Condolences for Michael Edward Cahill

Steve Metz posted on 10/3/20

I had the honor of Mike as my Physics Professor back in the late 1980's. To this day I can still see his mannerisms and hear his voice while teaching difficult topics to a bunch of aspiring young scientists and engineers. He was unwavering in his presentation and one could tell he cared greatly about the students and the subjects being taught. I was unaware of his personal struggles with bipolar, it never showed through to the classroom. Rest in peace Professor Cahill and know your teachings live on in the works of the MANY scientists who had the honor of being taught by you.


Elizabeth Schleif posted on 7/26/20

Mike was a wonderful teacher who opened the world of science to me in my days at UWWC. He was so gently encouraging, and always shared a spark of wonder and humor. Ro, you and Mike both made a significant impact on my life, not just as teachers but as exemplary humans. I'm glad I saw you last summer at the historical society.


Suzy Wedeward posted on 7/20/20

Ro, I am so very sorry for your loss. It is a loss for us all. I so enjoyed seeing you on your many visits to MOWA. Suzy at the MOWA Front Desk.


[email protected] posted on 7/18/20

I am certain the entire membership of WCREA joins me in telling you how sorry we are to learn of Mike's passing. Our own family feels the loss very keenly. You, Ro, and Mike opened opened the world of science and math to our daughter, Liz, which in turn has led her into a professional field which is interesting and rewarding. Thank you for that! Blessings to you and your family at this poignant time. Mary and Dave Schleif


George King posted on 7/16/20

Ro, I hope that our Lord brings you and your family the much-needed peace during this sad time. My condolences to you and your family. Mike was pleasure voice in Red Cross Dispatch, a reflection of his care and concern for other. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


melody stevenson posted on 7/16/20

Mike was always a pleasure to work with on Dispatch. He was always so concerned and caring for everyone he worked with. I always enjoyed our talks. Mike was always ready to help. He will be deeply missed. Ro, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I am always here.


Bill Satterlee posted on 7/15/20

Please accept my heartfelt condolences. Mike was a friendly voice for Red Cross Dispatch. It was always so nice to speak with him. He has helped so many people in so many ways. Ro, you and your family are in my thoughts..


Jean Rogers posted on 7/13/20

I had the privilege and pleasure of knowing and working with both Mike and Ro, for over 30 years at UWWC in West Bend. Not only did I respect and learn from them as educators, but their kindness and sincerity shown through as two of the most caring, and considerate, hugely empathetic humans to grace this planet. Our friendship grew as we shared our love for God's creatures on planet. We shared stories (both happy and sad) of our lives with our beloved pets. Getting to know them was one of the treasures of enrichment for my life. We shared a bond with the Washington Co. Humane society, and they always helped with donations and support for all the critters and the fundraisers in which I was involved. They acknowledged every plight of everyone they knew, and I cannot say enough of their kindness and humanity. My prayers and condolences to the family = and may I say that since I believe in science also - and the famous physics rule of energy = that it cannot be created or destroyed (just becomes a different form). = I am confident that Heaven has a new physics teacher and Francis of Assisi to all the beloved animal souls which he and Ro have helped over the years. I am so sorry for the family. Mike will be dearly missed. Love to all, Jean Rogers


Judy McCabe-Krudwig posted on 7/12/20

We shared many conversations , meals and especially bottles of red wine. What a great neighbor and friend. You will be missed !!


Maria Hanrahan posted on 7/11/20

I have fond memories of helping Mike and Ro when they shopped at Sendik’s when I worked in the bakery (they were always so sweet) and of them being strong advocates against censorship in addressing the West Bend library challenge of 2009. Condolences to the Cahill family.


Jeff Smith posted on 7/10/20

Hey Mike, You make such good pies! :-), thanks for sharing your amazing cooking, personality, and house with me and thanksgiving time. Thanks for raising great sons that i looked up to and cherished time with. Thanks for sharing the amazing university telescope with me when I was younger. Thanks for supporting Ro, she is also loved. And also, thanks for hiding the cats from me when I was over ;) Love, Jeff Smith



June Schuppel posted on 7/10/20

My deepest sympathy to Mike’s family. Living down the street on 10th Avenue, and our sons, Avery and Johnny, became great friends, my memories of Mike are of a man who was soft spoken, kind and a wonderful parent. In my mind’s picture, I see Mike and Ro, walking side by side. Each with a loving smile on their face as they walked down to pick up Avery from our house. It’s been thirty years since I’ve seen them, but after reading the obituary, they were still that couple.


Judy Rea posted on 7/10/20

Dear Ro, John, Avery, Yeong, Nick and Jenny, Today the world has lost a great man. Mike was a wonderful husband, brother, father, grandfather, father-in-law and relative by marriage. He was a brilliant scientist, as well as a true friend to many. His sense of humor was marvelous! Mike impacted all of our lives in so many positive ways. All of us have our own favorite memories that will bring smiles to our faces as we deal with our grief. One of my favorites is when I asked Mike one time if he liked potatoes. He quipped, “I’m Irish, aren’t I?” We did have that in common along with our love of cheesecake and Culver’s...and that’s just the beginning! We were so looking forward to another get together at Culver’s soon...but it was not meant to be. Instead we had cheesecake tonight in memory of Mike...the loving, unforgettable man that we all knew. Our deepest sympathy is with all of you. Judy and Cialino


Jennifer Rea posted on 7/10/20

Dear Dad, We love and miss you so much. I'll never forget how you stayed with Avery every night when he was in the hospital two years ago or how much we enjoyed the vat of homemade spaghetti sauce you whipped up for us after Nick was born. You made so many happy memories with us and Nicholas - they will last us a lifetime! Ave atque vale, Jenny


Avery Cahill posted on 7/9/20

I miss you, dad. Nick just saw a preview for MP and the Holy Grail, a movie you took me too at the Oriental Theater all those years ago. So many summers of weird and wonderful films: Jason and the Argonauts, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. I loved those summer movies with you and it's great to see Nick leaning in that direction too. There's a lot of you in him.