Condolences for Egon Hans Grothe


Mike Hetzel posted on 1/27/22

Egon was a kind and and thoughtful man. He was a leader and did not mix words. I sincerly regret not seeing more of Him. I got to know him later in life but he left me a better man just knowing him, particularly, talking baseball. I will miss him and I wish I had stopped by to just talk talk more than I did. Chris you are a Saint and caregiver as I have become one also......See you in Union Grove in June.



John Lotzer posted on 1/26/22

Egon was an asset to all of us in aviation. He truly loved all things aviation. I worked as a service provider at both Timmerman Airport and Crites Field in Waukesha. I often traveled to both of those airports in the same day and many times encountered Egon's smiling face at both airports! Egon was a very supportive friend and customer, always sharing good news and compliments about his interaction with airport personnel and always helping fellow enthusiasts. Egon was very generous with his time and talents. He was a great flight instructor and oftentimes provided free ground instruction/lessons. He was especially patient with young people who were trying to break into the industry. I wish Egon only tailwinds and sunny skies as he now has overcome the pull of gravity forever.


Pete Schoeninger posted on 1/26/22

I got to know Egon while an airplane salesman at Watertown and then Milwaukee. Later I would work at Waukesha Airport for 12 years, and saw Egon frequently. He was ALWAYS upbeat and had nothing but good to say about anybody or anything. He often had a joke up his sleeve as well. Rest in Peace Egon!


Mark Shilobrit posted on 1/25/22

I first met Egon in the early 90's when I was a Flight Instructor at Waukesha County Airport. He was passionate about flying and especially the weather, and my career as a broadcast meteorologist as well as a pilot always fascinated him. He often would tell me about his exploits as as a crewmember on WB-29 weather research aircraft.. so we had a lot in common to always chat about. His passion for flying and leading the Bonanza society also helped a lot of aviation interest at UES Airport as well. Always friendly, always upbeat, Godspeed Egon!! You will be missed.