Condolences for Mark Allen Olen

Susan Cowell posted on 3/19/19

My brother Mark Olen was NOT a Vietnam veteran and definitely not an MP. This is a lie. He enlisted in the Army and went thru basic training and part of AIT and was discharged because of his knees . If he were a true veteran then why wasn't he being treated at the VA hospital?? Him and his wife are as dishonest as the day is long. This is a slap in the face to true veterans. I called the Veterans Memorial Cemetery and guess what?...I wasn't the first! This is wrong .


Derek Klamrowski posted on 3/8/19

I have a lot of great memories hunting and fishing with Mark. Seems like almost a lifetime ago but will never forget! RIP buddy.


Joan (olen) Vitale posted on 3/7/19

Mark did not finish basic training. He graduated in 1974 & was too young for Vietnam. This can be checked by looking up school records at Cudahy high school. I am sorry for his 3rd wife, because he lied to her. The army will not let him be buried in a military cemetary!