Condolences for Jamie Lee Boysen

Terri Zellmer posted on 9/19/20

Jamie had an infectious smile and bubbly personality. In the brief time we worked together at the Pig, I was drawn to her energy and personality. I appreciate the little time I was given with her and I feel blessed to have met her. My deepest condolences to family and friends that have suffered such a great loss. I hope the recipients of the organs you selflessly donated gain a part of your positive spirit as well. Rest easy, sweetheart.



Jeanne O'Dean-Wotnoske posted on 9/18/20

Jamie...I will never forget the amazing, vivacious, hard working, caring person you were. I loved working with you at the Schauer Center and passing along my wisdom to "my grasshopper" lol. I remember taking some of your first steps in life,,, moving out to your own place, getting your kitties which you loved so much, and multiple chances at romance, none who were deserving of your love. I was so happy to learn that you found "the one" but unfortunately your life was taken from you and you'll only be loving us all from heaven. I know how much you wanted to please everyone, especially your parents. You always tried so hard. When you left the Schauer Center I was sooo sad...I left shortly after that. It just wasnt the same anymore. I'm so lucky to have met you and have you as a part of my life...if only for a while. The heavens will be rockin with your beautiful voice and enigmatic personality. Heaven definitely gained a beautiful, shining star in the sky. I was never forget you. You were one of a kind. Love and hugs, Jeanne


Carmen Shaver posted on 9/18/20

I will always remember Jamie when she would come to Jackson Crossings to visit Grandma Lonnie and Grandma Carla. And i loved our visits when she would come and see "Suzy". The last month or two she would ask me caregiving questions, it was so nice. She was always so bubbly and i will alwaya remember that. I am so sorry for your loss but she will always be remembered ❤


Becky Armbruster posted on 9/17/20

We are so terribly sorry to hear of Jaime’s passing!! We lived in the neighborhood when kids attended school and rode the bus with her!! She was always so happy and friendly!! Our thoughts and prayers to your family!! Brett and Becky Armbruster


Lori Hobart posted on 9/16/20

Jamie, you lit up a room with your big personality. So fun to talk to, always happy go lucky, and a pleasure to be around. Forever an angel. I'll give your sweet puppy lots of attention. He's so bubbly just like you. Love you! Cousin Lori and Todd


mike berefsky posted on 9/16/20

I can't believe she is gone. I met Jamie when she worked as a waitress at George webbs in Hartford, Applebees and at the linden Inn. I never met her family but I know she was a great person and i'm sure her parents are the same. My heart goes out to her parents and relatives I will miss her dearly and I will never forget her. She was a great one I just wish I could have got to say goodbye. love you forever


Lora Strobel posted on 9/16/20

Sending my deepest condolences to Keith, Mindy and Dana, and all who loved Jamie. My heart goes out to all that are hurting, sending prayers that God help ease your pain, help heal your heart, and provide you with comfort in knowing Jamie is not alone but surrounded by your loved ones that have passed on.


John Doleschy posted on 9/16/20

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family


Kristin Merryfield posted on 9/15/20

Jamie was my first friend I ever made in college, she made me feel accepted and loved. She was the happiest person I’ve ever been lucky to meet, she was always full of smiles and compliments. She will be missed. My deepest sympathy to her family.


Julie Ebert posted on 9/14/20

I had the pleasure of meeting Jamie when her grandmother Lonnie was a client of mine. Lonnie spoke very highly of Jamie. May she rest in peace. Grandma is holding you tightly in her arms. Thoughts and prayers to all her family and friends.


Bill Schmidt posted on 9/14/20

My heart aches when I think about this whole thing. My deepest sympathies. Love you!


Bradley Garrison posted on 9/14/20

Words can't even describe how in shock and heavy my heart is right now. I've known you since kindergarten and can't believe your gone now. My favorite memory is you having a crush on me when we were younger and you grabbed my leg and wouldn't let go. I started walking around trying to get you off me and finally with the help of two other peoppe you let go. I laugh all the time about that. You could light up a room full of people with your smile and your personality was so genuine that other people were drawn to you. Your passion for music was inspiring because when you were devoted to something you followed through with it till the very end. I can't even imagine what your family is going through and my deepest condolences are with them. Spend time with your loved ones and the people who love and care for you. You never know much time you'll have left with them because time is so precious. Requiescat in pace


Mikaela Taylor posted on 9/14/20

Thank you for being such a sweet friend, Jamie. We met studying abroad in London and having the time of our lives. I’m glad to have shared those beautiful moments of adventure with you and known you in a time when you were so in life with life. You are so loved!


Terese Hummel posted on 9/14/20

I was absolutely stunned to hear of this tragic loss! At the Schauer Arts Center, Jamie was my boss when I ushered. At my home, I was her music teacher. All of these times are sweet memories of an energetic, loving, growing young woman. We shared deeply and cared deeply, and I am heartbroken at the loss of her. Praying for the comfort of all of those who love our Jamie.


Belle and ron agronin posted on 9/13/20

Ron and I were so sorry to hear the news of the terrible accident. We did not know Jamie but cousin Arlone always told us how wonderful Jamie was. We send you our condolences and please know that we are thinking about you. Our love from your cousins in Naples fl



Cailin Cleary posted on 9/13/20

My heart goes out to Jamie and her family. I’m so sorry for your loss Mindy and Keith.


Andrea Rodenkirch (Miss Miller) posted on 9/13/20

Jamie, when you walked into my math classroom, you were in 6th grade. You always had a smile on your face, and loved sharing stories with me. Even when I didn’t have you as a student, you would still make a point to talk with me or say hi. You were always so positive, kind, sweet and so caring! Heaven truly gained an angel. You will be greatly missed. Sending prayers to her family and love ones! Xoxo


Gabe Brown posted on 9/13/20

Jamie and I were good friends in college. I remember working on schoolwork together, going to Pep Band games, hanging out with friends, and her just always being a bubbly person. The last few days has been a flood of memories for me, and I don't have a single bad memory of her. I'm very sorry for your loss and hope the best for the rest of her family.



Danielle & Dan Borenstein posted on 9/13/20

Our sweet Jamie ~ you will live on in our hearts forever! You were the most loving, vibrant, joyful, beautiful and sweet young lady. I loved all the times we spent together and I will cherish the epic dance party we had together at my wedding. I’ll forever miss all your comments on Facebook and your glowing smile. You were always there for a good conversation. You will be deeply missed today and everyday! I hope you are hugging Grandma! All our love forever and ever!



Emilee Wiese posted on 9/13/20

Even though I only met you a couple times, you were a beautiful soul.


Janet Jackson posted on 9/13/20

Dear Jamie, You will forever be one of my favorite students. You were kind, silly, sweet, eager and honest. I am so glad to call you my friend now that you are all grown up. My daughter Willa loves you, because your love is contagious. You were there for her since she was born... visits, gifts, baptism... you were always there! You wanted to become a mother because you have SO MUCH love to give. You tried to make everything fun!!! We love you. Love Janet, Elijah, and Willa Jackson


Lindsay Grafwallner posted on 9/12/20

My beautiful 26 year old cousin Jamie has passed away from a tragic car accident. Such a sweet and gentle soul. We love you and will miss you. You have generously donated yourself to many people, your life lives on... ❤️


Obit User posted on 9/12/20

Dearest Jamie, My birthday sharer, and lover of your mother. What can I say about a beautiful and loving woman? I so enjoyed going to Chilies and having you wait on us. Shopping at Good Will when you could come. You had to be one of the hardest workers I know. You were either at the Pig or working with the aged. You had your own little family with cats, a dog, and a turtle. I ask people to always tip a server well, be kind to animals, and remember that life can be taken at any moment. Rest in Peace Jamie. I love you to the moon and back. Auntie (Cousin) Lisa