Condolences for John Thomas Hutchinson

Shara Nestor (Hutchinson) posted on 12/23/19

I remember gathering one Thanksgiving with uncle Johnny, he was a good cook. I am grateful for the memories, rest in peace uncle Johnny.


Linda Nickerson posted on 12/23/19

To the Family: I never know what to say at times like this, when you’ve heard everything already, probably numerous times over the last several days. So I’ll tell you my fondest memories of the Hutchinson/Nickerson shenanigans back when our kids were …. kids. Numerous Pizzas at Pete’s Pizzeria. Best pizza back in the 70s and 80s. I remember little Rachael bringing the lumps on the underside of the table to Brad’s attention. They were both sent to restrooms to disinfect. The time I talked your family into going to my first and last haunted house. Everybody was apprehensive. “It’ll be fun”, I said. I saw nothing. My eyes were closed and my face was buried in Barry’s back the entire way. It was not fun. Why would you believe me, since I’d never been to one before? John teased me about how much fun I had. It truly was terrifying. Afterwards, we stopped at Pepino’s in Oconomowoc – John’s treat. Lots of laughs.......afterwards, in a safe, warm, friendly atmosphere. A dinner party at your house – John was the cook, of course. Board games and drinking followed. Fun times. Couples bowling league. Good thing John and Kris could bowl, because the Nickersons weren’t holding up their end. Numerous JCP Christmas Parties. I’ll think back on these memories until I can’t anymore. Rest in Peace, my friend. Love and Hugs to my Best Friend Kris and the Hutchinson, Hubert, Henning families. Take comfort in your memories.


Precious Hutchinson posted on 12/23/19

Distance does not take away from the love. Despite not seeing you for many many years, I loved you still... Sending Love and prayers to my family. You were loved and you will be missed. Rest peacefully Uncle Johnny


Greata Hutchinson posted on 12/23/19

I'm just lost for words. We had our differences but nonetheless I loved my big brother Johnny I'm going to miss you so much RIH with Momma by your side. Love you Johnny always


Jill Miner posted on 12/22/19

Johnnie My Brother was the oldest in our family. May he rest in peace. My Mother we will all remember loved him so much. Johnnie was a very quiet person he has always lived in his own world and he always will. Love you always Johnnie...