Carbon Neutral Cremation in West Milwaukee, WI

As many people consider cremation a more affordable and straightforward option compared to traditional burial, the rates of cremation continue to rise across the country. With ever-growing interest in making sustainable and environmentally friendly choices, families in West Milwaukee are growing more interested in carbon neutral cremation. Carbon offset projects are becoming more common among various organizations, even cremation providers like us. At Informed Choice, we welcome area families to share with us in our firm’s commitment to sustainability.

Affordable Cremation Options with Us

At Informed Choice, our affordable cremation services allow you flexibility in finding an option that fits your budget and needs. Families can choose direct cremation to forego the memorial or funeral service. This lower-cost option guarantees the same high level of quality and care that our cremation specialists deliver to every family they serve. If you do wish to arrange a reception or a graveside burial, we can accommodate this need. We strongly believe that choosing cremation shouldn’t limit your service options.

Choosing a Cremation Provider

It’s crucial to find a cremation provider you trust with the care of your loved one. Our licensed cremation professionals will keep a close eye over your loved one throughout the entire cremation process. You and your family will have peace of mind knowing your loved one is in good hands. At Informed Choice, we want every family to feel good about how they commemorate their loved one so we follow a rigorous process for every cremation we perform.

Contact Us

If you live in West Milwaukee or the surrounding area and would like to find out more about carbon neutral cremation, call us at (414) 327-2500. An experienced staff member will answer all of your questions about planning a cremation with us. You may also choose to begin the planning process online using our easy-to-use online planning form.