Condolences for Damian Daniel Gresbach

Thomas Janka posted on 8/9/19

Unfortunately I did not know Damion for very long I can say that Damion was one of those few people in this world whom you meet and you just instantly liked. My sincere condolences; Pat, Nichol and the kids.


Roxanne posted on 8/9/19

I'll always remember, with joy, the laughter that made me smile. Sadness that you're are gone so soon, treasure the memory of you always, my precious nephew.



Jessi Doersching posted on 8/9/19

Damian, I didnt Know you for very long but it was a blast hanging out with you and Waymen watching Dylan play baseball. You were always happy and kind when I saw You. Even when you lost at the casino. You have a lot of family and friends who really miss you. Watch over Nicole and your babies up there. Show them signs your still with them. REST IN PEACE my friend.


Leslie Wojczynski posted on 8/7/19

Damiam Gone so fast and yet too young from a child to a man I will always have all the memories you gave to me. I can't describe the void in my life I have when I think of you. My one and only nephew. I remember holding your hand you gave such a courageous fight never did you ever give up always trying so hard to get well. May God keep you in his loving arms rest in peace Damiam Love and miss you Auntie Leslie



Dylan - son posted on 8/3/19

So for a few years in a row we made it a family trip to go up to willow river state park up on the north woods. I’d say as a family our favorite place to go for sure. I’m not sure what year it was but I couldn’t of been older then 11 or 12. There’s a mile or so trail that leads to an amazing waterfall, me an dad decided to go on a walk not sure what mom was up to but we ended up walking a trail to the top of the waterfall an there’s this narrow trail 130 feet above the waterfall or so with a straight drop into the shallow an rocky river. Me being the kid I was in skipping along this trail, dad was about 20 feet behind me an there ended up being a tree root sticking out of the ground. Me an my luck I of course trip over this root no chance what so ever of dad catching me I fell rolled about 3 or 4 time as my feet are falling of the edge somehow I grabbed onto a small tree saving myself from falling to my death. Dad runs up pulls me up from hanging over the edge as we proceed to hysterically laugh probably out of fear. First thing he says is “holy shot you are fucking lucky, your mom almost killed me” one of my favorite memories with him. Will never forgot the look on his face while he was pulling me up from the cliff



Michele Gresbach posted on 8/3/19

Damian's smile and laugh precede him in his memory! When I think of Damian the first thing that comes to mind is and will always be his beautiful smile and his contagious laugh. He was courageous and didn't let his affliction change his radiating vibrance or his need for adventure and the wonder of what the beauty of nature holds. He was the cousin you always wanted. The one that would pick you up and spin you around and gave the best hugs...the kind of hugs that only Damian could give. I love you Damian. Love always, Michele



Stephanie Block posted on 8/2/19

In loving memory of Damien


Sarah Lagatta posted on 8/2/19

My sincere condolences to Nicole & family.



Sarah Lagatta posted on 8/2/19

Always had a smile on his face...



Melody Butt posted on 8/2/19

My heart is with you.



Christina baxley posted on 8/2/19

Sending love to your family


Vickie Chapman posted on 8/2/19

In our prayers and our thoughts. We love you all hoping you can find peace and comfort at this time. We love you very much aunt Vicki


Vickie Chapman posted on 8/2/19

The few times I have been around Amy and he was such a hoot. I’m praying that his family can find peace and comfort. Relish in the wonderful great memories you have made. I’m sending my love to everyone love aunt Vicki