Best Affordable Cremation Hales Corner, WI

Informed Choice has been providing the best affordable cremation in Hales Corner for almost 20 years now. Our goals have always been to provide community members affordable prices, as well as commemorate the life that was lived. We are a family-owned and operated facility, meaning we don’t cut corners to save costs like large conglomerates do. We are members of your community, and we wish to provide you the best, most meaningful affordable cremation services.

Cremation Services

At Informed Choice, we not only want to provide you affordable services, but also services that will reflect the life lived by your loved one. There are as many personalization options for cremations as there are burials, as we believe that every life deserves to be commemorated. There are a variety of ways in which you can commemorate your loved one. This can be done through a personalized celebration of life that includes a balloon release, specialized music, tribute videos, and many others. We want to provide you with the best options to celebrate your loved one, all at affordable prices.

Why Preplan?

Planning ahead not only allows peace of mind for you, knowing that your plans are in order, but also provides peace of mind for your family in their time of grief. At Informed Choice, we make planning your affordable cremation as simple as possible. You can opt-in to monthly email planning reminders or fill out a preplanning form online. If you have any follow up questions about preplanning, you can always contact us for more information.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our affordable cremation services, feel free to contact us at (414) 327-2500. We are available day and night to assist you with anything that you might need.