Condolences for Susan Kay Ressel

Cousin Bev posted on 5/7/19

I didn't get to see Susie all that often, but when the cousins all got together (and we know who we are!) it was always a good time. Adding her to the "G--------" heavenly reunion list.


Jim Anschutz posted on 5/6/19

RIP my friend. We worked together for a long time and I knew you always had my back. You were a great friend.


Brenda Gebhardt posted on 4/30/19

Miss Susan come quick, the fields a fire! Or Sue Ressell please call ext 123, call ext 123. Our code for time to meet and have a cigarette.... I know, it's not healthy.... But years later we laughed about us being sneaky or cleaver... Ya right, everyone knew what it meant! Some would even join us! I was not there for the convention in New Orleans, but there was a really hilarious story of her trading pants with a sailor after drinking the "weather" system... Hurricane, tornado etc. Lol how she would laugh at that story! We bowled together and were secretary /treasurer together, getting ready for the banquet, eating Chinese and trying to figure out why we didn't match what we were supposed to have..... Hours later laughing at our mistake and we finally got it right. Moral of the stories? Laughing! Laughing! And more laughing! Be at peace my friend!


Bernie posted on 4/30/19

I did not know Kansas, but I once lived in Missouri. Her two daughters and their families have become fast friends making me wish I had a chance to know her. I heard stories of legendary sleep-overs pre-Challenge Walk with meat on a stick. What is that all about? 73 - N9YMC


Dawn Ressel posted on 4/30/19

I did not get to spend a lot of time with Sue but I do have found memories of the time in Wisconsin that I did share with her. She was very warm and welcoming to me and immediately accepted me as part of the family. I always felt loved. What a wonderful women!!



Kim posted on 4/29/19

My mom was my best friend. She truly lit up my life and taught me everything I know about being a kind person.