Condolences for Alison Jill Durrant

Marianna Kats posted on 6/11/18

I found out about Alison’s passing couple of day ago and still processing the news. It just does not register in my head. I had privilege to meet and work with Alison in Macy’s Charter Club. Her talent, hard work, dedication and obility to work with people made a such difference in the department. We both moved on to other companies after a while, but still kept contacting with each other. Alison was so full of live, she was always positive no matter what. The last time we spoke with her was at the end of February..... it is hard to believe that Alison is not with us anymore, the World just lost an angel that was sent to us to spread kindness, love, positivity and joy. She has gone too soon! RIP my dear friend! It is hard to meet people like you in this world. I am greatly appreciated to the Universe for a chance to meet with you! You will be missed....


Tracy Traver posted on 4/28/18

Alison totally touched my soul as many have you have described in your postings for the way she celebrated the beauty of the world around her loving animals and the outdoors and never missing a chance to be by the water . We worked together at Macy’s for 5 years and then kept in touch when she was at Kohls even meeting for dinner in HK . Our paths crossed again at Chico’s where she freelanced for 6 months and she was constantly looking for new ways to channel her passion for the customer with her create design talent and love of sweaters . It took my breath away when I learned the news of her passing and I also find it hard to think that I will never hear her voice again as I was proud to call her a very special friend . My heart hurts for you Rande as I know how much she loved you and that you shared a very special bond . Alison , the world will miss you xxxx


Anne Mitchell Wood posted on 4/23/18

I am heartbroken that Allison has passed. She and I have kept in touch ever since working together at AMC in NY back in the 90’s. We just had lunch last year when she was working for Chico’s, and seeing her was like a breath of fresh air. Her smile would light up a room and she and I reminisced and had a lovely time. I will treasure that visit forever. Please let me know when the memorial service will be. No doubt she is designing better garb for the Angels right now. I will always miss her!


Laura Griffith posted on 4/22/18

I am so sad to hear this news. Ali was such a true friend. We worked together in NYC and stayed in touch ever since. We both shared a love of kayaking and the outdoors. We spoke usually every month or so, I had been trying to reach her. RIP Ali, you will really missed. Rande and all of the family, my h art breaks for you. Rande, if you ever want to talk, don’t hesitate to call me. I wish I was closer so I could offer more. 415-999-0689.


Kimberly Cobb posted on 4/20/18

I will miss you my friend. Rest In Peace.


Rolanda Morgan posted on 4/19/18

Her light has left this life much dimmer yet burns forever luminous and warm in my heart. I will miss you so Ali. Peace and Love to you Rande.


Amy posted on 4/16/18

Our lovely Aunty Ali, we miss you so much. We have so many memories we could share and these have been going round our heads since we heard the news. One particular fond memory is coming to visit you in New York and sitting in the front row watching the Lion King musical on Broadway and spending lazy days down at your boat club. I was a little nervous when you suggested kayaking across the Hudson river but I trusted your expertise and we had so much fun! We will miss your kind, caring, bubbly, fun nature but know that you are now at peace and reunited with Nanny, Grandad and Dad. Forever in our hearts, all our love Amy, Paul and Stanley (your great Nephew) xxxx


Ruth Creech posted on 4/14/18

Reading all of the condolences about Ali’s young life are so lovely. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I will never be able to speak with her again. She was the only person I allowed to call me “Ruthy”. I loved her like a sister. We met in 1988 when she was working as head designer at Skyr and I was a new designer hired for another division. When I first saw her she walked into the office carrying a tennis racket and wearing her cute tennis outfit. I recall thinking that we would have absolutely nothing in common and that she was probably stuck-up. For months I went to her for advice on how to use graph paper to design sweaters. I would pop my head into her office all the time to ask her questions, and she was never to busy to help me. She was one of the kindest, most down to earth, people I have ever known. No agendas, just unconditional friendship. As time passed we both went on to other job opportunities but stayed in touch and met for drinks or dinner. I remember at one of Rande’s collective art shows my backpack knocked a piece of art; a 2 foot tall avant-garde stack of plates off the wall, and it crashed to the floor with plates spinning and rolling everywhere. A woman in a black strapless dress, shrieked and ran out of the room, as the people at the show all fell back and looked at Ali and me in amazement. It was like performance art or an episode of Seinfeld. Ali kept insisting that she had knocked it off the wall, to make me feel better. We both knew it was me. She also came to visit me when I moved back to Kentucky and we toured Mammoth Cave. She was amazed at the stalactite room. Then we went white water canoeing on the Elkhorn River in Frankfort KY. It was an amazing experience for me. Because I am handicapped, it was Ali who did all the work paddling. We had martinis together in Hong Kong in honor of our birthdays. We are both quirky October babies and I felt like we were kindred spirits in many ways. Oh! and she loved shrimp and grits at Jack Fryes. But not as much as she loved Rande, her sisters and nieces and nephews and pets. She was so proud of her family. I am so sorry for your loss. For all of our loss. We spoke and emailed for months up until March 25. I wish I had known. Rest in peace dear Alison.


Vince Hawkins posted on 4/10/18

Ali was a warm, loving and caring human being. I always think of her with the upmost affection. I am so shocked and sorrowful.


Lindy Pedder posted on 4/10/18

Although I hadn't seen her during her adult life, I remember Ali well and can recall her going to The USA. I don't know if you remember me. I was at Newtown, Brushwood and Lowndes School, along with, Christine Denham, Jane Nutman & Angie Gilbert, to name a few. Ali being Head Girl for our year and very fondly remembered.


Jane Wood posted on 4/10/18

Alison and I were at school together and I have very fond memories of our times together. Whilst I don’t think we were ever best friends we were always friends and often in the same group and involved in the same things together. She was such a beautiful and gentle girl, always seemed to have a smile and sunny disposition and was so talented at anything artistic. I always aspired to be like her and recall often being quite transfixed (and if I’m honest a bit envious) when at the end of an art lesson, she would produce something quite wonderful. I was quite often at your home on Manor Way too, your lovely dad was for a long while one of my gym coaches and frequently, when I was supposed to be concentrating on planning gymnastic routines, instead Ali and I were off giggling and teenage gossiping instead. Very fond memories indeed. We didn’t remain in contact much as our lives moved on but my mum and yours were friends and so I kept up with Alison’s life and news through conversations they had. Please accepted my sincerest condolences, Alison was a bright, beautiful and talented lady and will be greatly missed by all who’s life she touched.


Quentin St Clare posted on 4/10/18

My abiding memories are of Ali as a creative and happy spirit, not always great at coping with social situations but with a heart full of love and kindness, and with a firm sense of self and where she wanted to be in life. On her 19thbirthday we went to a Gary Numan gig at Friars Aylesbury. She made me a Tubeway Army design red shirt for my birthday and we dressed to the nines (whatever they are). I still have it. (Though I doubt it fits ….) Support was from Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark, then unknown, who had just released their first single, Electricity, which I had bought. They were the loudest thing I had ever heard at that point and we had to listen from the bar. Numan was brilliant and it was one of the most memorable nights of my life. I also remember sitting in the freezing cold several times one winter at the foot of Copperkins Lane whilst she did seemingly endless sketches and paintings of the same set of trees. I have no idea whether they are still there, but I must check this weekend as I am up visiting family who still live in the area. The next birthday I received an A.Durrant original watercolour. I still have it and it is displayed in my music studio at home. She was a very talented and valuable person. I find it hard to believe that is was the end she has come to and that the opportunity to get to know her again has gone forever. It is bittersweet indeed to have all these memories stirred and such a shame it took this to do it.


Christine Denham posted on 4/10/18

I’m writing with my sincerest condolences to all, on learning of the passing of your dear Alison; a great shock to all who knew and admired her from our school days. I remember Ali with such fondness throughout our time at school; from Newtown through Brushwood and then Lowndes. I recall tea visits to Manor Way, and birthday parties there. Ali was one of the kindest, intelligent and most genuine young people I knew. She was so funny but also a sensible girl, and could relate to all. She was thoroughly deserving of her position as Head Girl at Lowndes School; voting for her to gain that post was an easy decision. During that time, I was one of the house captains; part of a little team at Ali’s side. We attended regular meetings with Miss Shaddock (the Deputy Head we were all wary of in the beginning), to discuss upcoming school events, or anything else that may have been relevant to each of our posts. Ali helped make it a pleasure to be involved in meetings with Miss Shaddock and the relationship with her quite pleasantly grew after all! During special school assemblies as part of her role, Ali took position on the main stand to address, or give a reading to all the girls. I think we all dreaded the possibility of having to read out in front of the whole school if Ali was busy elsewhere, but as I recall, this never happened. Ali took her role very seriously and carried out all aspects of it, seemingly with ease. Ali was great company during our school days; she was a beautiful person and I wish I had known her after that time. I wish you, and all Ali’s family and friends, comfort and strength for the difficult times ahead.