Condolences for Jennifer West

Andy - (Aunty Jens nephew) posted on 10/15/21

My earliest memory with my aunty Jen, is me and my brother Jeremy, being driven to New Market (England) in MG driven by Jens husband and Jen as a passenger and going to my mum's wedding. I remember aunty Jen at my nans in Windsor (England) Aunty Jen loved the music by "Simon and Garfunkel" She was a very cool and hip aunty. One of her favorite songs was "Bridge over troubled water." I always went to my aunty Jenny, if I had any problems. She was a great listener and so much fun to be around. Aunty Jen took Jeremy and myself camping a couple of times and we would have great BBQs. Jen was a lovely Aunty and I will miss her so much. Love you aunty Jen ❤️


Margie Hackbarth Pecora VanDyke posted on 10/11/21

I have so many memories of Jeni and our time spent as neighbors and friends. Many memories of great times, difficult times too. Jeni was a good supportive friend, with great humor and so much class. I am so sad we drifted apart. I have missed her these past years. I will always miss her. She was and remains one of those people in my life who I will always treasure.