Condolences for Michael Joseph Manke “G-Raff & Buddy”

Loni Zeromski posted on 7/29/21

Im really missing you today on my 51st birthday. I hope you know its not getting easier. I have my good day's but always in my heart. Thank you for giving me signs of you when needed!! Love you buddy. Houkenheimer


Loni Zeromski posted on 6/20/21

Happy Father's Day up in heaven! Thanks for all the signs you keep sending me when i really need them. Id rather have you here but since you had to go so you had no more pain. Love & miss you everyday buddy but especially today. Love houkenheimer ❤❤


Loni Zeromski posted on 2/17/21

Well buddy im really missing you today butvim also writing this to ask that you accept another angel that has come to meet you. My bestfriends mom Joan earned her wings and will need some guidance. I miss you more today but im getting all of your signals! Keeping your Panda safe and loved ❤. Love and miss you buddy!! Houkenheimer only you know


Minnie ( Panda ) posted on 2/14/21

Well my darling G-Raff! Today is Valentines Day & also our 38th Anniversary. It's been a struggle with you not being here, but I can feel your presence around me watching with concern & love. Your thought about daily & missed by so many, but we all know your ship came to take you hm. Love you tons, now & forever!


Houkenheimer ( you only know) posted on 11/29/20

Well today is a day i wish never happened but the only good thing if any is that you are no longer in pain! We miss you more everyday always in our heart.❤


Loni Zeromski posted on 10/30/20

Missing you ! Tomorrow is Halloween, full moon, time change yuck! To much but i hope you know we miss you more everyday. I still & will always need your wisdom but somehow your friend Pappy gives us comfort love & miss you houkenheimer


Loni Zeromski posted on 10/4/20

Well sitting here thinking of you on would have been the eve of your birthday! You would have been 62 but i hope you will celebrate in heaven as we will be thinking of you and wishing you were here with us. I love and miss you everyday buddy ❤


Loni Zeromski posted on 9/13/20

Well today your fur baby Q should have met you with a greeting! He left us suddenly without warning and there are no words how much we are once again grieving! Buddy your boy is niw with you! I will miss him just like missing you love you houkenheimer


Loni Zeromski posted on 7/29/20

Well I have to reach out to you the only way I can now! Won't be getting your call for my birthday today but I'm trying to be ok today. 50 buddy can you believe it? I miss you more and more each day. I just hope your not in any more pain. Please tell grandma & grandpa I love them. Love houkenheimer.


Houkenheimer ( you only know) posted on 7/24/20

I'm really missing you right now! Holding my head up and doing the best I can to be an equal with your panda! We miss you tons!!!!!! ☹


Loni Zeromski posted on 6/21/20

Happy fathers day in heaven! I miss you so much and wish you could still be with us but I know that's not possible! It's harder everyday but I have to keep telling myself your at peace. Well LB graduated and made us proud once again! We miss having you around to get advice or just listening to your silly talk. Please just keep giving me signs that your always here I really need them. As always we promise to take care of mom. Love and miss you everyday


Your L.B posted on 5/16/20

Today I had an overwhelming feeling hover over me to come on here and view your obituary. It's approaching the 6 month mark without you and man oh man it's not any easier than it was 6 months ago. I miss you like crazy. I struggle with the fact that you're not here, but I'm at peace with the fact that you're no longer suffering. I miss you sending me those random images you'd create. I still have all our messages. School's almost over for me and I continue to work longer shifts more often at work. I'm stressed, but I will continue on for you, grandma, mom, dad, grandma N, and papa N. I love you Papa, forever. <3


Loni aka Houkenheimer ( you only know) posted on 5/16/20

I'm missing you like crazy! I've needed your wisdom and advice lately and now can only look up at the heavens and hope you hear me! I love and miss you buddy


Houkenheimer ( you only know) posted on 5/16/20

Just really missing you and all your advice and weird but crazy way of always letting me know it will be ok! Missing my buddy!☹



Greg "elephant boy" goodman. posted on 4/11/20

Good guy i worked with him at brookfield gmc.he gave me that nickname.he use to comfort me when i was going thru a bad break up.bring me food.and money.very sadded to hear this.he will always be loved by me.he just dont know how much he meant to buddy.


Houkenheimer posted on 3/29/20

It's been 4 months and how crazy it is! Miss you more everyday but you are definitely safe where you are! Mom is struggling without you by her side everyday but I'm here for her! Love and miss you buddy! I need your advice more then u knew


Loni(whokenheimmer) posted on 12/31/19

It's been a month now and isn't getting easier to not have you with us! I keep thinking I'll wake up and it was dream! But I know you had to go so you wouldn't feel anymore pain! Happy new year in heaven buddy! I love and miss you every day! just know I'm doing my best to help your panda (mom) be alright and safe!


Minnie ( Panda ) posted on 12/29/19

It's a month ago today, that my gentle G- Raff earned his wings to finally fly. I can't tell you enough how much you are missed. You'll forever be in my heart and truly loved forever. I'm at peace knowing your no longer in pain and flying high above us saying look at me I did it. Forever yours. Your loving Panda Girl !


Sue Cowan and Kim Schuelke posted on 12/26/19

Graff are so missed still think an e-mail will pop up from you..but we have are memories and smiles appear when they come to are loved forever. Thank you for being one of our best friends..God's Peace Love you "Wogger Dude" (Kim) and Miss Sue.


Loni(whokenheimmer) posted on 12/21/19

I'm really missing you but know you had to go! No more pain we promised this to you! I promise to always make sure mom is ok. Love and miss you my buddy!


Chris Anderson posted on 12/11/19

Gwiz you were a good friend and comrade Iwill never forget you and cherish the time we spent together on this planet O Krick boy


Lori Sura posted on 12/7/19

Minnie, Dan & I are very sorry to hear about Mike. Our memories of him will be of laughter. One day you will think of him & smile too. ❤


Haley "L.B" Nelson posted on 12/7/19

I can't believe you've gone so soon. Love you forever Papa. Fly high and rest easy. <3


Doug "Super Dave" Nelson posted on 12/7/19

It's a shame you had to leave so soon. Thank you for your time and automobile knowledge. God speed G-raff.



Rochelle Edelbrock posted on 12/7/19

I am so sorry for your loss. He was a great man.