Condolences for Gladys Ruth Limehouse

Debra K. posted on 7/10/24

Gladys and her dear mother Vera lived in the same condo building as I did in the 2000s. Gladys was well-spoken, educated, and classy. I always enjoyed chatting with her and her mother Vera. I loved Vera's strong faith in God and her caring nature. I miss them both! I know they're both together in the Lord's presence and we'll see each other again.


Maggie Krochalk posted on 7/25/23

My Mother recently passed away. She taught with Mrs. Limehouse at Wisconsin Avenue School . My mom was the art teacher. She aways spoke so highly of of Mrs. Limehouse. I am a teacher now and I strive to be as dedicated as our Mothers.


Mai Vue posted on 8/31/18

I am so sorry to hear that Mrs. Limehouse has passed away. I was one of her student from 1986-87. She was my favorite. She encourages me to attend Wawautosa Middle school. I am looking up to see if she is still alive so I can visit her when I am in town. But I am too late. She was an excellent teacher. Seeing her picture here makes me think of her and how she make me sing when I was in her class. I wanted to visit her to tell her I am a teacher in Minnesota. She was such an amazing and brilliant teacher.


Tayotis Caldwell posted on 4/4/18

If it were not for Mrs. Limehouse I would not be the person I am today. Mrs. Limehouse was my 6th grade teacher at Wisconsin Avenue School. She encourgered, nurtured, discipline and loved me I felt as if I were her on son. When I completed my 6th grade year, I vowed to Mrs. Limehouse that I would for other students what she did for me. I basically became a teacher because of a distinguished 6th grade teacher I learned so much for. My heart is broken because I never got to share with her the magnitude of her influence in my life. I know the children in Heaven have just been blessed with a truly talented teacher. Praise God for your words, lessons and gifts - Tayotis


Joy Yang posted on 3/14/18

The best six grade teacher I ever had


Janelle BeckmannRudolph posted on 3/11/18

I was only informed of Gladys passing this morning. My heart feels sadness for the loss of her presence in the lives of those who knew and loved her, but joy in the knowledge that she is Home with The Lord, whom she so dearly loved. Her gentle nature, caring manner, and beautiful, angelic voice will forever be engraved in our hearts and minds. My family and I met Gladys at church and felt blessed to call her friend for many years. She helped to guide our daughters by acknowledging their gifts and gently redirecting their mistakes. May her family take comfort in the knowledge that she has joined God's angel choir and will be so well remembered by so many


Rashawn McKenzie posted on 2/22/18

Mrs Limehouse was truly the most wonderful role model for me. She saw something in me even at a young age that she wanted me to see within myself. She cared to such about her students and you didn't realize that until you were in her class. I didn't want to leave. I always went back to visit and she loved seeing how I was growing. She had more than a job as a teacher, she held a passion for it. I heart still hurts thinking of her passing. My condolences tok her family, but at the same are so blessed to have had her in your life! To say she was WONDERFUL would be an understatement. Blessings to you and your family. She will never be forgotten in my heart.


Peggy Dixon posted on 2/22/18

I just wanted to say what a wonderful person Gladys was. She was a member of my church Redemption Lutheran and I got to know her through the church. She was in our choir and had a voice of an angel. She will truly be missed. I work in the office and she would come in during the week and play the piano and sing and what a joy it was for me to listen to her singing. I will truly miss that. God Bless you Gladys.



Andrea Anderson posted on 2/21/18

Dear Lord, Please tell Gladys I love her. I know she is safe with You, but I miss her. Hug her for me, kiss her for me. Tell her that I will see her one day and we will never be separated. Tell her I love her and am so grateful to You for letting her be my sister. Thank You Lord, love Ria



Andrea Anderson posted on 2/19/18

Dear Lord, Please tell my sister I love her and miss her, but am so grateful that she is safe! Tell her that one day the 4 sisters and Mother will be together and live with the rest of our love ones with our Lord for eternity! Thank You Lord for taking care of my sister Gladys for us! I love You for Your love for her! Shalom


Paula Dixson posted on 2/18/18

Ms. Limehouse is the reason I stayed in education; her wisdom and friendship got me through a rough patch in my life. She is greatly missed.


April lecher posted on 2/17/18

I am so glad i had her as my teacher. Even though she always use to say i tought this little girl mommy and daddy.. And i was proud of that, because i got to experience the love she had for her students. I use to always wonder how she was doing and a couple months ago i saw her and i cried cause she was the best teacher i have had