle sense of humor. I miss him so much. My heart is with Dawn, Wes, Nikki, Grady and Sophie.


Amy posted on 4/16/18

Our lovely Aunty Ali, we miss you so much. We have so many memories we could share and these have been going round our heads since we heard the news. One particular fond memory is coming to visit you in New York and sitting in the front row watching the Lion King musical on Broadway and spending lazy days down at your boat club. I was a little nervous when you suggested kayaking across the Hudson river but I trusted your expertise and we had so much fun! We will miss your kind, caring, bubbly, fun nature but know that you are now at peace and reunited with Nanny, Grandad and Dad. Forever in our hearts, all our love Amy, Paul and Stanley (your great Nephew) xxxx



Susan Sprifke posted on 4/14/18

My dear sister, it's been one year and I still miss you so much...we all do. I so remember your sense of humor your loving ways with your family, Eddie, your girls,all your sweet grandchildren and great-grandchildren too! You will never be will always be in our hearts...tell mom, dad, Sandy & Shaun they are too. Love you forever...your sis, Susie!❤


Ruth Creech posted on 4/14/18

Reading all of the condolences about Ali’s young life are so lovely. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I will never be able to speak with her again. She was the only person I allowed to call me “Ruthy”. I loved her like a sister. We met in 1988 when she was working as head designer at Skyr and I was a new designer hired for another division. When I first saw her she walked into the office carrying a tennis racket and wearing her cute tennis outfit. I recall thinking that we would have absolutely nothing in common and that she was probably stuck-up. For months I went to her for advice on how to use graph paper to design sweaters. I would pop my head into her office all the time to ask her questions, and she was never to busy to help me. She was one of the kindest, most down to earth, people I have ever known. No agendas, just unconditional friendship. As time passed we both went on to other job opportunities but stayed in touch and met for drinks or dinner. I remember at one of Rande’s collective art shows my backpack knocked a piece of art; a 2 foot tall avant-garde stack of plates off the wall, and it crashed to the floor with plates spinning and rolling everywhere. A woman in a black strapless dress, shrieked and ran out of the room, as the people at the show all fell back and looked at Ali and me in amazement. It was like performance art or an episode of Seinfeld. Ali kept insisting that she had knocked it off the wall, to make me feel better. We both knew it was me. She also came to visit me when I moved back to Kentucky and we toured Mammoth Cave. She was amazed at the stalactite room. Then we went white water canoeing on the Elkhorn River in Frankfort KY. It was an amazing experience for me. Because I am handicapped, it was Ali who did all the work paddling. We had martinis together in Hong Kong in honor of our birthdays. We are both quirky October babies and I felt like we were kindred spirits in many ways. Oh! and she loved shrimp and grits at Jack Fryes. But not as much as she loved Rande, her sisters and nieces and nephews and pets. She was so proud of her family. I am so sorry for your loss. For all of our loss. We spoke and emailed for months up until March 25. I wish I had known. Rest in peace dear Alison.


Vince Hawkins posted on 4/10/18

Ali was a warm, loving and caring human being. I always think of her with the upmost affection. I am so shocked and sorrowful.


Lindy Pedder posted on 4/10/18

Although I hadn't seen her during her adult life, I remember Ali well and can recall her going to The USA. I don't know if you remember me. I was at Newtown, Brushwood and Lowndes School, along with, Christine Denham, Jane Nutman & Angie Gilbert, to name a few. Ali being Head Girl for our year and very fondly remembered.


Jane Wood posted on 4/10/18

Alison and I were at school together and I have very fond memories of our times together. Whilst I don’t think we were ever best friends we were always friends and often in the same group and involved in the same things together. She was such a beautiful and gentle girl, always seemed to have a smile and sunny disposition and was so talented at anything artistic. I always aspired to be like her and recall often being quite transfixed (and if I’m honest a bit envious) when at the end of an art lesson, she would produce something quite wonderful. I was quite often at your home on Manor Way too, your lovely dad was for a long while one of my gym coaches and frequently, when I was supposed to be concentrating on planning gymnastic routines, instead Ali and I were off giggling and teenage gossiping instead. Very fond memories indeed. We didn’t remain in contact much as our lives moved on but my mum and yours were friends and so I kept up with Alison’s life and news through conversations they had. Please accepted my sincerest condolences, Alison was a bright, beautiful and talented lady and will be greatly missed by all who’s life she touched.


Quentin St Clare posted on 4/10/18

My abiding memories are of Ali as a creative and happy spirit, not always great at coping with social situations but with a heart full of love and kindness, and with a firm sense of self and where she wanted to be in life. On her 19thbirthday we went to a Gary Numan gig at Friars Aylesbury. She made me a Tubeway Army design red shirt for my birthday and we dressed to the nines (whatever they are). I still have it. (Though I doubt it fits ….) Support was from Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark, then unknown, who had just released their first single, Electricity, which I had bought. They were the loudest thing I had ever heard at that point and we had to listen from the bar. Numan was brilliant and it was one of the most memorable nights of my life. I also remember sitting in the freezing cold several times one winter at the foot of Copperkins Lane whilst she did seemingly endless sketches and paintings of the same set of trees. I have no idea whether they are still there, but I must check this weekend as I am up visiting family who still live in the area. The next birthday I received an A.Durrant original watercolour. I still have it and it is displayed in my music studio at home. She was a very talented and valuable person. I find it hard to believe that is was the end she has come to and that the opportunity to get to know her again has gone forever. It is bittersweet indeed to have all these memories stirred and such a shame it took this to do it.


Christine Denham posted on 4/10/18

I’m writing with my sincerest condolences to all, on learning of the passing of your dear Alison; a great shock to all who knew and admired her from our school days. I remember Ali with such fondness throughout our time at school; from Newtown through Brushwood and then Lowndes. I recall tea visits to Manor Way, and birthday parties there. Ali was one of the kindest, intelligent and most genuine young people I knew. She was so funny but also a sensible girl, and could relate to all. She was thoroughly deserving of her position as Head Girl at Lowndes School; voting for her to gain that post was an easy decision. During that time, I was one of the house captains; part of a little team at Ali’s side. We attended regular meetings with Miss Shaddock (the Deputy Head we were all wary of in the beginning), to discuss upcoming school events, or anything else that may have been relevant to each of our posts. Ali helped make it a pleasure to be involved in meetings with Miss Shaddock and the relationship with her quite pleasantly grew after all! During special school assemblies as part of her role, Ali took position on the main stand to address, or give a reading to all the girls. I think we all dreaded the possibility of having to read out in front of the whole school if Ali was busy elsewhere, but as I recall, this never happened. Ali took her role very seriously and carried out all aspects of it, seemingly with ease. Ali was great company during our school days; she was a beautiful person and I wish I had known her after that time. I wish you, and all Ali’s family and friends, comfort and strength for the difficult times ahead.


Dustin Chapel posted on 4/5/18

You will be missed Brad. You went way too soon. You had a big heart you were quiet, kind, just a good person to know. We made some good memories between you my brother and Sean. Wish we could make more. Always felt like you were a brother and i think u felt the same toward my brother and I. Carry on friend hope to see you again we can do some fishing, grill out, suck some beer and shoot the shit. Until the R. I. P.


Diane Self posted on 4/5/18

I am so sorry for the heartache you are going through.From the time he was born he regularly gave us an adventure .He walked early or should I say ran.Was an invincible toddler trying to drive and locking himself in the car,taking a school bus ride and so much more.It was like baby's day out.He was a bundle of energy.Then he grew up to be such a sweet gentle soul. I will always love and cherish the time I had the privilege to be with him.He will always be in my heart.My love to you Teri,my best friend and sister and to my sweet Amber. I am here always for you. I love you Brad.Forever auntie Dianie.


Duane Kessler posted on 4/5/18

Sorry for your loss my thoughts and prayers are with you. Brad was a dear friend of mine for along time and I'll cherish all my memories and time we spent hanging out fishing and driving our sorts and going to concerts we had so much fun. I'll miss you bud!


Tayotis Caldwell posted on 4/4/18

If it were not for Mrs. Limehouse I would not be the person I am today. Mrs. Limehouse was my 6th grade teacher at Wisconsin Avenue School. She encourgered, nurtured, discipline and loved me I felt as if I were her on son. When I completed my 6th grade year, I vowed to Mrs. Limehouse that I would for other students what she did for me. I basically became a teacher because of a distinguished 6th grade teacher I learned so much for. My heart is broken because I never got to share with her the magnitude of her influence in my life. I know the children in Heaven have just been blessed with a truly talented teacher. Praise God for your words, lessons and gifts - Tayotis


Altanon Garcia posted on 4/4/18

My thoughts and prayers are with you guys as you deal with these most difficult times. Words can't express how it feels to lose someone you love , he is truly in better place now and will continue to shine in light and love , memory's that will pin smiles to our faces and strengthen us even in the darkest of days, Rest in peace Brad.


Steven Dumont posted on 4/4/18

My Unplanned visit to Wisconsin in 2006 was not a planned event to see family, but rather an attempt to meet a potential partner. Well that soon went south and low and behold, my Sister Teri, Brother Tom, and Nephew Brad happen to live in Wisconsin, came to my rescue and they were more than happy to see me as was I. It was a joyess time to see my family and this is where Brad and I totally connected. We are both car guys and at the time he had a 2005 Chrysler SRT-6. It was a sweet ride that I want a ride in but Wisconsin in February is no place for a full-on sport car. The other part of the garage housed a 2006 Mustang Rough Stage III. I was in heaven. The turn of events was so great. We all communed and laughed, drank and ate everything and talked about everything that was manly of which Brad happily contributed too. It was so awesome!!! Brad was such an amazing person who got caught in a bad situation. I will miss him unconditionally. Rest in Peace little Nephew!!! Love you pard


Howie Voelz posted on 4/4/18

To Les: Thanks for being a true friend, for helping when help was needed. Thanks for all the good times we shared. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Thanks for having a sense of humor. Thanks for the laughs we had. Thanks for the many memories. See you down the road, buddy! Howie Voelz


John and Marianne posted on 4/4/18

Teri and Tom our prayers are with you


Kevin and Lori South posted on 4/4/18

Dear Teri and Family, we are so sad and so sorry for this devastating loss you are enduring. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, always!


Kevin and Lori South posted on 4/4/18

Teri and Family, we are so sad and so sorry for this epic loss you are enduring. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, always!


Linda and Tim Wiberg posted on 4/4/18

Teri, my deepest sympathy to you and your family on the loss of your son.


Jennifer Ward posted on 4/3/18

Words can’t express how saddened I am to hear of your loss. I can’t begin to imagine what you are feeling. The loss of someone dear to us is never easy, but may you take comfort in the fact that you are surrounded by people that love and care for you. If there is anything I can do, please don’t hesitate to let me know. My condolences to your family.


Maggie Bergemann posted on 4/3/18

Amber always lovingly called Brad “Brudder” and is the reason I have called my brother the same for years. Brad was always so warm and welcoming, willing to give us rides to terrible rock concerts in high school and joking with us on afternoons after school was out. I remember the best things about him, I remember his laughter, and how much he is loved. My heart breaks that he is gone. I can only imagine he’s catching up with his dad and looking out for his family from some magical other world. All my love to Teri and Amber and the rest of his family. I am thinking of you and Brad always.


Claire Choinsky posted on 4/3/18

Amber and Moms, I am so sorry for your loss. Words cannot describe how much my heart hurts for you. What I remember most about Brad was his laugh. It was always filled with such happiness and playfulness (and a whole lot of teasing). He always treated me and Amber as a fun addition. Whether it was taking us fishing, playing cards or letting us watch him play video games. He truly was an important part of our growing up and will forever be a part of my life. My condolences to you and your family. He has gone too soon but will forever live on in the hearts of all those he touched.


Michaela (Mic) Chapel posted on 4/3/18

I am so sad to hear Brad is gone way too soon. So many great memories including when he would let me drive his Crossfire. Summer cookouts at Tom and Teri’s were the best. Brad was so kind, generous and always laughing. You couldn’t help but laugh with him. We will miss you very much! My thoughts and prayers and with the whole family.


Clinton Chapel posted on 4/3/18

Words cannot describe how sadden I am of your loss. Brad and I did everthing together and I wouldnt be who I am today without him in my life. We loved to fish disc golf and drive fast cars.. Brads was always the fastest. We always had laughs no matter what the activities where. Brad was very smart, kind, and funny. He will be greatly missed. I love you my friend Teri, Tom, Amber, and Sean my deepest sympythy for your loss.


Melissa Garcia posted on 4/3/18

My dear friend, I am so sorry for your loss. My deepest condolences go out to both you and your mom. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Mrs. Teri during this very difficult time.


Peter Gossen posted on 4/3/18

Teri and family, Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this most difficult time. Peter and Carol Gossen


Adrian Anderson posted on 4/3/18



Jodi Stover posted on 4/3/18

Terri, Tom, Amber, Sean and family, my heart is breaking for you. Over the years that I would run into Brad he always said Hello to me. He was so polite and an awesome young man. You are all in my prayers during this difficult time. Pleaase let me know if I can do anything for you. God bless you all!


Brittany Altic posted on 4/3/18

He was a funny person for sure always making jokes my heart goes out to you Teri, Amber.


Christy Schmalxer posted on 4/3/18

I am so sorry for your loss. Your son will be missed by you and so many others. Your memories of him will give you strength in these difficult days. Please accept my condolences.



Lauren Zittel posted on 4/3/18

It was always fun to have Brad over at the apartment or hang out when I went to family events. He was so funny and such a genuinely nice guy. So sad that he is gone too soon.


Ken&marion stawicki posted on 4/3/18

So sorry for your lose our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family


Wendy Lopez posted on 4/3/18

Dear Amber, It is with great sadness that I pass on my deepest condolences to both you and your mom. Although I never had the privilege of meeting your brother, I can only imagine he was as fun, exceptional and remarkable as you. Luis, Caleb, Ava and I send our love, thoughts and support to you and Teri during this very devastating time. I love you forever. “If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together... there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we're apart... I'll always be with you.” ― A.A. Milne


Gilbert Luna posted on 4/3/18

My families hearts are with you and your family. So sorry for your loss. With love and friendship- Gilly


Liz Munoz posted on 4/3/18

Mrs. Teri, extending my deepest sympathy for you in your loss and hoping that comfort and peace may come to you. Amber, the right words can be so hard to find. Simply know that I’m thinking of you every moment.


Katie Palomar posted on 4/3/18

My thoughts and prayers are with you, Teri and Amber. I hope that your memories will bring you peace and comfort in the days ahead.


Youssef Bizri posted on 4/3/18

My deepest condolences to you and your family. Loss is terrible thing to have to endure. Our loved ones are never truly gone, they live with us every day and when we need them we can look to our memories to find warmth and comfort. I hope you find strength in the family and friends around you throughout this difficult time.


Corrine Santos-Rivera posted on 4/3/18

My thoughts and prayers are with you Mrs. Teri and my dear friend Amber in this difficult time. Hugs from California.


Scott Ross posted on 4/3/18

Deepest condolences from my family to yours.


Jay and Helen Wintheiser posted on 4/1/18

Les was always their to answer questions about building our street rod. Les will be truly missed as a friend. We are so happy we were able to see Les before we left for vacation. Jean and family you are in our thoughts and prayers.


Margie Lochowicz Zych posted on 3/31/18

this cute little man was my 2nd father my whole life, he was almost always laughing and smiling, I will always hold this dear in my heart, I love you uncle larry, and will never forget you, rest in peace with your mom and dad....


Billy humsik posted on 3/30/18

Gone but will never be forgotten, see ya later my friend.



Pam Fischer-Ryszkiewicz posted on 3/30/18

Rick was a fun loving good friend..RIP.


Ron and Lynn Kwiatkowski posted on 3/29/18

Our Dear Les, Thank You, for the wonderful memories we have created and shared over the many years of friendship. Although, unable to attend your memorial, we are there in heart and soul. The road trips, holidays, cruises, dinners and laughs shared will be forever priceless and remain with us forever. You will be missed deeply and have left us to early... Hopefully, you are sitting next to your car, enjoying a diet and rum!! Your Friends, Ron and Lynn


Ken, Jr. and Jill Werner posted on 3/29/18

Dear Cousin, brothers and in-laws: Jill and I are so saddened to hear of the very young...of Rick. We feel your grief and will say "goodbye" in our own way. One should never have to suffer the loss of a child, Nanc, and our thoughts go out to you for this unfortunate passing.. Relish every moment with your other children and their children and those of your sister, Jo and Wayne.


Peter Manhoff posted on 3/29/18

Dear Nancy, I heard of the passing of your son Rick from my sister Pat. Dolores and I are very sorry for your loss and will keep you in our prayers.


Bob Blumenberg posted on 3/28/18

My deepest condolences to Jean and family. He was always there when I needed help with one of my 'hot rods' at the Hot Rod Shop in Cudahy. The day my throttle stuck on my '56 Chevy and he was pinned to the wall was one of the scariest days of my life, but Les was back to work a couple days later, although badly bruised, working on my car (a motor mount broke putting it on the hoist causing the motor to run away with itself). He had some beautiful cars over the years and attended our St Francis National Nite Out car show a couple of times and his car and/or truck was always a hit. He will be deeply missed and my prayers go to him and the family. His suffering is over and like someone else said, he's in heaven building his new hot rod.


Catina Breier posted on 3/28/18

Les always had the answer to anything we needed, always willing to help out and just be a good listener. I only have known him for 8 years but they were the best 8 yrs of my life knowing he was in it. I will miss him deeply. Love you so much Dad


Dorothy and Randy Fare posted on 3/28/18

Jean and Les were friends since grade school at Fernwood. We had so much fun getting into trouble passing notes back and fourth. Well..... Les was passing them to Jean and I always got in trouble for passing the note!! Les was so cool, being a little older than the rest of us he had "street smarts". If you has Les as a friend you were also considered cool. He was a great guy, always willing to help. We have such fond memories of Les, his cars and his wonderful life with Jean and the boys. He will be missed by so many people he touched. We all wish he didn't suffer fighting the cancer but now he is not suffering anymore. He is riding a hot rod in heaven!! Love you Les


Cherie Lynn Knight Jones posted on 3/26/18

Oh how sad to see Rosemarie has passed. We met because of our love of family history must be 15 years ago and I had so hoped she would join me in DNA - she will help from heaven. I am at cherielynn25 AT aol DOT com Cherie Lynn Knight Jones also on facebook We share Augusta Rheinhardt and Michael Rademacher and I got all the records from Saalfeld Germany to share with her. She still treasured a letter from my great grandmother to her grandmother and share all those stories with me - So wonderful to have "met" such a special cousin - say hello to everyone for me


Wanetta King posted on 3/25/18

I remember that beautiful smile. One day years ago we were all out to eat and Miata found a older lady and said meet my new friend to all of us. We all were so tickled but that was her spirit. Love you always and forever Mi!


Wanetta King posted on 3/25/18

I remember that beautiful smile! I still see it. One day when we were all out to eat one day Mi found this older lady snd brought her to our table and said meet my new friend. Everyone was so tickled by that. That memory sticks in my head because that was her beautiful spirit. She is my little cousin and I will forever hold her in my my and heart. Love you always and forever baby!


John malik posted on 3/22/18

Since we first found each other my life has changed. Everything we did together was kismet. You are my happiness and heart. When we would cook dinner together with J you told me you truly happy. I will forever miss you and hold you close to my heart.


Jacob Barg posted on 3/18/18

Emma, words cannot express how much this world is going to miss you. It was always so cool running into you around town, over the years, catching up, and just seeing how we had grown as people. The last time I ran into you when I was working at Grant was so cool. I feel lucky to have known you, and to have seen and felt how your laughter could light up a room. My heart and prayers are with Jeremy and your family, you were such an a great mother and awesome friend. Rest In Peace.


Lloyd Oldenburg "Curley" posted on 3/17/18

RIP my dear friend and veteran. Sure glad I got to stop and see you at the VA hospital a while back.Sure do remember a lot of memories from High School. Terry now set forth on your newest horizons. May God keep you in his graces. Bless You!


Jackie Kulba, Regent - JACQUES VIEAU DAR CHAPTER posted on 3/14/18

Dear Michelle and Family, In this sorrowful time, we the Jacques Vieau Chapter of the Daughters of The American Revolution would like to send our heartfelt condolences. Now the angels rejoice as a good soul has finally made its way home! Our sincere sympathy to you and your family at Rosemaries passing.


Joy Yang posted on 3/14/18

The best six grade teacher I ever had


Janelle BeckmannRudolph posted on 3/11/18

I was only informed of Gladys passing this morning. My heart feels sadness for the loss of her presence in the lives of those who knew and loved her, but joy in the knowledge that she is Home with The Lord, whom she so dearly loved. Her gentle nature, caring manner, and beautiful, angelic voice will forever be engraved in our hearts and minds. My family and I met Gladys at church and felt blessed to call her friend for many years. She helped to guide our daughters by acknowledging their gifts and gently redirecting their mistakes. May her family take comfort in the knowledge that she has joined God's angel choir and will be so well remembered by so many


Margie Welniak posted on 3/8/18

I know this is late, but I wanted the family to know how much I will miss Karen. I got to know her at work, (RGIS) and because of our love for yarn, we became fast friends. She even had some of her pieces at my cousin's store in Eagle River a few years back. She had a tough life, but she worked hard and made many people happy with her crocheted gifts.


Ramon Galaviz posted on 3/7/18

Rodriguez Family My sincerest condolences to all of you on the lost of your mother and my Godmother. May she rest in peace. May God be with all of you while you grieve her loss as well as while you celebrate her life. You all are her pride, joy, love and her forever lasting legacy. May she forever be remembered for her charm, charisma, sense of humor, wit and her infectious smile. God Bless you all!!!


Deanna G posted on 3/6/18

Losing a parent and now both has to be the hardest of a lifetime. Hugs to you my dear friend at this difficult time. Prayers said for all of you.


Angel Dequardo posted on 3/6/18

From our concerts and ugly sweaters at the holidays, to our ladies nights and Chill on the Hill... High school and college years aside, Emma you were my first “mom friend.” I’ll never forget strawberry picking with you and JJ the day before Peter’s baby shower or our Metro Market hangs to chat about the kiddos. And if i had to pinpoint one thing, it’s your laugh that I’ll miss the most. Sending my love and light to you and your family.



Dannie & Charlie Scozzari posted on 3/6/18

Dear Debbie, Andy and Phil, We are so sorry to learn of the loss of your mother. Prayers for the family.


Debbie Lanouette posted on 3/6/18

Andy to you and the entire family, you have my deepest Condolences..Many Prayers of peace. Fly with angels!


Alf Gundersen posted on 3/5/18

Emma was one of the kindest, most generous, and thoughtul people I have ever met. I will forever cherish every moment we spent together. Until we meet again on the other side.... May your beautiful soul Reat in Peace.


Garrett McIntosh posted on 3/4/18

Emma I love you, I wish we could have had more time together. You are an amazing person and the world will not be the same without your smiling face and gorgeous eyes. You are missed by all who knew you.



Katy Gorr posted on 3/2/18

Emma was a girl you couldn’t forget about. Even though life got in the way and we lost touch I will always remember your laugh and your hilarious personality. I will forever remember getting ready for Halloween at your parents house and hanging out on the weekends. The world lost someone very special.



Travis Griffin posted on 3/2/18

Rest peacefully Emma. You were always one the intelligent women that I grew up with. You will always be that cool girl! Many prayers for your family.


Jan and Doug posted on 3/1/18

I will always remember the happy, smiling girl who visited the office with her Dad. Our hearts are with you all.


Diane Sutton posted on 2/23/18

Thank you for contacting me. It was good to see you all. Diane


Rashawn McKenzie posted on 2/22/18

Mrs Limehouse was truly the most wonderful role model for me. She saw something in me even at a young age that she wanted me to see within myself. She cared to such about her students and you didn't realize that until you were in her class. I didn't want to leave. I always went back to visit and she loved seeing how I was growing. She had more than a job as a teacher, she held a passion for it. I heart still hurts thinking of her passing. My condolences tok her family, but at the same are so blessed to have had her in your life! To say she was WONDERFUL would be an understatement. Blessings to you and your family. She will never be forgotten in my heart.


Diane Sutton posted on 2/22/18

So sorry for your loss of Mother & Grandma. In our thoughts & prayers. Your cousin & family. Diane


Peggy Dixon posted on 2/22/18

I just wanted to say what a wonderful person Gladys was. She was a member of my church Redemption Lutheran and I got to know her through the church. She was in our choir and had a voice of an angel. She will truly be missed. I work in the office and she would come in during the week and play the piano and sing and what a joy it was for me to listen to her singing. I will truly miss that. God Bless you Gladys.



Andrea Anderson posted on 2/21/18

Dear Lord, Please tell Gladys I love her. I know she is safe with You, but I miss her. Hug her for me, kiss her for me. Tell her that I will see her one day and we will never be separated. Tell her I love her and am so grateful to You for letting her be my sister. Thank You Lord, love Ria


timmy strauss posted on 2/19/18

Your Dad was a very hardworking passionate man who gave so much to our company. I'm grateful I had the pleasure of working with him and getting to know him over the years. He had called me and my brother when he knew his illness got the best of him. He said it was time to be with your Mom. I know he will be forever remembered and greatly missed. I'm thinking of you and your family with a heavy heart. Timmy Strauss



Andrea Anderson posted on 2/19/18

Dear Lord, Please tell my sister I love her and miss her, but am so grateful that she is safe! Tell her that one day the 4 sisters and Mother will be together and live with the rest of our love ones with our Lord for eternity! Thank You Lord for taking care of my sister Gladys for us! I love You for Your love for her! Shalom


Paula Dixson posted on 2/18/18

Ms. Limehouse is the reason I stayed in education; her wisdom and friendship got me through a rough patch in my life. She is greatly missed.


Jenny Rettler posted on 2/17/18

Cyndie, what a beautiful tribute to your Dad! I never had the honor of meeting him, but am thankful he left the legacy of you and your family!


April lecher posted on 2/17/18

I am so glad i had her as my teacher. Even though she always use to say i tought this little girl mommy and daddy.. And i was proud of that, because i got to experience the love she had for her students. I use to always wonder how she was doing and a couple months ago i saw her and i cried cause she was the best teacher i have had


Tom Hage posted on 2/17/18

My thoughts and prayers are with your family Kitty. I remember working with you for our years at St. Philip Neri/Blessed Savior. You were always so helpful. Whenever I asked you to cover a class or do something, you were willing to do it. You will be missed. Tom



Jason Moore posted on 2/16/18

I will miss you forever Aunt Kitty. The memories I do have of you from when I was young will always stay with me and I Love You Aunt Kitty


Casey Duzeski (granddaughter) posted on 2/16/18

Grandma you taught me so many things in life; how to sew (or in my case poke myself repeatedly with a needle and leave it up to you to sew),how to burn popcorn in the microwave and over salt it to get rid of the burned taste, but most importantly you taught me how to love others even when they wronged or hurt you always quoting something from the Bible. You always told me “my little Casey your such a good sweet loving, kind, gentle little girl and I love you.) I will miss you dearly ❤️


melanie duzeski posted on 2/16/18

Mom, Im comforted in knowing you are in heaven. a place where worries anxiety and depression dont exist. Your mind and soul has been set free from the burdens of this world . You will be missed ! As you often reminded me I said as a child ,momma I'ma lova you ! Love Melsie (dad called me)you called me chris , sandy ugh.. Melanie eventually getting it right .


Kathie (Figlesthaler) Riddle posted on 2/15/18

My love and hugs to Uncle Bob and all my cousins. Remembering so many wonderful times together and "Figlesthaler gatherings"


Linda Besting posted on 2/14/18

Sending caring thoughts and deepest condolences to Uncle Bob and to the entire family.



Cory Fantin posted on 2/14/18

I will always remember Kitty's warm and inviting face when she entered the salon. She has touched my mom's heart and also mine. She was a special lady. I will miss seeing her, but I know when I see you girls a part of your mom will be with you. Hugs and kisses.


Dan and Cathy Glisson posted on 2/14/18

My deepest condolences to everyone who knew and loved Kitty, you are all in our prayers.


James Michael Kimball posted on 2/10/18

While I did not get a chance to meet her I Know parts of her family and she was loved by so many I am sorry for the loss of this amazing woman.


Red posted on 2/9/18

The Kent State massacre prompted five drunken stoners to exit Tash's Bar, pile into a VW, and drive non-stop to a DC protest. "Babcock" was noted for instigating unruly behavior, but he always managed to get us home safely, much like a loving big brother. We miss that, Bro & may you forever ride the storm..


David Karas posted on 2/6/18

Randy was my college orientation roommate at Wisconsin State University-Oshkosh in 1968, even though we were just starting college he already New where all the good bars were located thanks to his older friends from Wauwatosa. It was quite an experience for me as I was still 17, after the first night Randy asked if he could borrow $5 from me, and so started a long and eventful friendship, Rest In Peace pal.


Andrew Bleick (Hoops Buddy) posted on 2/6/18

I have hundreds of memories of Randy. He was the first person I meet my first day of college in 1968. I heard him talking in the dormitory room across the hall (bragging) of his exploits the previous evening at a bar called the "Cove". I thought to myself that's where I want to go tonight. When Randy, Dale Rusch and Bruce Whitehead left for the Cove that evening I followed them about a half a block behind. I entered the bar and went down the steps to find Randy waiting for me. He yelled at me " are you following us"? I replied I was because I didn't know where the bar was. He asked "Do you like to drink beer which I replied that I did". He said O.K. you can sit with us. We bonded that night and became great friends for the rest of his life. I could post hundreds of these but that was the first!


Linda Holden posted on 1/26/18

My mom was was with me when I took my first breath, and I was with her when she took her last breath. RIP my beautiful mom!


Julie Lemieux posted on 1/26/18

Sending along my condolences to all who loved her. Linda and Ruben, so sorry for your loss.


Craig Pelnar posted on 1/25/18

My most sincere condolences to all of you. I am praying for God to comfort you...


Dawn posted on 1/14/18

It was a very good day the day we met you. Through all that you went thru you were always thinking of others. You were always there for a friend or family member. The world got a little darker without you, Scott always said the good die young and unfortunately you just proved that to be true. Miss you.


Lin Johnson posted on 1/13/18

I always enjoyed my visits with "Mom Doris", which I always called her. She never missed sending me a Birthday card, Christmas card or just a card to say Hi. It was always nice to hear from her and I enjoyed sending cards back. "With lots of love and prayers - Be at peace with your beloved Ed - Mom Doris". Love Lin


Pam Greenwell posted on 1/9/18

You are missed. You may be gone, but you'll be forever in our hearts.



Cindy Swift posted on 1/9/18

You will be missed! Your life was cut to short!


Sandy Henk posted on 1/9/18

I miss you soooo much , I would give anything to hold you in my arms again . You were my world my soulmate . I love you with all my heart always have and always will . I have a big hole in my chest from where my heart use to be , I gave it to you a long time ago and you will forever have it . This hurts so much sometimes the pain is unbearable . I am trying to be strong , I have my ups and downs and doing the best I can . Just know you are my one and only and I will forever Love You !!


Michael posted on 1/3/18

Sorry for your loss Nicole. I know how much you cared for your Uncle. My condolences.


April Bergemann posted on 1/2/18

I'm sorry to hear of Tom's passing. I will remember him as a friendly easy-going man who enjoyed life and cared for his family.


Victor posted on 12/30/17

You have my deepest sympathy on your immeasurable loss. Life is so short and those we lose are gone from our lives too quickly. God’s promise to empty the grave in the near future is found at Hosea 13:14. “From the power of the Grave I will redeem them; from death I recover them.” May the true God of loyal love comfort you during your time of sorrow.


Jeff Herbert posted on 12/29/17

Dear Dad... Rest in peace as you well deserve and earned it from working so hard to make sure we were all raised from childhood to adulthood in a safe environment and a roof over our heads. We are all proud of you and thank you more than you would ever have been able to realize. You will be missed but never forgotten and always loved in our hearts and memory. May God bless you and rejoin you with our other afterlife family members and pets for comfort and happiness. Just remember these words in your afterlife... "I LOVE YOU"..... THANK YOU from my heart for being my "Dad".


Evelyn Hooser posted on 12/28/17

Will miss listening to Marty and hearing your laugh Millie.


Joe Bloechl posted on 12/23/17

Precious Sister Millie (Mildred) - I miss you!! Small mementos left behind are safely tucked away, precious memories are in my heart to stay. Brother ~ Sep


Michele Morris posted on 12/15/17

Dear Tina, I can hear your family's love so strong in what you wrote about your son. You are each in my thoughts and prayers, that you will each have all the comfort and strength you need. - Michele Morris


Susan labonte posted on 12/13/17

I was sorry to hear about your tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I wish you love strength and peace at this trying time.


Lisa Taormina posted on 12/13/17

Thinking of you and your family, Tina. Sending you hugs and strength at this sad time.


Matt Miller posted on 12/13/17

So sorry for your loss. :-( Rob was a good musician and a good friend to all!


Mari Irish posted on 12/12/17

Forever and Always


Zylkas posted on 12/12/17

So sorry for your loss - thoughts and prayers are with you and the family !!!


Paul & Heidi Krause posted on 12/3/17

Paul and i will really miss seeing George at church. He always had interesting stories to tell. He will be missed . Sorry for your lose. We believe he will be in heaven with his mom and dad. Paul and Heidi Krause.


Linda & Gary Landowski posted on 11/28/17

We're truly saddened at the loss of our Beautiful Phyllis. Sending our Prayers and heartfelt sympathy to all that know her. She had that ageless, fun loving spirit. She will be missed but never forgotten. Heaven is a lot brighter with Phyliss there.



Linda & Gary Landowski posted on 11/28/17

Our heartfelt love and care goes out to all that know our spunky, fun Phyllis. We felt she'd live forever. She was the most fun loving, ageless beautiful soul I ever met. Heaven will be a lot brighter with our beloved Phyliss up there. RIP. Beautiful, Phyllis. We love and miss you. You will never be forgotten.


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Lis posted on 11/17/17

My mama


Jo A Gyzinski and Jacek Odoner posted on 11/9/17



David Korth posted on 11/8/17

This Man was an inspiration to all of us who knew him. his whole heart was seen thru his guitar. I had the privilege of being roomates with him and shawn sean??


David Korth posted on 11/8/17

I cant do this now. im in shock. I just want to hear "What if nobody sees you burn"


June Yenter posted on 11/7/17

My heart is hurting today, as I find out that Ellen passed away. I met Ellen and Seppo in 2011 at Unity Church. Ever since Ellen has been very dear to me. Seppo, I know that words mean very little at a time like this. Know that you are in my heart and in my prayers, and that Ellen will always be a part of my closely-held memories. I am sending you not only my condolences; but, also my prayers that God will help you through this very difficult time.


Roger T. Zeratsky posted on 10/31/17

Was a great guy always liked his stories will have fond memories My condolence to Winnie ,Dan, Mike ,Anne and all the family


Mark Nisenbaum posted on 10/28/17

Ed, May God be with you and your family always and especially during these tough times. You have our Sympathy. Mark Nisenbaum and Family


Kathy Porchetta Beinlich posted on 10/25/17

What a wonderful mom you have! My sister Gloria was disabled and Karen and her would go to the dances together. Your mom was always helping Gloria too and picked her up for all the dances. She also helped my mom out a lot, taking her places(she did not drive). Our family is very grateful for all she did for us. Our deepest sympathy to all of you. Cherish all her wonderful memories. What a great person to have known!


Donna, Amy, Katy, Claire and Randy Parker posted on 10/24/17

At dear Katie’s passing we have many thoughts and emotions—sorrow, bittersweet memories, and joy all mixed up. What a beautiful and sweet spirit! Katie’s spirit always shined forth with love and care for others. Her strength of character and her physical strength were remarkable. She was not only a cancer survivor, but shortly after a radical mastectomy, she returned to work requiring her to carry heavy trays. She was a loving wife to Ed even in difficult times. As a mother, her love was lavished on her four children. She was an exceptional mother for Karen, a child with a severe disability. And she was a wonderful mother to three other incredible children who are her living legacy. Your spirit lives on in our memories and in God’s eternal embrace. Donna, Amy, Katy, Claire and Randy Parker


Bernard (Bernie) Everett Ver Haagh posted on 10/23/17

My Brother Ted got me off the farm. Our dad Ted Sr. told us farming is a slow death. I've since learned that if one likes his/her job they'll never have to work a day the rest of their life.


mary westring posted on 10/21/17

Ted was/is a good soul. A loving husband who supported his wife's work, gave his children the certainty that they are capable and worthy, was steadfast, committed, loving, kind, the hardest worker, funny, patient, understanding. He will be missed by all whose lives he touched. God speed, Ted.


Kay Littlefield posted on 10/21/17

Heidi and I met in about 1957 when we were both students at UW--M. We've shared many experiences together and was one of the most intelligent people I know. If I had a problem, I knew Heidi would have the knowledge and insight to help me with it. Her family meant a lot to her, and she treasured their times together, especially around her beautifully decorated Christmas tree.


Kay Littlefield posted on 10/21/17




James Westring posted on 10/19/17

Ted has always been quiet but I remember mostly his sense of humor! And his patience! He never seemed to get upset or agitated. I felt welcome and accepted with him. I've always enjoyed visiting: it occurred to me that a lot of my experiences with Ted involved being outside: the cabin, the pontoon, fishing, jumping in the Peshtigo river, and other activities. This chapter of my life with Ted has ended. God speed Uncle Ted.



Michelle Freyre posted on 10/19/17

Celebrating your new life with Jesus Grace and peace to those you’ve left behind



Michelle Freyre posted on 10/19/17

Celebrating your new life with Jesus


Lisa Pierce posted on 10/18/17

I met Heidi at Pilot International Midwest District. She was always so very positive and joyful! It was an honor to see her bestowed with the Jean Larson Enthusiasm Award in April 2017. She will be deeply missed. May God bring you comfort and peace.


Vicky Fecteau/Williams posted on 10/15/17

Ryck was a special person. We kept in touch through out the years. He was kind, passionate and talented. My prayers sent to his family. I am deeply honored to have known him.


MeLinda posted on 10/13/17

How my soul cries out for you. You always gave me the best of you. Your family & your friends knew that you loved them completely. Thank you for filling my life with music. You made our dreams come true, and created a romantic fairy tale life. Through you, I learned what love really is. It's a good thing that you left me your Angels Tanya & Angela-they really help. Remember where our meeting spot is. I love you always.


Randy Nice posted on 10/11/17

Ryck my brother you will be missed. In 1980 we rented a condo in Hartland which turned out to be a bad idea for the landlord who lived next door, Ryck liked to play his guitar loud and I of course liked to play my drums equally as loud needless to say we couldn't hear the landlord banging on the wall until we stopped playing for a minute. He didn't seem to appreciate our art as much as our little audience we always had visiting us. He was a unique individual and I always enjoyed his quick wit and unusual spin on things. I will always cherish the memories we created as young aspiring rock star's and the mayham that followed us. I will see you on the other side my friend. Condolences to Tanya his best friend and family and friends. Gone way too soon.


Jym Mooney posted on 10/11/17

Ryck had a tremendous influence on so many people. I met him when I moved back to Sussex in 1973. I had just begun writing songs, and was pretty raw indeed. Ryck invited me over to his house. He had a primitive recording studio in his basement - a corner surrounded by an old shower curtain, with two tape decks that he would record back and forth on to do overdubs. He had me sing one of my songs, then he added lead guitar, bass, and harmony vocals. I was amazed. He made my song bloom! His encouragement was pivotal in driving me forward with my music, and I have always appreciated him for that. Thank you, Ryck!


Mom posted on 10/10/17

If you know Ryck you know everything Tanya said is so true. Tanya, you are your dads, and you will have a part of him with you always. His flesh and blood. That makes me happy to know, when I see you I see a part of him. When others see you they see a part of him. I love you and can not express enough just how proud I am of you and all that you did to care for your dad, you were there, doing anything and everything that needed to be done. Your dad was proud, I am proud. Everyone he touched will carry that gift with them always too. He lives on, in the hearts and minds of so many. Love you babe.



Penney Kloepfer posted on 10/10/17

May all who loved Ryck remember the amazing, giving, loving, funny man he always was


Tanya Kapp posted on 10/10/17

You were the greatest dad. You were my best friend. I miss you more than anything that I could ever put to words. We really were the coolest father daughter pair. You were a wonderful friend to my friends and always an awesome father to anyone that didn't have one. I learned so much and loved so much and laughed so much, with you. I could only wish for more time because nothing could have made our lives better except that. We were fine as long as we could talk about it. We could solve nearly any problem in the world and if we couldn't, at least we could have a great time making fun of it. It's the hardest thing in the universe, to say goodbye to you. It's a cruel world that would take you from me like this, but I go on as your daughter, your protege, as your little clone, and I will be the best me that I can, in your honor and with your pride in me and love for me in my heart, forever. You gave me so much more than any material object, you taught me everything just by being a good human. I love you so freakin' much.


lisa posted on 10/10/17

Tanya, Sorry for you loss. Your dad sure was special to you


David Wangerin posted on 10/6/17

Tomorrow will be one year since your passing. Joan the days and months may come and go but you will never be forgotten. We all love and miss you!


JR Saugstad "step dad" posted on 10/6/17

Adam, you and Tiff were part of the package deal when I married your mother. I can thank the two of you for me wanting to have more kids. I have so many memories that will never be forgotten. The cross country and swim meets (I never realized how much exercise parents got when they chase around the course at a cross country meet or how hot a pool area could get in the middle of winter). How about the morning I cut my hand open cutting the bagel for Derek. Getting you to school then off to get stiches. Trips to Florida or just the splashing in the pool. The life guard training classes were you finally realized how good at swimming you really were. Comparing yourself to Mike all the time and not realizing you were an excellent swimmer until you became a life guard. You were a big brother that all your siblings are proud of. Your care for everyone around, you never wanted to see anyone suffer. Thank you for our last supper together. That evening will always be remembered. Your plans to make those around you even better will always be remembered. Thank you for sharing what we had. I know you always wanted to do better and you appreciated all the help your mother and I gave you. Your pain was great. Now you can make sure my mom and Heather’s dad are behaving or is it the other way around. Love you Adam


TJ Meyers-Jansky posted on 10/4/17

Adam, you will forever be my "little man" no matter how much taller you were than me. As you grew, my shoulders became the resting place for your arms. You always made sure, where ever we were, to find something to remind me how short I was...including calling me from accross the store in "hurry get here" voice only to see you with your red face and shagrin standing next to the display head and footboard set a foot apart. You thought you were so funny...and yes, you were. When God provides life gifts, you are the best one he has ever sent my way. We have a special, unconditional bond noone can ever break. You provided a life and love in my heart and soul never to be duplicated. As a step-parent, there are many uncertainties. With you, I had none. Your family was the most important piece of your existence. When you loved, you loved with all of you, not just a part of you. The beauty within you will forever be a lasting tatoo in my mind, heart, and soul. My love for you is deeper than the ocean floor, higher than the tallest mountain, and surpasses the infinite span of the sunrise and sunset. Whether on the phone in silence, drawing cartoons, camping, fishing, attending sporting events, or playing pool, our smiles and laughter were endless. Not all was rosey, yet when there were tough times, we never gave up on each other and talked it through until once again we returned to smiles and laughter. I am so very proud of your ability to do the same with others; family, friends, and coworkers, so they could experience some of what I had. You brought great joy to my life and all those who had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with you. You will never truly be gone...only your earthly presence. I shall carry you in my heart and memories shared for the rest of my lifetime. I love you soooooo very much. I will "see you later" in the clouds.


Heather Saugstad posted on 10/3/17

My first born, my baby, my angel. You were a gift from God and I knew you would be an extraordinary man. You gave so much of yourself freely without selfishness and helped those who needed you. Your smile lit up a room and I always knew when that grin turned mischievous. I will miss teasing you about your hair color and wondering how much hair dye droplets I will find on either the wall or mirror. Or when you would say Aunt Jude will like it. I will miss your infectious laugh that just made me smile and forgot all the problems for awhile. Adam you were a great son I could've asked for, I am proud of the man you had become, you were my friend, and my angel. I love you so much, I will miss you with all my heart and soul. I'll wait to see the signs you are around watching over us. This is not goodbye as you will always be in my heart and memories. I will love you forever, I can't wait until I am with you again to hold my angel. Love always and forever. Mom



Kandy L Bohentin (Nemetz) posted on 10/3/17

So Very sorry for your loss....


mike bott posted on 9/30/17

my condolence to Susie's family. Both her and Gary's families were close to my families. my prayers are with all


Kathy Gasper posted on 9/20/17

Dave was a true friend and will greatly missed. We had a lot of great times starting with surviving at Marquette as study buddies. As part of that journey he met his future wife Ginny accidently at my place while we were celebrating the end of a grueling semester. Over the years, we have maintained our friendship by sharing vacations in Hawaii, Myrtle Beach, Hampton Beach and St. Petersburg- needless to say we all loved walking on the beach. Dave’s culinary skills always made it fun to share fantastic meals. His dry sense of humor always kept us laughing and he maintained his humor until the very end. We will miss you Dave!



Marie Hoffman posted on 9/18/17

I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Dave. I have fond and fun memories of our time at Miller Brewing Company in the i.S. department back in the good old days. My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time.


Stephen Dachel posted on 9/18/17

The "MNF boyz" will always remember our gracious host at "The Grotto" on the lower level at Balsam Ct. We fondly referred to him as "uncle Dave" and I'm sure I speak for all of us in expressing our sincere gratitude to him for putting up with us week after week, year after year. Those wonderful, memorable times will be cherished forever! Rest in peace uncle Dave!


Evelyn Hall posted on 9/16/17

May the resurrection hope, mentioned in God's word the Bible, be of comfort at this time, to the family & friends.


Evelyn Hall/ Jacksonville Fl. posted on 9/16/17

May the resurrection hope, mentioned in God's word the Bible, be of comfort at this time, to the family & friends.


Paul Sucherman posted on 9/16/17

Deloris made a huge impression on me, though I only met her a couple of times...I know she will be sorely missed...her grace, her warmth and her humor were abundant. I am keeping her and her family in my thoughts and prayers.


Craig Tate posted on 9/16/17

Eric, you and your family are in our prayers.


Marcia Matsen posted on 9/16/17

So very sorry for your loss Eric and the entire Hervey Family. She was the heart of the family.


Debra Gordon posted on 9/15/17

I worked with Bobbie for many years and became friends out side of work .I have great memories of her fun loving spirit and her love and kindness shown to all that knew her Bobbie was a true and devoted friend to me until the end. Much love to you and your family Bobbie( From the Muhammad and Gordon Family)


Linda Fletcher posted on 9/15/17

In Memory of a life lived with a dynamic spirit, charisma and a beautiful smile..Bobbie


Audrice Gold posted on 9/14/17

It has been years since I have seen or spoken to Bobbi. Seeing her photo brought a smile to my face. I remember the passion she displayed when she spoke and how she always managed to keep people laughing. It was always a pleasure for me to be in her presence. She is loved by many! I know my mother (Brenda) will miss her dearly. May your strength be found in the strength she had to live life full of love, joy and laughter. God Bless You


Connie Williams posted on 9/14/17

My heart & soul goes out to your all. I have such fond memories of my little auntie growing up. She was the good babysitter (smile). I loved watching those sisters interact when they were together, a lot of love there. She resting in God's ultimate love now.



Patricia Coy posted on 9/14/17

I remember how Bobbie was always such a loving, caring person even as a young adult till now. Bobbie have touched many people’s lives and will be missed. Much Love Ann



Rose Fletcher- Norman posted on 9/13/17

I will Always remember Bobbie with a Warm Smile and a Loving Personally. Love Rose Fletcher-Norman & Family


Elizabeth LaPine posted on 8/27/17

Donath: So sorry for your loss. I am sorry we didn't know about it or we would have come to the services. Great, fun memories from our Florida time. Dave and Liz LaPine


Frank Charles posted on 8/26/17

Don was the first and best full time drummer in my band while we were in High School. He will always be in my memory...a great guy!!!


Lisa Jackson posted on 8/25/17

I never met Don, but only heard wonderful things about him. My heart goes out to his family.


Don and Jackie Kohl, from Florida posted on 8/25/17

Farewells to dear friends are not easy. One 0f Don's(aka) Beaver) favorite sayings was "God Bless". Sadly we now say God Speed to our dear friend and it isn't easy. Jackie and I were introduced to Don and Donath by a mutual friend in the early 60's. We hit it off well and that was the start of our friendship. Don wasn't much of an outdoorsman, but he was game. I introduced him to the Canadian experience of canoeing, fishing, and portaging. When fishing Don was very good at casting his line into the trees on shore. When it came to an evening campfire, he was very helpful. He tried cutting a large tree with a small axe. That's where he got the handle "Beaver". We'll all miss this wonderful man. Til we meet again, God bless and God speed to dear friend Beaver. Our sincere condolences to our dear friend Donath and her beautiful family.


Bernice Wroten posted on 8/22/17

Tomorrow is the day,lord help all of us.



Steven Charles posted on 8/22/17

Anyone fortunate to have heard your voice or laugh, would never forget it. You were the cornerstone to our large family. It covers many different ages, states, paths in life, etc and you had a heart big enuff for us all. I am fortunate to call you grandma / Mother Bernice, you will be so missed. Rest in Peace and Love



Eileen Janick posted on 8/21/17



Lissia Matuszewski posted on 8/20/17

R.I.P Denis, my condolences to my friend Tracy and family.


Diana Barnett posted on 8/20/17

Heavenly Father please look over my family.........many are lost, others in denial, some suffering in silence without direction. We've been here too often...Dear Lord, my Mother was a pillar of strength more than most realized. RIP Mom!



Mrs Bernice Wroten posted on 8/20/17

Our mother is at peace now..... We all will miss u mama



Mrs Bernice Wroten posted on 8/20/17

You will be missed.


Shaun posted on 8/20/17

Granny, I miss you so much. You were my rider!!! No one can replace you!!!!



BERNICE posted on 8/20/17

miss u mama



Shaun Jayden Peterson posted on 8/20/17

I love you so much Granny!!!! I miss you!!!! Deidra says HI!!!



Deidra Wroten posted on 8/19/17

I remember when I used to visit you and you used to grin from ear to ear thinking I was Latoya, then you would stop grinning and stare for another 30 seconds start right back grinning and reach for me to give you a hug, we would sit there for hours talking and telling stories, I love you so much my Queen R.I.P



MRS. BERNICE WROTEN posted on 8/19/17



Shaun Peterson posted on 8/19/17

You face is in my voice in my ears...telling me what to do...and never run from my fears...i remember everything you taught me...and every time you fought for me...even all the times...they didn't know you caught me...


MRS. BERNICE WROTEN posted on 8/19/17

Don't tell me to get over it, Don't tell me to be strong, Don't tell me time's a healer, Don't tell me to move on, I need my time to grieve, I need my time alone, No one else can rush me, I need to do this on my own, Yes, it may take a while, Yes, it may take years, Yes, I may shout and scream, And cry so many tears, But only when I am ready, Not because you tell me so, For when the time is right, I will be the one to know.



MRS. BERNICE WROTEN posted on 8/19/17

T o the queen of my life,now my king and queen are gone, with my lord and savior Jesus Christ. lord please give me strength to bear all of this pain.


Stephanie Jones posted on 8/18/17

I will miss you forever, when l heard your voice on the phone it always made me feel better,l will always miss our talks,Thank you for your love,over the years,l love you,you taught me more then you know,love you RIP.


Stephanie Jones posted on 8/18/17

I will miss you forever, when l heard your voice on the phone it always made me feel better,l will always miss our talks,Thank you for your love,over the years,l lover you MaMa,RIL.


Madlene Bledsoe posted on 8/18/17

To my Grandmother AKA Mother Bernice!! I will miss you! You will always be in my heart not only because of who you are but if it was not for you I would have not have known.......and that's between you and I......LOVE your first born Granddaughter!!!!!!



Shaun Peterson posted on 8/18/17

All the days on 42nd street talking to you after school and on the weekends. I spent so much time listening to your stories and talking about random things. We had so much fun together. I love you Granny.


Bambi Butzlaff Voss posted on 8/14/17

Fred, Judi, Charlie and Snoop Dog were all neighbors of ours in Nashotah. They lived across the street and as years went by our friendship grew. We loved their company, hospitality and interesting conversation. We felt so sad when they lost Charlie and now even more sad with the loss of Fred. However, we take comfort in knowing they are together in a better place. You could have not asked for better neighbors. We miss Fred deeply, his beautiful prairie, his love for: Judi, others, Snoopy, nature and how he would always brighten our days. We were truly very blessed to know such a wonderful man. I'm crying as I write this because there was only one such Fred. We shared a common background of growing up on a farm cheering on those Michigan State Spartans and for celebrating life. He is already deeply missed, but may we remember the example he set: seeing the good, living each day to the fullest and loving life even when times are so very hard.


Cindy/ jim swift posted on 8/8/17

Uncle Denis I will miss dearly, but I am thankful for the time we got to spend together before u got to sick. Rest In Peace. Love ❤️ u will miss u.



Sandy Svitak posted on 8/3/17

Joe and I spent many Christmas days with Diane, Barb and her family. There was always so much good food and good times. She was a good friend to me. I miss her. Sandy


Dennis Ziegler posted on 8/3/17

She was the only one who could call me Denny. My Mom's best friend and her sheep head partner for about 60 years. Ann was the best girlfriend Mom could ever wish for and we will all miss her. May you "Rest in Peace"



Mary Jean Jacobson posted on 8/2/17

Diane was a loving, caring and fun mom. In summer she took Barb and me swimming at the public pool and to State Fair. We always had so much fun.



Mary Jean Jacobson posted on 8/2/17

Diane was a caring, loving & fun mom. In summer she took Barb & me swimming at the public pool and to State Fair. We always had so much fun.


Mary Jean Jacobson posted on 8/2/17

Barb, my best friend, you have my heartfelt sympathy. Your mom was a second mom to me. She, along with your grandma, always made me feel so much a part of your family. I have so many precious memories of your mom. Always know I am here for you. I am only a phone call or text away. I love you, bestie. Mary Jean


Judy C. (Steiner) Marino posted on 8/2/17

Beautiful photo! My memory is a little foggy but since I went to school w/ Jan since kindergarten, I do believe Ann accompanied us on field trips from time to time, along w/ Mrs. Occhetti & Mrs. Thayer, in grade school. My personal knowledge of Ann is limited, but knowing Jan all these years, I know she had to be a wonderful woman because Jan is one of the nicest, most talented people I know. RIP dear Ann!! Love & hugs to the family.


Mary Ann G. posted on 8/1/17

It was fitting that Paula passed away on Independence Day. She was a very INDEPENDENT LADY!!


Mary Ann G posted on 7/31/17

Aggie was Paula's next door neighbor at Lake Country Rehab. She passed away in May at "96" years. They spent quite a bit of time together,


Sister Diana Brocard posted on 7/31/17

We will all miss our brother and his sharing heart. I know he is at peace and with his SAVIOR!


Sister Diana Brocard posted on 7/31/17

Jameson was a dear brother and we will all miss his sharing heart. I know he is with his SAVIOR and at peace.


Mary Ann G posted on 7/31/17

Paula shared another major event with others...her 101st birthday


Linda Snyder posted on 7/30/17

Rest In Peace with our Lord, Betty. You were a dear friend for many years. I will miss you in person but never in spirit.


Lynn Stanton posted on 7/28/17

i admired Paula for staying true to herself. She was a very strong willed, intelligent and kind lady. I remember one day she called me to come visit her. She had bought something and I just had to come see it. It was her first orchid. She kept it alive for quite sometime with an ice cube to keep it properly watered. She enjoyed her sleep, privacy, didn't gossip, liked to try new snack foods, good pizza and watching tv news, QVC and sports. She reminded me a lot of my mom who I had lost. They had April B days and were both strong loving woman. She was a great person and friend. I will miss her. My sympathy to her dear granddaughter Kris.


Mary Ann G posted on 7/27/17

Celebrating the start of 2017.. Go Paula!!


Mary Ann G posted on 7/27/17

You were a great neighbor & friend. You are missed but never forgotten. . Love always...R.I.P


Mary Ann Grabmeier posted on 7/22/17

"Tuffy Tufts" ..was fearless in sports & was also in the Drama Club


Mary Ann Grabmeier posted on 7/22/17

Who's wearing those Foster Grants??


Katie Pionkoski posted on 7/20/17

Fred and Judi were our wonderful loving friends for more than 30 years.Before our kids were born! We will never forget the joy the day Charlie came home. Prettiest boy baby ever! We spent Christmases together, fun in Door County, movies, dinners, theater, oh so many wonderful times! many game nights at Fred and Judi's. Delicious dinner served, then time to get down to business and play a game. Will never forget the night they taught Jimmy and me Rummikub. Turns out this rookie won the first game! Fred was beside himself. Our kids were friends, which delighted us all. One night we were at Fred and Judi's, Charlie played his guitar and sang one of his songs, just to the moon, we were.Smart and so sassy! One of my favorite memories. Jim, Casey and I were watching Who Wants To Be a Millionaire. Casey was probably about 8 or 9. Contestant was asked if he'd like to phone a friend. Casey literally shouted: "I would call Freddy Bessette!" We will never forget this extraordinary guy and exceptional friend. Love you so much, Judi!


Angie Fusco posted on 7/18/17

I have had the honor of knowing Fred and Judi since 2009. In this time I have come to know them both as wonderful friends me adpoted family! Fred was a wonderful, honorable and compassionate soul. He cared for all but doted on Judi; like a wonderful friend, companion and husband should. His courageous battle against cancer never dulled his sense of humor, compassion or love. He never once gave up or caved in, and he always put his care and concern for Judi above his own. I will miss him and his majestic laugh, his witty humor and his humility! "There are times when we will experience heartbreaking sorrow, when we will grieve and when we may be tested to our limits. However, such difficulties allow us to change for the better, to rebuild our lives in the way Our Heavenly Father teaches us, and to become something different from what we were - better than what we were, more understanding than what we were, more empathetic than what we were, with stronger testimonies than we had before." Thank you for being a part of my life Fred! I am better from knowing you! Love, peace and strength to you Judi so that you can continue to be a testimony of strength, courage and love to others, Love you friend!


Sharon (Allen) Kuipers posted on 7/14/17

Linda was my best friend when we lived in Escanaba. We were in 3rd grade. We rode our bikes to the beach and took dance lessons together. We were pen pals for many years after we both moved away.


Hartland Fire Chief Dave Dean posted on 7/13/17

What a wonderful and classy lady. She could always bring a smile or a chuckle to your face. We will miss her at HFD. Rest in peace


Mary Ann Grabmeier posted on 7/13/17

101st birthday celebration with former friend from Matthew's (Delores)


Melissa, Pierre and Paige Rhynes posted on 7/13/17

Kris, your grandmother was lucky to have such a caring and dutiful granddaughter like you. She will be missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing her. Our most sincere sympathy.


Mary Ann Grabmeier posted on 7/12/17

Kris, please accept my greatest sympathy again, for the loss of Paula. She was a great friend & neighbor & I know she loved you a lot.



Mary Ann Grabmeier posted on 7/12/17

Paula wasn't just my neighbor, she was a spunky lady who sometimes had a way of keeping us from getting to involved in her personal affairs. She became a great friend over the years. I will miss her a great deal, however I'm glad she is now at peace and reunited with family.


Linda Lee Kosidowski posted on 7/5/17

To our Dear Aunt Jeanie, you will be missed. You were always so much fun to be around. Until we meet again RIH. Linda & Rhonda



Losty Demon posted on 7/1/17

You will always be remembered by many of us in SL we were your other family and greatly loved hugs my sl son Vlad Demon


Losty Demon posted on 7/1/17

I heard today of the lose of a very good man to some he made many smile hugs you will be greatly missed but you will always be with us in our hearts



Karl Fiedler posted on 6/30/17

The memories of all the good times we had will be with me forever. You were always the life of the party. RIH



Brenda Fiedler posted on 6/30/17

You will live forever in my heart Aunt Jeanie. Love you always RIH



Charlene Everman posted on 6/30/17

The fun times we had at the villard bar rest in peace



SANDRA HEINZ posted on 6/30/17

This candle will bring us together again someday. for you and you alone. love sandy


TOM AND SANDY HEINZ posted on 6/30/17

For my beloved sister Even tho your gone you will always be in my heart. We will be together again someday Always loved you and always will Your loving sister sandy


Tracy posted on 6/30/17



Rick Shea posted on 6/30/17

love you jeanie always



Rick Shea posted on 6/30/17

love you jeanie you were always my fav anutie and will always be till we meet again rih i love you


rick shea posted on 6/30/17

love you jeanie you were always my fav anutie and will never never be 4gotten love you with all my heart ill see you again soon till then rih


Karren Vetter-Shantz posted on 6/29/17

I was Daniel's fifth grade teacher. I remember Daniel as a very sweet, kind, and hard working young man. I remember when he told me that he liked to sail with his family. My husband and I had a sail boat at that time, and Daniel and I would share some sailboat stories. I am deeply saddened by Daniel's passing. My heart goes out to Sharon and her family. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.


Joan Fairchild posted on 6/28/17

I knew Daniel mostly from hearing about him from Sharon. I was lucky enough to finally meet this special young man. I am sending my thoughts and prayers to the family especially Sharon. Maybe Mike and Daniel are sailing together. Love Joan


Helen Lambron posted on 6/28/17

My deepest sympathy to you all. May his memory be eternal...his smile and laughter always in so many hearts. Hugs to you.



Jim & Sandy posted on 6/28/17

We watched Dan grow into a fine young man. Our hearts are with you from next door.


Jim and Sharon Koier posted on 6/28/17

Dan was our next door neighbor. He was a bright, friendly and endearing young man. When we moved in next door he was only 7 and he loved to ask questions. Lots of questions about almost anything! Down his driveway he would go on his bike and turn and come up ours when we sat outside. He had a little man's confidence that we always got a kick out of. We had a German Shepherd when we moved here named Teddy that at first could be a little intimidating but quickly won over the 3 Jeffery boys when he would run to see them in their yard. Seems Ted thought of them as his masters as well. Dan helped us with dog sitting, shoveling etc. Dan and Dave would talk car problems with Jim and he loved to be able to have a tool they might need. Happy memories, happy times. We so wish that to be in the thoughts of all who knew and loved him. Wishing the Jeffery family peace and love and most of all, the happy memories.


Betty Linton posted on 6/27/17

Kind polite young man. Always ready to say Hello to the older neighbors. He always waved back when Harvey or I waved to him. My heart aches for your loss.


Deb Myers Swope posted on 6/27/17

My heart aches for you Mia and Joel, Amy, Cynthia and Myles. Even though she has left a break in your hearts, I believe just as Linda did, she is at peace now. Mia, Joel and Amy, I simply cannot find the words to tell you how very proud I am of all three of you, for your strength, and your support of each other. Every parent prays for their children to become the kind of wonderful people you three have become. Your dear Mother was so blessed to have you and my sweet children so am I. You all are always in my heart and my prayers. I love you.


Caden Franklin (Catlyn Slaski) posted on 6/27/17

You were one of my favorite people in highschool. You always made me laugh and everyone around you. I will miss you more than you know.


Lariah Allen posted on 6/27/17

Daniel, I will surely miss you. You always had me laughing. We grew up together, I remember all the times you would lay in bed with me and sydni and we would fall asleep watching family guy. You will never be forgotten. I love you


Jake Drake posted on 6/26/17

So mamy times we called eachother brothers. Thru thick and thin for the better or worse you were always there. The countless hours spent talking about life and our dreams and what were doing. This isnt goodbye love u always



Casey posted on 6/26/17

me sexy twin as we called each other i remeber us sitting togather in health class and both laughing during the sex ed part i remeber when we found out that your dad worked for my grandpa when we saw each other at the house for humanity thing they had in honor of my grandpa i remeber us standing in the cold wisconsin winter to pick up our call pf duty mw3 preorders togather i love you and miss you bro



Casey Riske posted on 6/26/17

me sexy twin as we called each other i remeber us sitting togather in health class and both laughing during the sex ed part i remeber when we found out that your dad worked for my grandpa when we saw each other at the house for humanity thing they had in honor of my grandpa i remeber us standing in the cold wisconsin winter to pick up our call pf duty mw3 preorders togather i love you and miss you bro



Casey riske posted on 6/26/17

Daniel Jeffery me sexy twin as we called each other I love you and miss you



Amber Dahl posted on 6/26/17

love and miss you Dan ❤️



Amber posted on 6/26/17

love and miss you Dan ❤️


Linda Mendez posted on 6/17/17

My thoughts and prayers are with the family. Sending hugs and kisses. Sorry we couldn't be with all of you. Uncle George meant a lot to us. Love to all.


Rose Karl posted on 6/8/17

Deb, Jen and family I was saddened to hear of Larry's passing. He was a gentle, kind and inspirational human being someone that I would certainly strive to be like. I always felt welcomed in your home by Larry and remember the occasions we celebrated when employed at TRG. I wish we would have kept in contact. I will always remember Larry with a smile on his face nothing seemed to get him down or discourage him. My prayers and thoughts are with the Raschella family.


Obit User posted on 6/1/17

My dear friend Deb, Jen & Kurt, Anna & Sawyer my heart felt sadness cannot be expressed with words because the lost has a void in so many hearts but more importantly yours. My prayer is that in time the happy loving memories I know were shared through the many years will help to comfort you. I will forever miss Larry. The way Larry showed his kindness to me was in a way very few people I have known has. For many years I shot sporting clays with Larry and Debbie as well as other friends. Week after week I shot with a gun that didn’t fit me correctly. My hand would quickly turn black and blue from the trigger guard hitting it with every shot. In spite of that I kept shooting and improving but had trouble with certain types of shots. Larry wanting to help me improve noticed my hand and was shocked that I keep shooting when something was obviously wrong. He watched me shoot and very quickly realized what was happening and knowing he could fix it asked if he could have my gun to make adjustments. From that day on I’ve been so thankful I can do something that I still enjoy but now painless because of Larry’s extraordinary kindness. I have witnessed his admirable soft spoken positive attitude, sincere patience, unconditional encouragement as well as been gifted with receiving for which I will hold as a special memory. Love and Prayers, Judy Ristow


Sherrie Thompson posted on 5/23/17

Barb and I had so many adventures together. One of our favorites to talk about was when we were in our early 20s and we went on our first horseback ride. Barb got on her horse and took off like a shot, galloping at full speed. I was amazed, I thought to myself 'wow is she good' - while I was struggling to just get my horse to walk! I'd kick him like you're supposed to do, yell, nothing worked. I got off my horse and started leading him, and while he was slowly walking I'd quick get in the saddle and low and behold he'd stop again! I think finally a stable hand gave him a slap on the rear and finally started ambling along. When I finally caught up to Barb, besides wondering where I was, she all red faced and out of breath and I asked her what happened. Well come to find out she didn't know how to ride at all and said she was holding on to the reins and the saddle horn for dear life hoping against hope she wouldn't fall off!!! I was laughing so hard and she was near tears and angry at the same time, but in time we were both able to laugh at this memory as we have done many many times throughout the years. This is just one of many memories I have with Barb - she was my very best friend. She was funny, loyal, generous, everything you'd want in a friend and I already miss her so much. I hope she's looking down on all of us and smiling. You were the best Barb and I love you always. ❤️


Cindy Randall-Sereal posted on 5/22/17

Sincere condolences from the Randall and Sereal family.


Stephanie Hull posted on 5/14/17

It's Mother's Day and I have been having a very tough day. Typically you and I would have been hanging out baking or just making each other laugh. There is so much I miss about you every day. I just wish I could talk to you one last time and get your hugs and here your laugh. I love you mom and Happy Mother's day to you!


Linda Stamp posted on 5/11/17

Mom, Today and always your memory will be cherished and held in our hearts <3 I love you.



Veromica posted on 5/2/17

My condolences to you and your family at this time. I am truly sorry to here of your loss of husband.


Karen Thon posted on 5/1/17

Boy, we sure had some good times, fishing, cooking meals, eating out, playing cards. Those times will not be forgotten. Sheldon and Karen will miss those times with you. Also you had some crazy jokes to tell. Condolences to you boys and families.


BarbO posted on 4/27/17

Biggest ears ever!!!


Lowanda Lee posted on 4/27/17




Ryan posted on 4/27/17

Tom was the epitome of a "man's man" work, sports, beer. He had a heart of gold, and would do anything for those he cared for. I wish I could've known him better. To the Lady Schmitts (Karen, Jennifer, and Miranda) - I am truly sorry for your loss.


Susan Sprifke (Jones) posted on 4/26/17

My dear sister Debbie, I will always remember a cute very blonde little girl that grew into a beautiful strong woman...I have so many memories of you and those I will keep always in my heart as well as you! You are out of pain, at peace and please know you are loved and always will be.❤...until we all are together again, I love and miss you , rest in peace dear sister❤❤❤


Cliff T posted on 4/25/17

Tom was my friend and right hand Man! I miss him so much already !


Marianne Bindrich posted on 4/25/17

We got to chat with Tom almost every day. His genuine smile and his always willing to work with us has always been appreciated. We will surely miss Tom.



Laura Erdmann posted on 4/25/17

My dear sister Debbie I miss you so much. I will always remember the good times we had growing up and the fun we had. Our Heavenly Father took you home to soon but I understand your not in pain anymore. Give Mom , Dad, Sandi and Shaun a kiss and a hug for us ,we will see you again. Love you so very much. Laurie and Steve.


Dr. Jim Jones posted on 4/25/17

Dearest Debbie, my younger Sister and friend. The troubles of this world are off your shoulders and you are now in the presence of our Lord and Savior, Mom, Dad and Sandy!!! Though he called you home much too soon, we take comfort in the knowledge he has a wonderful plan for you. I will forever have those memories of us growing up and keeping our parents on their toes. I clearly remember the day you lost your two front teeth on the front concrete steps in Wauwatosa, at the age of two. Dad teased you for a long time after that. You grew up to be a beautiful young woman and went on to become a loving Mother and Wife. I miss you terribly and look forward to the day we will be together once again. Rest well my Sister and know that you will be missed everyday. I will always love you and remember all the good times we had. Your loving older, and "only" Brother, Jim and Bob too!!


Stephanie Hull posted on 4/24/17

To my Mother but also my Best Friend you will forever be apart of me and I will cherish forever these 25 years we got to share together. I miss calling you all the time even when I don't have anything to talk about and coming over your house everyday. Mason also misses you and looks for you all the time but I believe he knows what's going on with his "yaya" but I will make sure he remembers you and all the fun things you guys use to do. Thank you for working so hard for us girls and doing everything you could do. I wish to be the mother you were for us for my son. I Love You! See you Later. Your youngest Stephanie (Pony).



Karen Schied posted on 4/24/17

Debbie, you are not hurting anymore, I understand...but God took you home way to soon. I miss you terribly, your caring, your quick wit, your sensitivity to others...and so many other attributes. My sweet sister, life here will never be the same without you, at least I have all those memories of you growing up from that cute little "toehead" into a beautiful young lady and then motherhood, grandma and great-grandmother. You were also a wonderful sister, aunt, sister-n-law and niece to many. Everyone who came in contact with you loved and accepted you immediately. I loved you then and now and always will. Til we meet again, sweetheart, your memory will live with me and Dwayne forever.


Sarah Cook posted on 4/22/17

I have fondly thought of Dolores over the years. She was our "Christmas greeter" in my store for a number of years, and also took care of my daughter a few times too. My sympathies to her family. She was a great gal and I know she will be missed.


Silvia Marini posted on 4/22/17

We knew Dolores loved our daughter very much. We will all miss her a lot. She was a special grandma.


Silvia Marini posted on 4/22/17

We knew you loved our daughter very much. We will all miss you for that. Julio and Silvia



Nicole Pundsack posted on 4/14/17

Derek, I am sorry for your loss. Sending my thoughts and prayers to you and your family.


Vicky Spahn posted on 4/5/17

JoAnn, Chuck, and family, We are so sorry for your loss. Put your faith and trust in the Lord to help you find strength and loving support from friends and family through this difficult time. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Vicky & Kevin Spahn


James P Cigainero posted on 4/4/17

JoAnn I am very sorry for you and your family's loss, please know you and your family are in my prayers during this difficult time,


Peggy and Dan Knuese posted on 4/4/17

JoAnn and Chuck, both Dan and I wish to express our deepest condolence with the passing of your Mother. May you and your entire family find strength from our Lord at this very difficult time. God Bless Peggy and Dan Knuese



Jeannette Gerl Olson posted on 3/24/17

I was a classmate of Ginny's at WHS. She was such a special person. I was so looking forward to seeing her at our 50th reunion this June. My deepest condolences to her family. I'm sending you my thoughts and prayers. God bless.



Jeannette Gerl Olson posted on 3/24/17

I was a classmate of Ginny's at WHS. She was such a sweet, kind and caring girl who I liked very much. I was so looking forward to seeing her at our 50th class reunion in June. My deepest condolences to her family for your incredible loss. May you find peace in all of your beautiful memories. Sending your prayers. God bless.


Lisa Koren Turner posted on 3/24/17

Jean it was so obvious the love you shared with your dad. Safe trip back to Virginia.


Michael & Joann Anderson posted on 3/17/17

Please accept our condolences. Your family was such a big part of my childhood. Grace will be fondly remembered. I would have liked to pay my respects in person but I am unable to attend due to a recent hip replacement


Debbie Malzewski posted on 3/16/17

Mark, My deepest sympathy to you and your family. May God send his peace to you all.


Amy posted on 3/15/17

Grandma, You're the best grandma in the entire world and I love you so much. I'm so thankful at how close we were and I'll hold you so close to my heart, your memory will live with me forever. I am thankful for you in so many different ways. Thank you for always being there when I needed you. I love you so much! Dominic will continue to bake cookies and tell our favorite stories of you! We love you Grandma!



Mary Lanehart posted on 3/15/17

Awe, I enjoyed every moment of you being my mother in-law. I'm going to miss those every blue moon talks. You encouraged me so much. Thank you, and I will always love you


Barb & Rich Robey posted on 3/15/17

We want to express our sympathy and let you all know that our thoughts are with you. We know your family is surrounded by love during this difficult time. We were lucky to have know Grace, and to have the benefit of her good stories, her great cooking, and her outstanding Christmas Cookies.


Michele green posted on 3/15/17

So sorry for your loss. I only knew Grama Grace from all the loving things Natalie shared - especially her meatballs


Cousin Lynn, Bo and Chelsey and Grace posted on 3/15/17

When we lose a loved one here on earth, we gain an angel in heaven that watches over us. A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts and minds, through us, they live on. May you take comfort in knowing that you have an angel to watch over you now. We extend our most sincere condolences to the family during this time. She will definitely be missed by many. Much Love.


Donna Sanicola posted on 3/15/17

Judy I just found out about John. There are so many memories since we were young I will never forget John. He was one of the great ones in this world.If you need anything I'll be there for you. My prayers are to you Mark,Candee and their Family


Debra Lynn Howard posted on 3/14/17

So sorry for your loss. All my thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Have many many happy memories of my Uncle John... Love, Moose


Jackie Kraemer Lewin. posted on 3/14/17

Sending all my love, hugs, thoughts and prayers to the family. I remember Mr. Appenzeller taking Candee and I duck hunting.... only once. He was a brave man taking us !!!! Lots of great memories growing up with your family !!! Mr. Appenzeller is guarding the gates of Heaven !!!! Thank you Sir for your service !!! Semper Fi


Nancy West posted on 3/12/17

My seeet sister, I thank you for being you. You found sunshine when it rained. You lifted family n friends up . Ginny - you helped everyone when even when much was on your own plate - and- you smiled . I thank you to the other side ! No one would want a better sister .


Don, Kari, Colten, and Travis Brickler posted on 3/10/17


Mary Halase posted on 3/8/17

Iam so sorry for the Passing of your Wife and mother Of your children .May Ginny rest peacefully with out any pain May God give you the Stenght to get through these. Dark days


Mary Ann Palen posted on 3/8/17

So very sorry for your loss. She is now at peace.



Love,John ,Donna, & Ryan Viertel posted on 3/8/17

Sorry for your loss


Stephanie hall posted on 3/8/17

I have know you since I was little. You always been good to me and my sisters. You will live in my heart always and forever.



Stephanie hall posted on 3/8/17

I have know you since I was little. You always have been good to my sisters and I. You will be miss by many. You will live in my heart always and forever.


Trent posted on 3/7/17

Many years ago Kathy managed our beer tent at Summerfest. She was extremely friendly and caring. She watched out for our group like a mother hen. She called us the shirts because we always wore colorful Hawaiian shirts. She scolded us when we were a little out of hand and laughed with us at the zillions of crazy things that can happen at the Fest. We will toast this wonderful woman at Summerfest this year. She passed away way, way, too early. Thank you Kathy for everything. VERY SAD.


Chris Bates posted on 3/6/17

Cathy Is One Heck of a Gal I Know her from working @ Summerfest for Goolsbys Always saying Hi to me Joke around & when I had a problem she Helped me & caching People giving a free beer away WOW She Handed it like a PRO & Kick the crap out of them HAHA I will miss You My Good friend


Bilal Garner and Family posted on 3/6/17

She was the very first person to give me a chance to prove that I could handle myself in the workplace environment. She was so kind and caring and always put a smile on my face. ALWAYS. I'm at an utter loss for words and I pray for the absolute best for her family and friends.


Jeff and Nadine Ausen posted on 3/5/17

We want to express our condolences to all those who loved Kathy. Though we did not know her personally, we know that she was precious to her daughters, grandson, and others. May God keep you close during this hard time, and comfort you all with His love.



Sandy & John Zellmer posted on 3/2/17

Jean & family, Our deepest sympathy in the loss of your Mom. Know she is in peace with God. Much, love, Sandy & John Zellmer


Julie Smith (Schreiber) posted on 3/1/17

I will always think fondly of your mother. Condolences to Jean and Ted and your families.


Irene Gagnon posted on 2/28/17

My deepest sympathy, love, and prayers to all of Kathy's family. I am so sad for their loss.


Jody Horn posted on 2/28/17

I was shocked and saddened to hear of Kathy's passing. My deepest condolences go out to Anne, Jean, their parents and to Kathy's children & grand children. My heart is broken for them.


Judy (steiner) Marino posted on 2/28/17

I am deeply saddened by the loss of Kathy, Anne's little sister & good friend to everyone. Wish I could have had the chance to see and/or talk with her since I've been back in Wisconsin. Rest in peace "little Markie" and know you have left a mark on this world and will truly be missed!


LaVae (Collins) Robinson posted on 2/27/17

Jeannie & Family, My deepest sympathies in the loss of your sister.



Lorelei Macia posted on 2/27/17

R.I.P. Kathy my prayers and love is with your family


Cathy Drasch posted on 2/27/17

Such a great person, accepting of everyone! Your heavenly future awaits!


Paula (Herman) Zimmer posted on 2/22/17

Ed and Rhonda and the entire family, Rich and I are so sorry to hear about the loss of Conrad. We will both forever have a place in our hearts for Conrad for what he did for Rich all those years ago.



Mary beth Tomasino posted on 2/20/17

Rest in peace my friend. You will truly be missed.


Nicki posted on 2/19/17

There will always be words left unsaid and memories that we never got to make. I'll always wish for one more hug, one more kiss, one more hand squeeze, or one more day.but know ill cherish every memorie we did get to make. I hope you know how much you'll always mean to me. I love you dad, love your pumpkin head.


Harold Janikowski posted on 2/18/17

Con was my younger brother, and growing up, he always wanted to go where I went. He was always in my shadow. Love you Con, you will be deeply missed. my shadows.


Harold Janikowski posted on 2/18/17

Conrad is my younger brother, and where I went, he wanted to go. He always tagged behind me. Con, you will be deeply missed. Love you.


Faustino posted on 2/14/17

It’s really a great and useful piece of information. I’m glad that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.


Roy Brent posted on 2/7/17

Joel was a very key member of my AMF Bowlero team during my tenure. In the 40+ years I worked in the bowling business and thousands and thousands of employees I supervised, Joel will always rank in the top three. He was absolutely awesome! I'll miss you my friend.


Brian posted on 2/5/17

My grandmother will be missed so much, she was a lady that showed so much love and good advice. R.I.P. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS. Brian.


Brian posted on 2/5/17

My grandmother was a good lady I was honor to know and loved. She was a lady with so much good advice and love to share from her heart. May my grandmother R.I.P. I LOVE YOU. Your grandson Brian


April posted on 1/28/17

I thank God for sharing your spirit with me and my girls, we ALL benifeted from your presence in THIS world. Thank you Debbie for ALWAYS being a great friend. Your children are from your breath and will continue to breathe for you...I will love you always


Gladys Collins posted on 1/28/17

Sorry for your loss. Rest In Peace Debbie.



Naomi & Adam White posted on 1/28/17

I am so sorry for your loss ... gone much too soon She's your angel now Prayers and comfort sent your way



Laurie Witte (Mark, Garrett, and Ella) posted on 1/28/17

"I Can Only Imagine....." We'll help whenever and wherever with the 3 D's. A promise to you years ago walking down our street together. My heart is broken, but yet knowing you're in no more pain helps ease the pain. RIP dear friend.......<


Evelyn Maloney posted on 1/26/17

Helen and Patty, (I am so sorry to hear of your Mom's passing, Always playing bridge with your Mom was much fun, Have been wondering about Her for awhile, since no word from Helen, May She rest in peace,


Kim Polzin posted on 1/26/17

Joel, no more pain. I love you.


Your loving daughter, Gerelle posted on 1/26/17

Love to you forever my beautiful 'Mother' - God absolutely created 'you' beautifully; one day I will see you again - this is what our Heavenly Father (Jehovah God) promised 'all' his faithful children; until then, love, love, love!


Denise Eden posted on 1/25/17

My sister a noble wife and mother. God who thought best to take you from this world of sorrow to a lovely place of rest. Safe in the arms of Jesus where other family greeted you as you crossed over. I heard the wings of the bird flapping sis when I received the call. You let me know it was okay and that feather left behind was part of that angel wing to reassure me it was good..You did your best girl now take your rest. I love you but God loved you best. Your sister NECI Eden and nephew Howard, Visalia California


Laurie Gill posted on 1/23/17

Rest in Peace little brother. May God's angels carry you safely to your new home. All my love.


Sabrina Larson posted on 1/23/17

Dear Helen & Pat, My Condolences on the passing of your Mom. Although it's been many years..... I remember your Mom as being quite a firecracker and full of energy. My thoughts and prayers are with you.You hold a special place in my heart :) Sincerely, Sabrina Larson


Amy Ponchot (Budjac) posted on 1/13/17

Rest in Heaven Joel. You were a good man and my lifetime friend Kim's Husband...I know you will be watching over your family, providing them their own personal Guardian Angel.


Jennifer & Neil Reinke posted on 1/13/17

Our love and sympathy to you and your family. He was one of a kind, and will be missed


Barbara and Roger Piotrowski posted on 1/12/17

Kim and family, we are so sorry for your loss. You all are in our thoughts and prayers .


Robert posted on 1/12/17

May you find peace in heaven



Robin Glazer posted on 1/9/17

Thank you for the love you have always shown.



Sister pat niemi haislmaier posted on 1/6/17

There's so many she was an awesome person and so kind hearted and was like a sister to me but everytime i was with her was a good memory


Kathy Mayberry posted on 1/4/17

I miss you Curly, I miss our conversations about the Bible. I will be seeing you soon in the Resurrection which is 'Just Around the Corner' I love you Kathy


Sharon Frahm Sorensen posted on 12/10/16

"I give you this one thought to keep, I am with you still I do not sleep I am a thousands winds that blow, I am the diamond glints on the snow I am the sunlight on the ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn rain, when you waken in the morning hush, I am the swift uplifting rush. of quiet birds in circle flight, I am the soft stars that shine at night do not think of me as gone, I am with you still in each new dawn." Miles always had a way of making you laugh and a way of not letting you forget him. My deepest sympathy to you and your family.



Tony Alvarez posted on 12/9/16

You were more than a friend you were my brother. U help me grow up u was the best think that happen to me growing up.


Teri (Mueller) O'Keefe posted on 12/9/16

JoAnn,Kurt,Pam,and Jerry Jr. sorry to hear about your lost. Remember the Christmas Eves with all the family crammed in Gramma and Grampa's house. Hope those memories help you through this holiday season. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Teri



Tom and grace hernandez posted on 12/7/16

We will miss his smiling face ,and warm hearted friendship .


chris wargin posted on 12/6/16

"Mr. Miller" was my foundry instructor in my foundry apprentice along with his partners Ernie Shnook and Larry Kapal. Jerry was a true teacher and a great friend. I owe this man everything I am and my career. Because of him I have been in the foundry industry now for 34 years and am a plant manager. God bless this man and guide him to your light as he did this young apprentice


Cynthia Porter posted on 12/6/16

My thoughts and prayers are with your entire family at this difficult time. May you find peace and comfort in the upcoming holiday season and in the love you all share. You are an amazing family and I know you are all Gloria's proudest accomplishments!


Gary & Lenny Remondino posted on 12/5/16

Our love is with all of you today and always -


Fran Tollefson posted on 12/4/16

Chris, Please accept our sincere condolences. Ron was a great guy. Smart, unique, always with a smile and kind word. Growing up across the Avenue from him was a real experience for our family. He learned as a young boy how to entertain the neighborhood kids, include everyone and how to get a nickel or dime out of us to see his magic shows in the garage. He was so lucky to have you in his life. The last years were difficult but you stood by his side and were such a faithful wife. Remember we are here for you.


Dennis Glutz posted on 12/3/16

Jim and Kitty, so very sorry for your loss


Debbie Bastone-Sowa posted on 12/2/16

To the whole Cirra family, You are in our thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. Your mom was a beautiful lady and her love and beauty shines in all of you. Wishing you peace and love.


Lianne Moser posted on 12/2/16

Gloria was quite the lady. Never knew anyone with more spunk and boy could she play cards! I will miss her dearly. Prayers to the entire Cirra family.


Shelly Brandis posted on 12/2/16

Although this is a tearful time right now, as the days come and go it is the memories of your Mom that will bring a smile to your face again. My deepest condolences.


Debra Gavin posted on 12/2/16

I'm so sorry for your family but so great full for the memories I have ! My prayers are with you all !



Mark Damore posted on 12/2/16

Rest In Peace aunt Gloria. You are with my beautiful wife Terri loving Damore in the arms of Jesus in heaven.



Kristen Cirra posted on 12/1/16

All my love to you and the family


Cindy DeLany posted on 12/1/16

Alan and Laura, so very sorry for your loss. Prayers for both of you and your family.


Cindy Salentine posted on 12/1/16

Alan, Laura and family, Scott and I are very sorry for your loss. If any of you need anything, please let us know. We are here for you.


Gordon Goggin posted on 12/1/16

Heaven has welcomed a new angel and I'm sure she has the good Lord laughing at some of her stories! We will all miss her!


Joseph Sorrenti posted on 11/27/16

Ron, we grew up together from around 5 or 6 years old, we've stayed friends all these years, we enjoyed may times together through out our lives, way too many to list here. I know that the last few years have been hard and now you have moved on to the next stage. Rest In Peace my friend, I will forever miss you. God bless you. Love you Ron, Joe Sorrenti


Cindy Barton posted on 11/21/16

This is for Ron " Free at last, Free at last, Thanks God, I'm Free at last.


Jenny Will posted on 11/21/16

Chris, I am so sorry for your loss. Keeping you and your family in my prayers.


Victoria posted on 11/18/16

Chris, my deepest condolences to you on your loss. I will lift you and your family in my prayers.


Rich &a Patti Kaczanowski posted on 11/16/16

Mary, Michelle and families.....Rich and I were so sorry to learn of Gene's passing. We have so many fond memories of times spent with him and your Mom - golfing, playing cards, going out to dinners. We tried contacting him the last two years when we were in WI but we're not able to do so. We think of your folks often. May Gene Rest In Peace.


Kristin Morehouse posted on 11/8/16

So very sorry for your loss...


Diane White posted on 11/4/16

I can only imagine how beautiful you are in Heaven Dear Phillis....because you were so joyous, loving, and beautiful on earth. xoxo


Peg Mayer posted on 11/2/16

I remember Phyllis as lovely, warm, spiritual and 'spirited'. She was always a lady......a lady with an engaging smile, wonderful sense of humor, a generous sense oh giving and an appreciation for life. I feel fortunate to have known her. My sincere sympathy to Paul, Marcia, Mark, Eileen and all the family.,


Chandra Fojut posted on 10/23/16

I Love you and Miss you Grandma! I miss your presence and seeing your beautiful face as you would turn to see who was at the door from the kitchen. I will miss doing your Pedicures and pampering you when needed. Your at peace now and in the Lords Presence. I Love you very much and you are greatly missed❤️ Chandra your flower child.


Vanna Martinez posted on 10/23/16

Love you grandma Tiny you are greatly missed. You were the best grandma a granddaughter could ask for. I thank God for all the years that I got to spend with you. You were truly a blessing to me and babe aka McKenzie. You will always be with us in spirit and in our hearts. RIP


Zipporah Edwards posted on 10/23/16

I love you Grandma Tiny. You were.the the best grandmother anyone could ever have. I love you and miss you. I'm glad you are at peace now with Jesus and Grandpa. Thank you for everything you have done for me and being the backbone of the family and keeping us together. U will be missed greatly. ❤


Zipporah Edwards posted on 10/23/16

I love you Grandma Tiny. You were.the best grandmother a person could ever have. I'm glad GOD placed you in my life. You were the best. I'm glad you are in a better place and you are at peace now. Hug and kiss grandad for me. ❤


Tamara Edwards. (Tam) posted on 10/23/16

I love you Mom and miss you very much, you were the best mom we could ever have. God said it is time to come home now (Tiny). I love Mom and miss you so much Tam.


Stephanie Barr-Butler posted on 10/21/16

i will always love and miss you mother, we really know that you were the best mom a person could have, thank you for being you, thank God for you.


Chuck Smith posted on 10/21/16

A great father, to a great family. He will be missed. Blessing to all of the lives he continues to touch forever...


James Vodnik posted on 10/21/16

A wonderful man who lived life well has left us and will be greatly missed. Werner you were a terrific uncle, great friend, a good boss and a shrewd card player. So many great memories of our family gatherings. Rest in peace.


Pat Culotti posted on 10/21/16

Sending love and healing to all. May heaven rejoice with their new partner.


Mary Kruk (DiDi Hopping) posted on 10/21/16

Many from Maple Grove have called her Momma G. I am included in those blessed to have had her for a second mom! She taught me to bake bread (as well as other yummy goodies). She taught me to sew. She taught me to counted cross stitch. Funny story. She always considered me a somewhat stubborb child, so it was no suprise to her when I wanted her to teach me counted cross stiching and she told me to pick out a little pattern and she would teach me. I came back with a very intricate, large 8 x 10 pattern (maybe bigger). She shook her head and tried to explain that I needed to start out small or I would get bored and wouldn't finish it. She was right, I was a stubborn child. She finally said ok but that she didn't think I would ever finish it. Well, it was on. I was going to prove to her that I wouldn't get bored and I would finish it. She would just shake her head and smile as I stubbornly worked on it. I think the day I showed her that I had finished, probably a couple of years later, she was shocked. I told her it was because she had challeneged me that I did finally finish it. If she hadn't, I probably would not have. She helped make me who I am today, and I will be forever thankful to have grown up in a neighborhood like ours, where our parents got involved in each others kids' lives. Thank you Momma G for being a mentor and a loving second mom to me! I will miss my little "hola momma". ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡


Valda Pakalns posted on 10/21/16

So very sorry for your family's loss. We know of Werner through Mary Jo. He sounds like an amazing man with great perseverance and resilience--a very gentle and kind spirit. May your memories of him give you great comfort, as well as the knowledge that he would want you all to go forward with your lives with great joy and peace. Comforting hugs to the entire family. Tom Devine and Valda Pakalns


Amy Long posted on 10/20/16

Mrs. Geppert was one of my most favorite ladies growing up. She was like a second mom. She always made me feel welcome and loved in her home. She called me the neighborhood pet, which made me feel immensely special. She was a gem and treasure. My heart and love go out to her family. I know she is up in heaven with all the greats that beat her to the pearly gates! Your smile and warmth will never be forgotten Mamma G.



Tonya Morris posted on 10/18/16

We will always have fun memories of our deer hunters weekends with you Aunt Pat, craft fairing, Bingo, sitting in someone else's car...Rest In Peace TONYA, KYLIE,SUMMER,AUTUMN



Tonya Morris posted on 10/18/16

You will be dearly missed... We have many fun memories of our deer hunters weekends craft fairing and Bingo.... Tonya,Kylie,Summer,Autumn


Karin Grant posted on 10/17/16

So sorry to hear of your mom's passing. May your wonderful memories of her keep her close to your heart. God Bless.


Laurie Garrett posted on 10/17/16

My deepest sympathy to you Sue and her grandchildren. She adored the grandchildren very much. They were her world! Hold on to the many memeories and she will always be close to you in your heart..She will always be you ANGEL from above looking over all of you..



Laurie Garrett posted on 10/17/16

I am so sorry for your loss of your mom..I know she adored her grandchildren and they meant the world to her..She will always be with you all through the years of memories..hold tight on those memories a nd she will always be in your heart 4 ever!! My deepest condolences..


Ashley posted on 10/13/16

Grandma, it's still hard to believe that you are gone. I will miss you more than you will ever know. We all love you very much'


Diane posted on 10/12/16

Great party memories. ..thanks for always making us feel welcome. You will be missed but not forgotten ♡ love the Mindts


Dave Wangerin posted on 10/12/16

Joan you will be greatly missed. Love you!


Phil Kirchmeier posted on 10/11/16

A military service and inurnment will take place October 21, 10am at Southern Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Union Grove, WI


Janet Westberg posted on 9/23/16

Judy was more like a great cousin than an aunt. She was one very special lady


Christine (Klein) Ehr posted on 9/16/16

Judy was definitely my second mom growing up. She will be missed by many. Lori and Wayne I am so sorry for you loss.


Alzheimer's Association of Southeastern Wisconsin posted on 9/14/16

On behalf of everyone here at the Alzheimer's Association - thank you so much for thinking of us at this time of loss to your family. Memorial donations made in Lorly's name will be put to immediate use serving families and supporting research. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Tom Hlavacek, Executive Director


Eric Von & Faithe Colas posted on 8/25/16

My husband and I never met Beth, but we know her mother. Karen, our hearts and prayers are with you and your family. You are in my thoughts my friend, my sister in Christ. Psalm 23:4


Matthew Barr posted on 8/24/16

Growing up I had a little sister, I spent so much time at the Gehrke's house that Beth became like an older sister. Always giving Matt and I advice on how to stay out trouble or even how to get out of trouble. Thanks Beth. My sincere condolences to the Van Ert and Gehrke families.


John Enright posted on 8/21/16

Sorry to hear of Linda's passing. We think of Kevin and Linda often. Your family is in our prayers. John & Lyn Enright


Carin Gannon posted on 8/2/16

Very sorry for your loss. May your grief be short and your memories long


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