Affordable Cremation Muskego, WI

Informed Choice Funeral & Cremation Alternatives has a reputation in Muskego and surrounding cities as a provider that offers quality cremation and burial services at an affordable rate. Families today are looking for options that not only suit their budget but also coincide with their wishes. At Informed Choice, we not only meet all your needs, we promise to exceed them and in turn will help you create a meaningful tribute.

Cremation and Burial Services

At Informed Choice, we offer a full range of service options. We have helped many families in Muskego with funerals, cremation, burials and preplanning services. As a family-owned provider, we pay attention to the details. Whether you have a preneed or at need, we will walk you through the entire process. Additionally, we want to ensure you and your loved ones are treated with respect.

Many of our packages focus on cremation and burial; however, you may choose to create a service that makes sense for you and your family. Our packages are not meant to restrict but act as a guideline for possible services. At Informed Choice, your family may choose to purchase items such as a casket or urn but decide to use another funeral home for the service. We want you to be satisfied with your choices.

Why Plan Ahead?

At Informed Choice we encourage families to preplan for their funeral or cremation. Preplanning has many benefits for both yourself and family members. When you preplan, your family no longer has to make the arrangements. Nor will they need to guess what type of service you might have preferred. Preplanning eliminates the guesswork because your arrangements are well documented.

When you preplan, you are given the peace of mind. You can be assured that all your arrangements will be carried out as planned at Informed Choice. As prices continue to inflate, we allow you to lock in today’s pricing. You may choose to pay as much as you want now.

Are you ready to begin preplanning? Plan now!

Prearrangement Center for Muskego Residents

We understand not everyone has experience planning a funeral or cremation. Informed Choice is here to help you get started. For those that wish to make their arrangements in person, we invite you to visit our prearrangement center in West Allis. Our prearrangement center is less than 20 minutes away from Muskego. Our licensed professionals want to make sure you are well informed of all of our services available before confirming your selections.

Contact Us

If you reside in Muskego and a death has occurred, please contact us at (414) 327-2500. We want to be there to help you and your family when you need us most, which is why we are available 24 hours a day. Our professionals are here to walk you through the next steps for your arrangements.